Wonderful World of Pregnancy

Second Trimester

27 Weeks Pregnant

Being 27 weeks pregnant marks the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. If you didn`t registered for a Lamaze course yet, now it`s the best time to do it, especially because you`ll be able to finish it a month before reaching the 9 months of pregnancy. So, if the delivery will start before the due date, you`ll be ready. Continue reading

25 Weeks Pregnant

When being 25 weeks pregnant or at 23 weeks of conception, while subcutaneous fat forms, the wrinkled skin starts to stretch and the fetus starts to resemble more and more with a newborn. His hair grows increasingly more and if you could see it, you could probably notice what color and texture will have his hair. Continue reading

22 Weeks Pregnant

When being 22 weeks pregnant, you`ll feel relatively comfortable and you`ll found yourself at around half of your pregnancy. You probably already started to like the idea of being pregnant and you might began making yourself plans regarding your future birth and your baby`s development. You started to gain weight and you passed over your morning sickness and all those other symptoms from the beginning of your pregnancy. Continue reading

21 Weeks Pregnant

As weeks pass, you are more and more relaxed about your pregnancy and you start feeling better. Being 21 weeks pregnant won`t make an exception from this. Your pregnancy becomes easier with time passing and your body has already adapted to the difficulties that needed to be faced during the last few pregnancy months. Continue reading

20 Weeks Pregnant

Being 20 weeks pregnant represents the middle of the 2nd trimester and the pregnancy. This is an easy period for most women because now the pregnancy isn`t affected too much. It`s also the perfect time to take trips or going on vacations, but you still need to be careful at your diet. It`s not recommended to consume foods from unsafe sources because an infection at this stage of the pregnancy, regardless of how severe it might be, can still be harmful for both you and the baby. Continue reading

18 Weeks Pregnant

This is the week when it`s very possible for your appetite to start increasing considerably, and your waistline won`t fool anyone anymore because it will become clear that you are pregnant. Try to eat only healthy food and keep in mind that everything you eat or drink will reach the baby. Furthermore, this isn`t the right moment to think about your diet or losing weight. You should especially avoid consuming heavy food which isn`t good for the fetus.

18 Weeks Pregnant

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