Can You Get Pregnant With One Fallopian Tube?

Can you get pregnant with one fallopian tube? When you have one single functional fallopian tube and you want a baby, it`s normal to have dilemmas and reasons of concern regarding your chances of conceiving a baby. Theoretically, the chances decrease in relation with the situation in which you had both tubes, but experts assure that there`s no impediment in the attempt of conceiving the baby.

Can You Get Pregnant with One Fallopian Tube

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The Role of the Uterine Tubes Regarding Conception

The uterine tubes are considered to be very important for conception in:

  • Ensuring and supporting the capture of the egg in the peritoneal cavity.
  • Transporting the egg towards the uterine cavity.
  • Making possible the encounter between the sperm and egg.

Most women with one single functional uterine tube manage to remain pregnant without any problem. Although statistically speaking, the chances of remaining pregnancy drop to 50%, most women don`t have a problem with this.

Essential Conditions to Become Pregnant with 1 Fallopian Tube

The position of the ovaries and fallopian tubes play an essential role in the baby`s conception. The monthly egg is released usually in the closest tube of the ovary. If the remaining functional tube is located in the opposite side of the ovary that releases the egg, this might be a fertility issue. However, even so there`s a solution and the woman can become pregnant with the help of assisted human reproductive techniques. Therefore, if we are to say that you cannot conceive naturally, you can always turn to these methods, which have an extremely high rate of success in such cases.

In any case, you need to talk to your doctor about the chances of remaining pregnancy in your situation. Your chances increase or decrease depending on the medical particularities of each woman and other problems that the woman confronts in the reproductive system. – Read more!

You may be able to increase your chances of becoming pregnant if you follow all the medical tests recommended by your doctor, eat healthy, take prenatal vitamins and supplements and practice sport. In other words, if there aren`t other medical conditions that can prevent fertility and have a healthy lifestyle, your chances of conceiving a baby are equal with those of a woman with both uterine tubes functional.

Can You Get Pregnant with One Fallopian Tube?

Your uterine tubes are nothing more than a pair of tubes which eggs use to pass through in their way from the ovaries towards the uterus. Every month, one of the ovaries will release an egg through a process known as ovulation, which will travel through one of the uterine tubes where it might or might not be fertilized by sperm. – Similar info!

If you had a tumor, an ectopic pregnancy in the past or a pelvic surgery for a bacterial infection, you may have one single uterine tube. On occasion, women may also be born with one fallopian tube (unicornuate uterus). The fact that you only have 1 fallopian tube doesn`t pose any issue in the way of conception.

  • You have both ovaries.
  • You are ovulating (you have normal and regular menstrual cycles).
  • The remaining uterine tube is functional.

Unicornuate Uterus

Such a uterus has only half of the regular size of a normal uterus and has only one fallopian tube. It`s very rare medical condition, which affects 1 in 1,000 women. This type of uterus develop in the first years of life, when the tissue that covers the uterus doesn`t develop properly. Although a unicornuate uterus usually shows 2 ovaries, in most cases only 1 of them is attached to the uterus. This is also the reason for which statistics show only 60% chances to carry out the pregnancy to the end.

How to Increase your Fertility Chances With Only One Fallopian Tube?

If for any reason you only have one uterine tube, you should find methods of increasing your chance of fertility. – More info!

Consulting a Fertility Specialist

Since it`s always best to have a discussion with a fertility specialist, assisted reproductive technology might just be the answer for you. The cause behind your problem might just be different than what you believe and the missing uterine tube might not be the reason for your failure in conceiving. Women with a previous history of tubal pregnancies are more prone to repeat them and an early pregnancy monitoring is definitely recommended. It`s essential to take a few diagnostic tests for your future pregnancy. Usually, tubal infertility is treated using conservative ways at first, and if these don`t work, there`ll be used much more aggressive treatments of fertility.

Fertility Medication

Either natural or synthetic fertility medications, they all offer the right kick necessary to ovulate with success. So, they are able to aid a woman with only one uterine tube to get pregnant. A couple of examples of treatments are:

Fertility enzyme therapy – this treatment uses systematic enzymes to aid the organism decrease pain, inflammation as well as reduce building up scar tissue.

Fertility cleansing – this is an herbal formula that cleanses the organism. It “designs” a “clean state” to the organism aiding it to respond for other natural treatments better.

Staying Healthy

These days, the science in the medical field has become quite advanced. Today, there`s a solution for just about any medical issue there is. Try to keep your organism and mental status healthy when attempting to conceive. If you manage to deal well with your situation, you`ll increase your chances of remaining pregnant faster and overcome any adverse conditions. Avoiding self-prescribed drugs or advice that may be unreliable may be one way to go forward with your situation. Also, remember that every woman is unique in her own way, so what is good for a woman might not be for you.

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