Can You Eat Sour Cream When Pregnant?

What do you think? Can you eat sour cream when pregnant? This might be an essential question for you if you were used to eat this food before your pregnancy.

Sour Cream When Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, there are a few dietary restrictions necessary to keep the baby safe and healthy. We are here to answer this question for which maybe hundreds of women need an answer to.

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What Is Sour Cream?

Sour cream is a dairy product consisting of fat lifted to the non-homogenized milk`s surface. The commercial version, it might contain:

  • Rennet.
  • Salt.
  • Corn starch.
  • Carrageenan.
  • Calcium sulfate.
  • Guar gum.
  • Locust bean gum.
  • Sodium citrate.
  • Sodium phosphate.
  • Many others.

We personally recommend staying away from brands that have stabilizers, thickeners, additives or other ingredients that have nothing to do with sour cream.

First of all, sour cream that has more than 4 or 5 natural ingredients is simply unnecessary. Sour cream is good everyone (including pregnant women) without stabilizers, thickeners or additives. A cream with these unnecessary ingredients is an inferior product and shouldn`t be consumed. The best option is to read the label before making the purchase.

Can You Eat Sour Cream when Pregnant?

Sour cream can be consumed while expecting a baby, given that it`s made from pasteurized milk and has no unnecessary ingredients in its composition. If you are in doubt, don`t consume it.

Are you curious why should be made from pasteurized milk? It`s simple – to kill all the bad bacteria. Ensure yourself that you`ll check the label before purchasing it. Ideally, it should be consumed in maximum 48 hours from opening the container. A pregnant woman with a low immune system is much more sensitive to bacteria than a woman who isn`t pregnant. – Check this!

The daily diet should include a few basic foods from each group. Just like fruits and vegetables shouldn`t miss from your regular foods, milk, sour cream and other dairy foods should be included as well.

Is It Safe to Have Cream Cheese while Pregnant?

According to NHS, soft cheeses like Ricotta, Philadelphia, cottage cheese or Mascarpone are safe to use if they are pasteurized. Other soft cheeses that you can consume while pregnant also include:

  • Quark.
  • Paneer.
  • Halloumi.
  • Boursin.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Feta.
  • Mascarpone.
  • Processed cheese like Primula, Dairylea or Laughing Cow.
  • Mozzarella.

According to Dr. Rana Conway, “all these types of cheeses have a high amount of moisture content, but usually they are pasteurized before being packaged. It`s best to purchase them pre-packaged and be certain they are consumed before the use-by date. However, you should try and avoid purchasing them from delicatessen counters so you can avoid cross-contamination with other types of foods.

Can You Eat Crème Fraiche in Pregnancy?

According to Baby Center, Crème Fraiche can be consumed safely during pregnancy as long as it`s made from pasteurized milk.

Why Is Unpasteurized Cheese Bad for Pregnancy?

Some soft cheeses may contain listeria bacteria which may lead to listeriosis, which is a severe infection that may generally be caused by consuming contaminated food with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. All pregnant women are advised to avoid eating mould-ripened soft cheese like camembert, mould-ripened, brie cheese with milk of goat and other similar products.

Can You Eat Salad Cream during Pregnancy?

Salad dressing, mayonnaise and ice cream – they are all safe to consume as long as they have not been made with raw eggs. Most of the commercial forms of these foods that you can find in most stores are made from pasteurized eggs, meaning they are safe to be consumed while pregnant. However, it`s best to avoid home-made forms of these foods if they include raw eggs.

Can You Eat Burrata Cheese While Pregnant?

This kind of cheese is very well known in the restaurants from Italy. Unfortunately, it`s made of unpasteurized milk, so it`s best if it`s avoided during the 9 months of pregnancy. However, you may consume the white Buffalo mozzarella cheese, but again, only if you are certain it`s made of pasteurized milk. – Click here!

Is Pasteurized Feta Cheese Safe during Pregnancy?

For many years, FDA warned all pregnant women to only consume hard cheeses. However, now the federal agency says that new research found that Listeria hides in unpasteurized feta cheese only, as well as queso blanco, blue cheeses, Brie, queso fresco, Camembert as well as other soft cheeses. Any cheese made from pasteurized milk is safe to consume.

What Are the Unpasteurized Cheeses?

Unpasteurized cheese is made from raw cow, sheep or goat milk. They normally have a softer texture, pungent smell and rich flavor. Most well known examples are Brie, Camembert, Roquefort as well as Mexican-style soft cheeses like asadero, panela or queso fresco.

What Is Meant by Raw Cheese?

The way milk is processed when making cheese has become over the years some sort of a controversy, meaning that the cheese made from pasteurized milk might be less safe than that made from raw milk. All the good bacteria that can be found in cheese made from raw milk will protect the cheese from getting any harmful pathogens.

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