Choosing Toys For Your Child Depending on Group Ages!

Playing does not represent a simple way of making time to pass faster, but it represents the “child`s job,” a pleasant activity that is full of rewards and which involves him in a direct manner and uses all his resources and energy, favoring the acquisition and consolidation of various and multiple new abilities.

Choosing Toys For Your Child

If you are a bit concerned that your gift may get thrown away in a corner of the house, you should find the following advice and tips useful in your attempt of picking a toy that will fit the desires and needs of your child. Don`t forget that the action of offering toys to children can be almost just as fun for the person offering the gift as it`s for the one receiving it.

When looking for the right toy, keep in mind that the toys that you choose need to be age-appropriate. Once the children pass through several development stages at various ages, the toys would need to function as stimuli not only for their senses, but also for their mind.

Playing with toys is the first and most important opportunity of building personality, exploring the relationship with himself, his emotions and the social environment that surrounds him.

Play starts even from birth, when the child`s world is focused on exploring his body and discovering himself. This increases gradually due to the interaction with the environment and the presence of objects through which the child discovers and starts to manage them. In conclusion, in the end he learns how to play. – Check this out!

For this reason, toys can be proud with a very important role, representing an important instrument in the child`s development. That`s why, they need to be chosen carefully and always need to be suitable for the specific stages of the child`s physical, cognitive, motor and psychological development.

Children Up to 3 Months

Even from the first weeks of birth, the environment represents for the baby an important source of sensory stimuli, starting with the first look of his mother and the physical contact with her. The little one will feel attracted by live colors, sounds and any objects around him. During this particular phase, the ideal toys are:

  • Colorful marionette carousels which rotate, helping the small one to learn how to develop his sight and his first movements, due to the circular movement of the eyes and head.
  • Musical toys and bells, which develop his hearing.
  • Small toys that are easy to grab with his little hand, learning him this way to coordinate his first movements, but also develop the tactile sense, due to the various textures of the toys.

During this stage of development, children have the tendency of putting various objects in their mouth. Keep away of objects of small sizes and make sure the toys can be safely washed.

Children between 3 & 8 Months

The child starts experiencing through his senses, maneuvering, holding with his hands and exploring toys with his mouth. During this period, he may enjoy family toys and sometimes develops a certain affection, sometimes to the extreme, for a particular toy that he`s looking to carry it with him everywhere.

Also, he wants to communicate and starts to interact with his parents using repetitive sounds. This is the perfect moment to “read” together illustrated books, sings to him something simple and offer him “talking” or musical toys.

Children between 9 & 12 Months

Now, the motor abilities of the child start to grow even more. It`s the perfect time for exploring and trying to move around the room by himself. The little one is fascinated by toys which roll, move and assemble/disassemble, and which allow him to coordinate movements. Also, toys that can be stunted/rode or upon which the child can sit or climb can be quite important, helping him and encourage him to make his first motor activities.

Children between 13 & 18 Months

The child “works” constantly to perfect his skills that lead to performing his movements specific to walking. With every passing month, he manages to coordinate his balance and movements better and better. It`s the moment when he likes to push and pull his favorite toys, this representing an essential process of self-knowledge and new discoveries.

Also, the child learns how to browse and look at the pages of a book with pictures and pay attention to them, without losing interest. He starts to recognize his own image in the mirror or images. He becomes more and more able to understand words, that`s why it`s the perfect moment to take contact with foreign language, even through bilingual toys.

In this period, he starts loving to mimic adult activities and likes games that are connected to them.

Children between 19 & 24 Months

From now on, the child becomes more and more independent and, gradually, becomes able to coordinate his movements, such as the ones involving riding a tricycle or maneuvering cars with a remote control. He starts to build a clear image of his own identity. He loves to be the main character of his own games, preferring toys that respond to his own orders, such as the ones that “talk” or interactive toys that allow him to express the desire to communicate. – Additional info!

Children between 2 & 3 Years

During this period, the child develops the ability to imagine and use various signs and symbols that would help him interpret, see and feel the world around him. So, the toys need to be designed in such a way that would allow him to invent new characters, roles and various activities. It`s the moment when he starts interacting/socializing with other children who attract his attention and interest. An essential thing during this period is the fact that he concentrates this attention on tastes and behavior of male and female models.

Children between 3 & 5 Years

Toys should be chosen to be fun and offer opportunities of exploring new ideas. The toys recommended below offer to children new opportunities to build solid bases for reading, writing and math:

  • Chalk and table.
  • Pencils of various colors, sharpening, watercolors, glues for children.
  • Scissors with rounded colors.
  • Plasticine.
  • Story books.
  • Domino.
  • CDs.
  • Toys for sand and water.
  • Ball and basketball net.
  • Soccer balls.
  • Swings and slides.

Woodworking activities could be offered by a set of cubes or a small carpenter workshop for children.

Children between 5 & 7 Years

Outdoors activities can help children relax and be full of energy.

  • Bikes.
  • Balls of various sizes & for different games.
  • Books.
  • Piano, violin or other instruments.
  • Games with rules.

This is the pre-school period, so it`s recommended to guide your child`s games towards the educative ones, games that can develop the learning and memorizing abilities of your child.

Children between 7 & 10 Years

At this stage, toys should be chosen for group games and activities, or certain interests of your child.

  • Games with rules.
  • Games related to your child`s hobbies (stamps, autographs, sports activities, theater and dance).
  • CDs, guitars, personal stereo system.
  • Books – puzzle, science, stories.
  • Computer, puzzles, tablet, smartphone.
  • Educational games on the computer.

Remember the fact that toys at this age are good to complete the school activities of your child and develop a spirit of collegiality, which should help him integrate more easily into society. – Visit this web page!

Did You Know?

  • It`s essential for the parents to follow these development stages with suitable toys for the child`s age?
  • It`s essential for the parents to play with the little one as much as possible and share these moments?
  • Playing together with the little one and noticing him while he plays represents an opportunity of familiarizing with his abilities and especially with his deepest emotions?
  • Playing together with your little one strengthens the bond between the child and his parents, and helps him establish a positive relationship that is full of love and beneficial for the health development of a happy child.
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