Can You Take A Pregnancy Test At Night?

If you are attempting to conceive a baby, the 2WW after ovulation is perhaps the worst part a woman can endure. For 2 very long weeks, she has to constantly wonder if her signs represent early pregnancy symptoms or PMS signs.

Can You Take A Pregnancy Test At Night

Each time she feels rather tired, every cramp, each time she feels her boobs sore, she in fact hoping she may be pregnant. So it`s understandable if she`s counting down the minutes and she doesn`t care if she takes a pregnancy test during the day or at night.

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When Do You Know You Need to Test for Pregnancy?

Among the most important rule of home pregnancy tests is when it needs to be taken. Most such tests claim they detect a pregnancy even 3 or 4 days in advance of a missed period. But for more precise pregnancy results, experts advise women to wait until up to 1 week after they notice their period is late.

You know a pregnancy test is required to be taken when you experience:

  • Implantation bleeding.
  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Increase feeling of smell.
  • Food cravings & aversions.
  • Vomiting.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Swollen or tender breasts.

If you may be noticing any early pregnancy signs, it`s fine to take a home pregnancy test sooner. However, be aware that you may receive a false negative test result if you`ll take it too soon, which means although you see your test result is negative, you may still be expecting a baby.

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test at Night?

Women are able to take a pregnancy test during the night. However, the most important thing is the hCG hormone. Urinating often is a clear pregnancy symptom. Still, a woman will be draining her body of the required hormone to trigger accurate pregnancy test results.

Obviously, if you get a positive pregnancy result, you are expecting a baby. However, if the test result is negative, it might be because you have urinated frequently and the levels of hCG hormone found in your urine aren`t that high to trigger a positive test result.

The dilution of urine might also happen. This can occur if you drink coffee, tea or other caffeine-based beverage. So, it isn`t optimal to take a pregnancy test during the night as there`re so many variable which may lead to a false negative result when in fact a woman is practically expecting a child.

Why Is Best to Take the Test in the Morning?

While someone sleeps, the urine feels the bladder. When it comes to a pregnant woman, her hormones will wander around her urine, which will be more concentrated in early morning.

This is in fact the only distinction between a night test and one taken in the morning. The woman`s body is loaded with undiluted urine ready to be tested.

Optimal Test Time

Experts state that the best time to test for pregnancy is the very 1st day after you miss your period. If you test early than the first time in the morning, your body might not have had the chance of producing the hCG hormone, so you might receive a false negative pregnancy result.

Research has proven that pregnancy test taken 1 day after a presumable late period offers an accuracy of 99%.

Can pregnancy test be taken at night? Yes, but you might not benefit of the best accuracy. It might be best to wait until the early morning to test and get in touch with your doctor if you get a positive result.

What if I`m not Able to Test Early in the Morning?

Use a concentrated urine sample when taking your pregnancy test. Although it`s generally advisable to test with your first urine of the day, this simple assumption is based on the concentrated urine.

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Tips for Accurate Pregnancy Test Results

  • It`s quite easy to get taken by your enthusiasm and test too early, but you need to hold off if you are really interested in accurate results as soon as possible. You need to wait until at least 2 weeks past your ovulation period, although there are women known to receive positive results in less than 14 weeks.
  • When taking pregnancy tests, lots of women opt for urinating straight onto the pregnancy stick. However, it`s so much easier and better to use a cup for this particular thing, and then hold the stick inside the cup. This is also due to the fact that coordinating the pregnancy stick with the urine flow can sometime be hard to do and might alter your test results. And we don`t want that, right?
  • If you test very early, opt for a very sensitive pregnancy test when it comes to detecting hCG hormone levels. Check the test`s box and you`ll find there information on how really sensitive it`s the actual test. Opt for a pregnancy test that can detect 25 mIU or even less. This may allow you to get a positive test result earlier than other pregnancy tests. – More info!
  • If you receive a negative pregnancy test, it doesn`t mean that the world has ended. Wait for at least 24 hours and repeat the test. And don`t let it get you down that much if you notice you aren`t expecting a baby yet. You can always try, try again!
  • Use pregnancy test sticks from several distinct brands or companies.
  • Don’t compare the line you get with the control line. If you`ll notice a pink line, than you have a positive test result. You just have to be sure of the result. Take the test again, and that`s that!
  • Take the pregnancy test by simply dipping the first pregnancy stick into the cup as instructed, set the stick aside and leave to take a break, go and drink a cup of tea or something and then get back at the allotted time to check for the results; don`t just stare at the pregnancy test stick for miracles to happen. It will drive you crazy.

Other Options

If you noticed you have missed a period and are getting mixed or negative pregnancy results, get in touch with a doctor for further medical testing. Blood tests are a sure method of testing as they asses the hCG hormone amount in order to check if you are pregnant or not. They are able to trace even very low amounts of hCG.

Another good method to confirm a pregnancy is undergoing an ultrasound examination. If you may be pregnant, you will want to start antenatal care as soon as you can; so, the sooner you are able to confirm your pregnancy results, the better.

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