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What Medications Are Safe To Take During Pregnancy?

Getting sick is never amusing. Headache, stuffy nose or other signs associated with flu and other similar illnesses are never pleasant. They seem to be even more accentuated during pregnancy when besides the symptoms specific to pregnancy, you experience new ones due to an infection. So, is it ok to take drugs during pregnancy when you are getting sick?

Drugs During Pregnancy

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Antibiotics During Breastfeeding: What Are The Safest Medications?

One of the biggest worries of a mother seems to appear when talking about the treatment with antibiotics during breastfeeding. Most mothers are a lot more careful during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, so ideally they give up smoking or drinking alcohol, some of them change their diet (maybe for the first time in their life), and look skeptically at the consumption of drugs or natural products.

Antibiotics During Breastfeeding

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