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How Do We Have A Happy Family?

A happy family – We all want it, but did we ever taken a moment to describe it in detail? We set it as one of the most important life objectives, without really understanding the entire concept. Lots of times, we want this without putting too much effort into it. There`re a lot of great expectations and almost zero involvement.

How Do We Have A Happy Family

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How To Teach Your Child Not To Interrupt?

At times, children can really be frustrating. Each parent is aware of this deep in his bones. However, there is a particular behavior which may drive calm and patient parent crazy: when his child will interrupt everyone around him with every chance he gets. For some reason, “Mom is having a conversation right now” seem to never do the trick.

How To Teach Your Child Not To Interrupt

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Role Of A Father In The Family!

Until not long ago, researchers have studies mostly the relationship between the child and his mother. It seemed more natural to put in relation the child`s development with the way the mother and child build their interaction. However, it was identified the need to find out more about the influence of the attachment relationship between the father and child as well.

Role Of A Father In The Family

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