Can You Get Pregnant With Precum?

Have you ever noticed a fluid that comes out from a penis, before a man ejaculates and has orgasm? That`s precum! But the obvious question here is: can you get pregnant with precum?

Can You Get Pregnant With Precum

Even if you are a cautious person and don`t take risks regarding your health, it may happen to have a moment of weakness and have sex with your partner without a condom, from various reasons. You either didn`t have any protection near you at that time or you just wanted to try it this way as well for a bigger pleasure. Even if your partner have withdrawn before ejaculating and it doesn`t seem you expose yourself to any danger, you don`t need to ignore a very important aspect that may change the entire equation: preseminal liquid.

We aren`t here to make you frighten, but it`s best to know if you can remain pregnant with the pre-ejaculation liquid, so that in the future you`ll know to what risks you are exposing yourself.

What Is Precum?

Precum is a white liquid that is secreted from the penis when the man is aroused and happens before he reaches orgasm and ejaculates. The quantity of the liquid that appears before ejaculation is different. The quantity itself doesn`t influence anything. It`s considered that men experience pre-ejaculation even when we are talking about a few drops.

As we already mentioned, everything has a function. The same thing is valid when talking about pre-ejaculation, which also occurs for a reason. It serves as a lubricant, the fluid cleaning the way the sperm will flow later. This cleaning of the channel is essential because it protects the sperm against the strong acidity resulted from the urine that comes out from the same channel.

The acid environment destroys sperm, meaning that actually pre-ejaculation serves as a natural way of facilitating pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant with Precum?

The purpose of the pre-ejaculation liquid is to reduce the acidity from the urethra and offers lubricant for the sperm that is released when the ejaculation is produced. Most men don`t have any control on precum and don`t even feel it coming out. There are several contradictory studies regarding the possibility that liquid contains sperm. Some studies reached the conclusion that precum contains sperm, while other that it doesn`t. Most sources agree that without a definitive confirmation, other measures of precaution need to be taken in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or contacting any STDs.

So, the answer to the question whether or not you can get pregnant with precum is still yet to be found, but it`s best to be safe than sorry. So, even if there are very few cases where sperm penetrates the preseminal liquid, when it happens, it`s possible to wake up with a pregnancy. You cannot rely yourself on the idea “It cannot happen to me!” How good safety precautions pass any danger, if you should avoid unprotected sex if you don`t plan to start a family and, very important, don`t forget that condom is the only one that can protect against STDs. Don`t stop using it only to satisfy a moment of pleasure and don`t give in to your partner`s insistence if you don`t feel ready.

Withdrawal Method, Popular, But in Secret

In groups of friends, everyone talks freely about sexual subjects, what everyone tried or didn`t tried or about a sex match that didn`t took place because there wasn`t a condom around. However, no one talks about the times when contraceptive methods were around and weren`t used. – Click here!

The withdrawal method, also known as coitus interruptus, is the most affordable option that people use since ancient times when they want to avoid a pregnancy. Even so, no one really talks about it, because at some point in life, the saying “what goes once, doesn`t happen often.” In fact, if you`ll start this subject around your group of friends, they`ll start contradicting you like concerned mothers do.

Then why do people still use this particular method? The principle is rather obvious and simple: if the ejaculation takes place outside the vagina, then there`ll be no fertilization. So everyone should be happy, in front with him who likes to reach maximum pleasure without using a condom and with her who cannot decide whether using condoms or birth control pills. – Read more!

In reality, the process is much more complicated because the male organism produces precum at the beginning of the sexual intercourse, which may contain spermatozoids. Additionally, this method requires a precise self-control, meaning that at least for young persons, this method isn`t realistic. Does anyone still believe that they have enough self-control to withdraw in time? Well, statistically speaking, the withdrawal method fails in 1 out of 4 cases, which is pretty alarming if you`ll think about it for a second.

What to Do when the Inevitable Occurs?

When there are doubts, miscarriage or an unwanted pregnancy may be avoided by using emergency birth control pills (the next day pill). Any other measure after an unsuccessful coitus interruptus is pointless, including washes with water, juice or vinegar.

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