Can I Wear Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

Besides the worries and questions about what you are allowed to do or eat during pregnancy and what you aren`t, there`s also a lot of uncertainty regarding the substances from the external environment which might influence your pregnancy in a negative manner. This particular category also includes using nail polish during pregnancy, the use of perfume, cosmetics or hair dyeing.Can I Wear Nail Polish During Pregnancy

Can I Wear Nail Polish during Pregnancy?

Although opinions are divided, there are doctors who don`t recommend using nail polish during pregnancy and warn that their side effects can include congenital malformation on the fetus.

If you really want to use nail polish while pregnant, look for one without toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. These are all compounds seen as being dangerous for a pregnant woman. United States research centers have discovered that these particular substances can increase the risk for babies to develop conditions like respiratory problems, cancer or skin irritation. They might also lead to low birth weight or bone deformations.

In most European countries, most phthalates have already been forbidden, and in the U.S., a large number of companies have started removing these substances from their product`s ingredients after performing laboratory tests on guinea pigs which shown that these specific compounds might lead to reproductive issues and cancer. – Read more!

Toluene & Formaldehyde Are Harmful Substances

If it`s inhaled too much, toluene kills cells and leads to brain damage. This substance is used in car and wall paints as well. It`s the reason for which those who paint need masks. However, people don`t usually associate this with nail polish, because the result is “something beautiful” and the nails look nice. Still, it wouldn`t hurt to use a mask when doing your nails.

Formaldehyde is forbidden in Japan and Sweden, and toluene in the United States as a toxin when it comes to reproduction. Formaldehyde represents a substance which can be absorbed through the nails and skin, and is known to have cancerous effects just as toluene, which is an irritant for the respiratory tract and skin. In high amounts, it can lead to severe liver issues.

The action of these chemical substances during pregnancy on the mother and fetus brings a couple of questions, one of which involves the degree of exposure which might harm the organism.

You could reduce the exposure to toluene and formaldehyde by:

  • Using nail polishes that don`t include these chemical substances.
  • Using nail polishes for up to once a week, even if they include these substances. If your job consists of that of being a nail technician, leave the nail painting to one of your colleagues whenever it`s possible.
  • Opening windows or doors before using it.
  • Drying the nail polish distancing the arms from the body.
  • Avoiding to blow on the nails, as this will most definitely mean you`ll breathe in the fumes.

Also, if you are going to the cosmetics salon for your manicure and pedicure, make certain you`ll have proper ventilation there and that the salon`s instruments have been sterilized. Talk to the nail technician to avoid cutting the cuticles, since there`ll be more chances for you get exposed to infections while pregnant and that delicate skin being cut might lead to germs or bacteria.

Nail polish removers will most likely be safe to use during pregnancy. They commonly include acetone, which happens in the environment and our bodies naturally. However, if you`ll be exposed to large doses of nail polish removers for long periods of time, there may be a small possibility for them to lead to birth defects or developmental issues. Still, even if you are to use nail polish removers each and every day won`t probably be enough to harm you or your future baby.

So, Nail Polish Isn`t Really Healthy for Pregnant Women!

If you are expecting a child, you would probably want to avoid using nail polish, no matter what type. Obviously, it`s each and everyone`s choice, but a little caution wouldn`t hurt. – Click here!

There are nail polishes without toluene, but these contain other chemical substances, and those substances stay on the nails for quite some time as well. And these substances are just as bad as toluene or even worse.

Still, if you want to use nail polish while pregnant, you can at least avoid using it during the first trimester of pregnancy when the fetus has just started to develop and he`s very sensitive to anything harmful.

Talk to Your Doctor before Worrying!

Before concerning yourself for nothing, ask your doctor about the danger that these substances might have on your baby. There is on the market a series of products that meet these safety conditions for women who want to become mothers or who breastfeed their baby.

Not to mention that the lack of these substances from the composition of nail polish also gets rid of its strong smell. All you need to do is look for a product which is suitable for your needs.

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