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What Is The Best Position For Breastfeeding?

Mothers who already experienced the meaning of breastfeeding are aware that the onset of this natural process sometimes can be rather difficult. And this isn`t because the baby wouldn`t know what he needs to do when he`s near the breast, but because a new mother gets contradictory info from many different places, and the uncertainty she gets after she gives birth might prevent her from attaching her baby to her breast the proper way and find the most optimal breastfeeding position.

What Is The Best Position For Breastfeeding

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Why Is It Important To Breastfeed?

Choosing to feed their infant by breastfeeding is one of the very first decisions taken by mothers who are expecting to have a child. Doctors generally advise to breastfeed, breast milk having the capacity of offering to the infant the necessary antibodies to fight infections, and to prevent allergies as well as a high number of chronic diseases. More than this, pediatricians claim that in the first 6 months from a baby`s life, feeding has to only include breast milk, this remaining the main food until the 12th month at least.

Why Is It Important To Breastfeed

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