Can We Reuse The Pregnancy Test Kit?

Women are aware of the importance of taking a pregnancy test. It`s almost a native feeling for them. It`s that moment they have waited for their “entire” life. And even if for some women it can be quite daunting, for other ones is the beginning of their new life.

Can We Reuse The Pregnancy Test Kit

However, one thing is certain. Pregnancy tests are made to be as accurate as they can possibly can. So, can we reuse the pregnancy test kit? And if we can, how accurate would that test actually be?

Can We Reuse the Pregnancy Test Kit?

If you need a short answer, then that answer is NO. The chemicals in the pregnancy test strip are “designed” for one single usage attempt and after that, they are compromised.

Certain women out there sometimes feel the need to repeat the first pregnancy test and they wrongly believe is a good idea to reuse the first test they use. This could be because of financial causes (depending on the type of pregnancy test, not all pregnancy tests are cheap).

Still, it`s essential to keep in mind just how sensitive these pregnancy tests really are. And because they detect the hCG hormone, some of them could detect this particular hormone when there`s even the slightest amount of it in a sample of urine, in fact even before you miss the period.

Because of this specific sensitivity, as soon as this pregnancy test has been activated, it cannot be reused. If you take a closer look to such a test, you`ll notice it includes a few components. One of these components is represented by the absorbent “stick” which captures urine and drains it up in the testing section.

These pregnancy tests are filled with chemical substances which react with the woman`s urine and any hCG hormone which may be present. There`re also other chemical substances which turn a specific color to show whether the test result is negative or positive. Once the chemical substances are used and the absorbent stick are full, there`s practically no way whatsoever to be used one more time.

Can We Reuse a Digital Pregnancy Test?

A digital pregnancy test has an hCG strip placed within a body designed from plastic. It also contains a paper popping out which it`s dipped in the urine sample.

This kind of tests may display their results differently, but the functioning process is pretty much the same. As soon as digital pregnancy tests are used, they become useless for anything else. You shouldn`t try to reuse such a test.

All Pregnancy Tests Should Only Be Used One Single Time

There are lots of things you may not know about the way home pregnancy tests tend to work. They look pretty much like sticks used to urinate on them, no? But it`s not all there is with them? How could something that can be used in your bedroom or restroom be so important?

Well like mentioned earlier, there are chemicals that were scientifically designed to offer “positive” or “negative” signals when in contact with the hCG hormone from the urine sample. When the levels of the pregnancy hormone are high enough, you`ll get a positive test result. If they aren`t high enough or don`t exist, no test can detect them.

Pregnancy tests may seem simple, but the way they work is pure science. And they weren`t designed to work the second time. As soon as they become exposed to urine, the chemical required to react with the hCG hormone is no longer available.

If you are suspicious and need to repeat the test, you just need to buy a second test. There`s no need to reuse the first one. That`s why pregnancy tests are so cheap and can be found pretty much in any pharmacy, shopping mall or health department.

Pregnancy tests are issued by your healthcare provider free of charge as well. And you`ll always get a new test that has never been used until then. The results given can be trusted. Just keep in mind that even pregnancy tests can only be trusted 99% when used the 1st day or after a missed period.

Can You Reuse a Pregnancy Test that Didn`t Work?

You should be able to find an internal control line on your pregnancy test mentioning that your test is valid. If you can see that specific line (no matter how it`s defined on test`s package), a negative pregnancy test result is considered valid.

You`ll manage to lower the chance for a false negative pregnancy test result if you can take the test early in the morning, and this is due to the fact that the urine is a lot more concentrated at that particular time of the day.

And of course, if you are in doubt, visit your doctor and ask him for a serum test, because is a lot more sensitive than the standard urine pregnancy test and you`re less likely to get a false negative result, generally speaking.

Is There Any Pregnancy Test That Can Be Reused?

Well, no! Almost any kind of pregnancy test makes usage of hCG strips. They usually work just once.

Even if they aren`t used and they come in contact with the atmosphere, they may get spoiled and they become unusable.

What Is the 2 Week Wait?

For those who don`t know what is the 2-week wait, this is represented by the stretch between the moment when a pregnancy test may offer reliable results and ovulation.

This might not sound like torture, however, any woman who has yearn to see those 2 lines pop up, knows how hard those days pass. There`s a lot of sadness, anxiety and impatience. There practically pretty much nothing that could zap such feelings.

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