Can Periods Cause Mood Swings?

Among all the physical signs or issues women need to face, they sometimes also need to deal with mood swings during period. Not all these swings are a big deal, but some of them can really be devastating at times.

Can Periods Cause Mood Swings


According to the National Instituted for Health, these mood changes can begin 11 days before period. These mood swings also have a tendency of disappearing when the period begins.

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Why Period May Cause Mood Swings?

Fluctuating Hormones

A woman`s hormones are quite volatile during specific periods of the menstrual cycle. Particularly, the estrogen hormone is known to take women on rollercoaster rides.

It slowly increases right before menstruation begins, but then decreases immediately when the bleeding starts. Then, when your period begins, it rises once again only to peak 2 weeks later.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a well known gynecologist from New York and author of “V is for Vagina,” says progesterone is another hormone that affects emotional changes, since it decreases quite a lot whenever period starts as well.

Still, right before menstruation begins, during those PMS days, the levels of progesterone are quite increased, which may have something to do with feeling hopeless at times.

Not Exercising Regularly

You may not feel it, but your period can really be a great moment to beef up your routine of physical exercises. It will help with your digestion, decrease the menstrual cramp intensity and fight bloating. Even more importantly, physical workout will definitely put you in a good mood.

Studies show that heart rate and blood flow maintain fatigue away and flood the brain with those endorphins you need so much at this period in the month.

No matter if we are talking about weight training, yoga, a walking in the park or swimming, everything helps. Choose whatever aerobic activity gives you more benefits. Movements that have lower impact might best suit you when bleeding during period.

Low Serotonin Levels

It may seem strange, but the emotional swings you have also have something to do with the chemical substances that your brain need to function. Experts believe that the neurotransmitters in the brain perhaps influence PMS signs.

Studies suggest that the decreases of serotonin when a period begins are related to hormonal changes. Low serotonin amounts from the brain are related to irritability, intense cravings for carbs, depression, which pretty much is associated with PMS symptoms in a nutshell.

Unbalanced Nutrition

At times, it the fault of your habits that lead to those mood swings. Although the serotonin levels might be nudging in the direction of apple pie, pasta or bread, all this type of foods might eventually make even more emotionally unstable.

Experts say that you might find a nasty crash after consuming such foods which are full of salt or sugar, which will leave your emotional swings in really bad shape. It is especially essential to maintain your sugar in the blood at even levels. Fluctuations might make you emotionally and physically unsteady.

If you crave for something sweet and you feel you cannot control the feeling, find something natural like honey, or prepare the desserts on your own at home using natural ingredients.

You Are More Susceptible to Pain

Physical pain isn`t something that we like to endure! Think about when you have a gnarly stomachache or severe headache. Do people find you to be a joy when being around you? Not really! They are perhaps quite annoyed and prefer if you would live them alone.

Not only you`re dealing with cramps during your period, but from the hormonal point of view, the tolerance to pain is at its lowest possible point during PMS. And it isn`t really the perfect moment to get waxed or visit the dentist!

You Are Experiencing Undiagnosed PMDD

In some really rare situations, very obvious emotional swings represent a signal of something more serious than just PMS signs. If you might see that these swings are getting out of control and they are affecting your personal relationships, you might have to have a discussion with a doctor about it.

Up to 10% of women in menstruation experience this particular disorder, and often they don`t even know.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Beauty sleep has an entirely new meaning when the womb is shedding the lining. Eight out of 10 women who experience their period claim they struggle to rest properly at night if their period has started.

Again, hormones are to blame. When their levels change, the body isn`t able to control the internal temperature in the same fashion it typically can, and this leads to interrupted sleep.

How Bad Can Really Be?

If a woman`s mood swings become too extreme or intense, she may be experiencing PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). It`s vital to contact a doctor when this occurs, or at least try and find a remedy for this.

Women suffering of this disorder might have bad depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts. When it gets so bad, professional assistance is the only way to go, as sometimes this may turn into extreme rages.

If these emotional swings are sufficient to have an impact on the relationships of these women, then outside help is a must. The predominant feelings of a woman with PMDD are always being and the edge, increased anxiety, anger or relentless irritability.

According to Sexual Health: Your Guide to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PMDD often leads to physical and emotional signs similar to PMS. However, women experiencing this disorder find their signs debilitating, frequently interfering with their daily activities, which include relationships, work, social life or school.

Scientists don`t really know the real cause of this disorder. However, most of them believe it may have something to with abnormal reactions to hormonal changes related to a woman`s menstrual cycle.

Research has proven a real connection between premenstrual dysphoric disorder and low serotonin levels, which is a chemical substance located in the brain which aids transmit signals of the nerves.

Particular cells of the brain which make use of serotonin also control attention, pain, mood or sleep. Hormonal swings might lead to a decrease of serotonin levels, therefore leading to signs of PMDD.

Still, although for many women these periods mood swings create real discomforts, it won`t reach that violence level you may expect. For a lot of them, these particular swings during period represent just difficulties at best as well as something it can be treated with home remedies or medical treatment.

Women with severe PMDD symptoms will most likely require powerful medical treatment, which may include medications or HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Treatment of Mood Swings

For lots of women, some changes in lifestyle can represent a successful path when it comes to PMS treatment. For women experiencing serious signs of PMS, drugs might be required. From mild to serious, the treatment of mood swings can include a wide range of options.

Calcium Supplements

Almost a decade ago, there was a double-blind clinical trial that involved women with PMS symptoms. There women were supplemented with 500 mg of calcium twice per day and experienced less fatigue and depression than women who didn`t.

Actually, there are a series of studies that proven that receiving enough calcium can aid ease mood swings related to serious PMS, although experts still don`t know really why.

Physical Exercise

Physical activity can improve depression and lift moods quite rapidly. It is believed that endorphins – chemical substances that are located in the brain that make us feel good and which are released during physical exercises – might aid fight some hormonal changes which might trigger serious PMS.

According to Dr. Carik Livoti, well known NYC gynecologist, says that exercises can boost energy and aid with bloating and cramps, which eventually aid you to feel much better.

Get Enough Sleep

Your usual target should of 8 hours of sleep per night so you can control your mood. Generally speaking, lack of sleep might introduce anxiety into your daily routine and you may become irritable when you least expected.

Stress Management

Stress can make serious PMS signs even worse, so attempting to find new methods to relieve stress can aid treat PMS. You should try relaxation tactics like yoga, meditation or deep breathing.

Either individual or group therapy has been found to be quite efficient in terms of PMS treatment regarding women with serious emotional changes as well.

Frequent, Small Meals

Consuming small meals during the day and not 2 or 3 big meals might aid ease your PMS signs. A very large meal, especially one that is high in carbs, might lead to swings involving your blood sugar, which might make your PMS symptoms worse.

Most experts believe that low blood sugar might have something to do with irritability or crying spells which are frequently encountered in women who experience serious PMS. Trying to consume 6 small meals throughout the day to maintain the levels of blood sugar at a steady balance might do the trick.

No Alcohol, Caffeine or Sweets

Stay away from caffeine-based products and other similar drinks for 2 weeks before you know your period should arrive and notice the a difference. You`ll manage get rid of nervousness, insomnia and anxiety, as all this are increased by caffeine.

Giving up on alcohol might also be quite beneficial as this acts as a depressant. And staying away of sugary foods or soda, especially in the same week as your period, might aid you ease your serious mood swings and PMS symptoms.

Natural Remedies

So, you probably have attempted to introduce some positive nutritional and lifestyle changes, but you still feel isn`t enough. Natural remedies might just be the answer you need.

Agnus castus, also known as chasteberry, vitex or chaste tree, represents a useful asset for aiding to alleviate PMS signs. For instance, mood swings, sore breasts, painful periods, irritability and water retention. – Click here!

This herbal medicine supports the levels of progesterone, which in a lot of situations are shaded by estrogen.

On the other hand, if the level of estrogen is low, fermented soy isoflavones might be efficient in correcting this particular imbalance.

Please keep in mind that if you`re taking contraceptives based on hormones, like the birth control pill, herbal remedies that have hormone-balancing properties might not be the best choice for you.

In the end, is stress represents a problem and is not aiding your emotional changes, you should try Stress Relief Daytime Drops. This herbal tincture contains organic Hops and Valerian, two very potent herbs used commonly to calm the nervous system and aid alleviate insomnia.

How Can your Doctor Help?

If you may concern yourself about emotional swings or they may be affecting your relationships or work, it may worth visiting the doctor`s office.

If your hormones are the ones to blame, you might be provided a contraceptive based on hormones to aid you with your hormonal balance, although there may be some side effects involved.

If sensations of low mood, stress or anxiety are a problem, the doctor could offer you answers about available treatment options, like anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drugs.

Image courtesy of 34-menopause-symptoms.com

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