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How To Have Triplets?

How to have triplets? Here`s a question that may pop-up in the mind of some of the mothers out there. If you are here, you are probably among the mothers who wanted twins or triplets, but you aren`t sure if the genetic factor gives you any chances because in your family there weren`t ever multiple pregnancies.  However, despite the genetic baggage, it seems that there are also other cases in which we can have a multiple pregnancy.

How To Have Triplets

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Could I Be Pregnant With Twins?

A few decades ago, most women with twins didn`t found out that they had a multiple pregnancy until the moment of labor. But now, due to modern technology, such long-term surprises are no longer an issue. In fact, most women find out they are pregnant with twins in the moment of one of the routine examination during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Could I Be Pregnant With Twins

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What’s The Difference Between Identical And Fraternal Twins?

The news that she`s about the give birth to twins might constitute a reason for joy for the young mother, but at the very same time may constitute a reason to worry when thinking about the way she`ll be able to handle more than one child at once. Suddenly, all worries seem to double, and bring two children at the same time to this world seem to be a double challenge.

What's The Difference Between Identical And Fraternal Twins

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