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Can You Get Botox While Pregnant?

Although the term “Botox” is pretty common, it`s surprising that not many people in fact know too much about it. There`re lots of things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to using this substance, like for example, who is allowed to use Botox and so on, even if you don`t take into account such a medical procedure, it`s essential to stay well informed.

Can You Get Botox While Pregnant

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Is It Safe To Use Shampoo During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy represents an important period of time during your life when you have to make lots of choices. You have to give up those demanding 5-mile runs, but that shouldn`t be too hard. You`ll need to give up those tasteful Italian combos at your favorite restaurant; a bit harder, but you know you`ll have to do it. However, these aren`t that hard to accomplish, because they are on the radar of every expecting mother and they have all become almost common knowledge by now. But there are other choices that you need to take into account during pregnancy that are less obvious – like giving up your shampoo or not.

Is It Safe To Use Shampoo During Pregnancy

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Is Epilation Safe During Pregnancy?

Perhaps you already heard about how thick and beautiful your hair will become during pregnancy. However, you won`t feel the same about the hair that is excessively growing on your chin, under your upper lip or cheeks. However, don`t alarm yourself! It`s perfectly normal for this to happen. What it`s important for you to keep in mind is that we are talking about a temporary situation.

Is It Epilation Safe During Pregnancy

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Can I Wear Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

Besides the worries and questions about what you are allowed to do or eat during pregnancy and what you aren`t, there`s also a lot of uncertainty regarding the substances from the external environment which might influence your pregnancy in a negative manner. This particular category also includes using nail polish during pregnancy, the use of perfume, cosmetics or hair dyeing.Can I Wear Nail Polish During Pregnancy Continue reading

What To Wear During Pregnancy?

With so much time you spend decorating the child`s room, getting his clothes, walking to medical consultations and getting busy with all the other activities related to your pregnancy, who has time to pick the right clothes to wear? But as weeks pass and your baby develops in your belly, you`ll soon realize that you cannot escape anymore: you need new clothes.

What To Wear During Pregnancy

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