How Much Wine Can A Pregnant Woman Drink?

So, how much wine can a pregnant woman drink? There`s still a lot of debate about drinking during pregnancy, but most experts recommend to avoid it if possible.

How Much Wine Can A Pregnant Woman Drink

How Much Wine Can a Pregnant Woman Drink?

Is it safe to drink wine while pregnant? Drinking a glass of wine while pregnant is alright, but not every day. Don`t worry if you had a few drinks before knowing you were pregnant. Doctors claim that there are little chances for the fetus to be affected from drinking a few glasses of wine during the third week of pregnancy.

In the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is similar to a tadpole. Now there`ll be small formations that will develop, and later the baby`s hands and feet will start developing. The first organs that will start forming are the heart and lungs. Then soon his neural tube will start forming, which soon will become his brain and spinal cord. Thus, at the end of the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo will weigh less than 28g and will have a length of only 3.5 cm.

Starting with the 5th week of pregnancy, the first stages of the placenta will become visible and start functioning. It`s important to understand this because through the placenta the baby will receive all the nutrients he`ll need to develop during the entire pregnancy. That`s why the diet of the pregnant woman is essential – everything you consume will reach the baby soon or later.

At this point, the embryo is already formed, his brain and spinal cord had already started to develop, but during the first few weeks of pregnancy, only a small part of nutrients reach the baby. Thus, if you consumed a few glasses of wine at a party during this period, you don`t really need to worry. The real problem appears when the consumption of wine or any other alcohol becomes a habit during pregnancy.

Can You Drink a Glass of White Wine while Pregnant?

No alcohol is considered safe while expecting because you may risk a fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This occurs when expecting mothers drink alcohol in excess, and it will affect the baby as the alcohol can pass through the placenta and enter into the bloodstream of the baby. FAS isn`t hereditary, and for the moment it isn`t known why some babies are more likely to develop this syndrome than others if their mothers used to drink while pregnant. – Learn more!

What`s safer: red or white wine? Well, it isn`t about what sort of wine can pregnant women drink, but rather about the percentage of alcohol content from wines. For instance, a Moscato d`Asti has only between 5% and 6.5% alcohol content which is a bit more than a regular beer`s percentage of alcohol. However, Madeira or a Sherry wines have around 20% alcohol content. The less alcohol content your wine has, the safer you`ll be if it doesn`t happen too often. – Visit this page!

Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine in their First Trimester?

Pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because there`s the risk as the future children to be born with health problems. This is the conclusion that researchers from the California University from San Diego have reached. Dr. Haruna Sawada Feldman has coordinated this team of scientists after monitoring almost 1.000 women on around 3 decades.

According to Daily Mail, the volunteers were added to this research when they remained pregnant.

With each glass of wine drunk by the future mother during the first trimester of pregnancy, the child presents a risk with 25% more to be born with a misshapen lip, 12% more to have a smaller head than normal and 16% more to have a less weight than normal at birth.

Scientists claim that there isn`t a minimal level of alcohol which is safe for this risk factors not to appear, so ideal for the health of the future baby is for the pregnant women not to drink at all. – Visit this online web!

During this research, experts have analyzed medical data from more than 992 women that had issues with alcohol during pregnancy between 1978 and 2005.

A certain period of the pregnancy is more expose to this risk than others. During the second half of the first trimester, each glass of wine consumed increases the risk for the little one to be born with abnormal facial features regarding the upper lip with 25%. By contrast, consuming alcohol during the third trimester seems to affect only the size of the baby at birth.

What Are the Effects of Drinking Alcohol while Pregnant?

As already mentioned, any alcohol you drink can reach the baby through the placenta.

It`s almost common knowledge these days that any woman that will consume 4 or 5 measures of alcohol on a daily basis during the entire pregnancy will put the baby in a lot of danger. He can develop the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and may experience development problems, retardation, facial deformities or real look issues. Some of the first signs that can be an indicator of this syndrome are smaller sizes for the head and other body segments, eyes sunken in their sockets, shorter nose, dry or red upper lip, protruding forehead, incomplete development of the mouth, deformed ears, heart problems, genital issues, etc.

Mental retardation due to FAS is the worst, the IQ reaching the most only the level of 65, and children that are considered to have a normal intelligence, at school will have difficulties in learning, memory, may experience confusion. Shortly, children may experience a smaller or higher degree of mental retardation.

More than this, some studies showed that moderate consumption of alcohol, but on a daily basis, can increase chances for miscarriage, cause premature birth or even certain abnormalities regarding the face of the baby. – Click here!

We mentioned above that 4 or 5 measures of alcohol can put the baby in jeopardy. But exactly does that mean? A measure of alcohol can mean:

  • A half of draft (250ml) of beer;
  • A small glass of wine (125ml);
  • A small glass of liquor (40ml).

So, can pregnant women drink wine? In conclusion, a glass of wine during pregnancy consumed on a daily basis will affect the baby. It`s already proven that they may develop difficulties in learning, language development problems or hyperactivity, compared with the children for which their mothers didn`t consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

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