Can You Eat Peaches While Pregnant?

Can you eat peaches while pregnant? If you are expecting a baby and you are concerned about significant changes in your diet, a question like this should find an answer right away.

Can You Eat Peaches While Pregnant

According to most doctors, a pregnant woman should eat up to 500 g of fresh fruits and vegetables every day for a good fetal development. Peaches during pregnancy are only a part of the equation, but an important part if you know how to combine them with other foods.

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Can You Eat Peaches while Pregnant?

In moderate amounts, peaches are quite safe to consume during pregnancy. They contain a lot of valuable substances, such as potassium, iron, sugar, zinc, pectin, proteins, vitamins, acids and other elements. Within them, ascorbic acid helps increase immunity also due to the presence of coarse fibers that reduce the risk of constipation.

The consumption of peaches in excess can lead to an internal heat build-up, which isn`t healthy for a pregnant woman. Also, you should choose to eat just the peeled fruit to avoid affecting the throat by the peach`s hair.

Mineral salts, fibers and vitamins are elements that transform peaches in real fruits especially designed for health.

There are a few main benefits that peaches bring to the table:

  • Due to the content of folic acid, magnesium, iron and potassium, they treat anemia.
  • They reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis, a disease spread around women.
  • Folic acid helps in preventing neural tube defects.
  • They help the mother with muscle cramps and general fatigue during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin C helps in the healthy growth of the baby`s bones, teeth, skin, muscles and blood vessels.
  • Peaches help with the absorption of iron.
  • Antioxidants and beta-carotene help in preventing age and skin cancer.
  • Blood pressure and brain injuries are prevented as well.
  • The hydration of the organism.

When diets are concerned, the consumption of peaches is completely reliable. With an intake of 39 calories every 100 g, peaches are tasty fruits that have the ability of reducing hunger or gastric acidity.

Another characteristic (which is slightly unusual for a fruit) is that peaches prevent anxiety, fear or insecurity. They have the ability of regulating the productivity of some neurohormones which are responsible with the occurrence of fear. A daily intake restores the balance of the entire organism, removing the unpleasant situations when fear is concerned.

Antioxidants Effects

Both the delicious pulp as well as the peach`s peel have significant antioxidant properties. The presence of chlorogenic acid contributes to such a protector effect.  Antioxidants (Lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-cryptoxanthin) help in combating the free radicals and protect the organism against the harmful effects of various diseases. – Read more!

Liver Detoxification & Protection

Peaches are quite beneficial in cleaning the organism and skin redness due to the harmful toxins from the kidneys and liver. The peach has a hepatoprotective activity and is a valuable drug-fruit in treating the state of hepatotoxicity caused by a prolonged drug treatment for various diseases, like migraine, diabetes or tuberculosis.

Eye Health

Peaches are rich in beta-carotene, which transforms vitamin A in the organism. Beta-carotene plays an essential role in maintaining sight, protecting retina against age-related macular degeneration and preventing xerophthalmia, blindness and cataracts.

Strong Teeth & Bones

Phosphorus and calcium help strengthen the bones and teeth, as well as maintaining and repairing the tissues of the organism. The consumption of peaches may prevent bone diseases, such as decalcification, and then osteoporosis, especially in women during postmenopausal period.  Phosphorus remineralizes the bones and maintains their rigidity. Vitamin C and calcium play an essential in the consolidation of the maxillary bones and gums.

Strengthen Immunity

These fruits are rich in ascorbic acid and zinc, which maintain a healthy immunity. Both vitamin C and zinc exert a healing effect on wounds and have antioxidant effects that combat infections, colds, malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia. The deficit of these components may affect cellular activity and lead an oxidant explosion.

Protection against Cancer

Peaches are rich in phenolic carotenoids and compounds with anti-cancer and anti-tumor drugs, offer protection against various types of cancer: color, pulmonary or breast cancer. The chlorogenic acid that can be found in peaches exert beneficial effects in inhibiting cell growth of breast cancer, unlike chemotherapy treatment which affects healthy cells in a negative way. Most fruits from the Rosaceae family are rich in beta-carotene, which offers protection against pulmonary cancer.

Hypokalemia (Lack of Potassium)

Peaches contain potassium which is vital for cell functions and the nervous signals of the organism. The content of potassium also helps in metabolic processes, usage of carbohydrates, maintaining electrolytic balance and regulating the muscle tissues. Lack of potassium may lead to hypokalemia, which may affect muscle resistance and the normal rhythm of the heart. – Check out this page!

Preventing Anxiety & Stress

The presence of magnesium in peaches helps in preventing stress and anxiety, and contributes in maintaining a calm nervous system. A deficiency of magnesium may affect the central nervous system by hyper-muscle excitement and increased activity of nerve signals.

Nutritional Values

A regular peach (around 150 g) offers the following nutritional values:

  • Calories – 59 cal.
  • Iron – 0.4 mg.
  • Potassium – 285 mg.
  • Magnesium –  .
  • Fiber – 2.3 g.
  • Protein – 1.4 g.
  • Fat – 0.4 g.
  • Carbs – 14 g.
  • Vitamin C – 10 mg.
  • Vitamin A – 489 IU.

Including Peaches in a Pregnancy Diet

Peaches generally become available from May until November and usually fall into 2 categories:

  1. Freestones – they are eaten fresh or frozen.
  2. Clingstones – they are on occasion sold fresh and are quite useful for canning.
  • Cut the peaches into small slices and add them to your cereal for your breakfast or as a dessert.
  • Add peaches in kebabs made from fruits. You can add besides peaches just about any fruit you want: watermelon, grapes, pineapple, bananas, guava, etc.
  • Did you know that peaches can also be grilled in a barbecue? You`ll only need to cut them in half, brush them with oil and grill them over a medium heat until they become tender. Then go very well with yogurt.
  • You can also prepare a smoothie with a few pineapples, bananas and peaches, along with ice cubes. Blend all the fruits until you obtain a smooth consistency.

Peaches are a healthy choice while pregnant, but only in moderation. Anyway, you should first talk to your doctor about adding peaches to your diet.


Peaches may cause food allergies. The excess of peach seeds should be avoided, because it may have harmful effects, especially during pregnancy. It`s always recommended for pregnant women to consult a doctor in case of using medications manufactured from seeds of peaches.

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