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Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy!

Sleep apnea during pregnancy represents a high risk factor for both the pregnant woman and baby, warn scientists at the University of South Florida. According to them, pregnant women who are suffering of this disorder present a higher risk of needing additional medical care during pregnancy, while the illness causes the baby to also need additional care during the neonatal period.

Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy

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Anemia In Pregnancy: How Can You Tell If You`re Anemic?

Anemia in pregnancy is a frequent issue, even more frequently encountered in pregnant women. If you feel dizzy and weak, you should visit the doctor to perform some tests. It`s possible for you to not have enough iron in the organism, or to miss other nutrients. To have an idea about why you feel weak during pregnancy, you need to know the causes, signs and treatment of anemia. If left undetected and untreated, anemia while pregnant can lead to serious complications.

Anemia In Pregnancy

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