Wonderful World of Pregnancy


Can You Have Contractions Without Pain?

Can you have contractions without pain? You have to admit that the thought of entering into labor frightens you.

No pregnant woman wants to experience uterine contractions before labor is triggered. Still, they appear and they are perfectly normal starting with the third trimester of pregnancy. Learn how you can make the difference between false contractions and real ones.Can You Have Contractions Without Pain

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Stages Of Labor & Birth: What`s Essential To Know?

Natural birth (or vaginal birth as it`s more commonly known) is perhaps the oldest method of bringing a baby into this world. Even if Caesarean birth has become a trend and began of collecting more and more adherents in the modern era, there are still strong and courageous women, who don`t fear pain and want to have control over their body when they give birth. Here`s what you should know about natural birth and what are its phases!

The Stages of Labor & Birth

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