Clear Watery Vaginal Discharge: Is This Normal?

If every now and then you notice a clear watery discharge, it might not be a real reason to worry, but at the same time you should stay well informed regarding the changes your body shows you.

Clear Watery Vaginal Discharge

The vagina is seen close a passageway to your reproductive organs. Your pH balance will create some sort of an acidic environment inside the vagina to keep infections away. Vaginal discharges are normal in many situations and it`s something pretty natural to experience. However, if the odor, color or consistency is changed, these might be signs of infection and you may need to get in touch with a doctor right away.

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Is Clear Discharge Normal?

A clear water vaginal discharge is no reason of concern in most cases. In fact, it shows that your vagina has a good balance of healthy and bad bacteria. A clear liquid discharge plays an important role in getting rid of dead cells and bacteria from the vaginal cavity. This type of discharge is no reason to worry if there aren`t other symptoms around.

Clear Watery Discharge before Period

Both texture and color of a vagina discharge may change at times during a menstrual cycle and may show signs whether or not you are fertile. A clear discharge before period may be show the fact that you are near your ovulation period. If the discharge doesn`t have a fishy smell or isn`t more abundant than normal, you should be fine. – Read this!

A normal vaginal discharge is also known as leucorrhea. This type of discharge is formed from the product of secretion of the genital glands (this phenomenon is known as transudation) and from the exfoliate cells from this tract. Every woman has such a secretion from puberty until menopause.

A normal vaginal discharge is clear and whitish, with an egg white consistency, odorless or with a specific odor (which isn`t unpleasant, on the contrary). From here will start the differences, without necessarily meaning that there a vaginal health problem involved.

A normal discharge has individual characteristics in terms of quantity and aspect. These characteristics can be changed physiologically throughout the menstrual cycle under the influence of the hormonal balance, in case of sexual arousal, hormonal contraceptives, medications or pregnancy.

Clear Discharge after Period

A watery clear discharge is as common as it gets before and after your period. A clear liquid discharge shouldn`t be accompanied by itching or other symptoms. If this occurs it may indicate a yeast infection or something similar.

Keep in mind that if you experience an excessive watery vaginal discharge after exercising, this is often something normal.

If the discharge is stretchy and clear, this might mean you are ovulating as it`s quite similar to “fertile” mucus.

Is Discharge an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

If you experience a milky white discharge or thick secretion around a missed period, this may often be considered a sign of early pregnancy. Women usually notice a more abundant vaginal discharge, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. But to be sure a pregnancy may be involved, you should also pay attention for other symptoms like tiredness, stress or nausea.

When Does a Watery Clear Discharge Happen?

  • During Pregnancy: The main reason for which you may notice a watery clear discharge during pregnancy is the hormonal imbalance. It might appear at the beginning of pregnancy, and can often be considered an early pregnancy symptom. This may occur when the estrogen levels rise dramatically. You might even notice vaginal discharge accompanied by blood streaks, also known as implantation bleeding. Throughout your pregnancy you may still continue experiencing such discharges, but if it`s clear and isn`t accompanied by other signs, like redness of the vulva, itching or swelling, you shouldn`t concerned yourself too much.
  • After Sexual Contact: You might notice a clear discharge after sex. This is something quite common for any woman who is sexually active. The mucus is considered the result of sexual arousal. This normally comes from Skene`s and Bartholin`s glands, which are located below and above the vagina. This is in fact a lubrication which helps the penetration go smoothly during sex. The glands may still be producing this lubrication for a few hours after the sexual contact.
  • During Ovulation: You`re much more likely to notice a water clear discharge when ovulating. There`ll usually be a small increase in the levels of estrogen during ovulation, which will lead to a clear water vaginal discharge. This is normally noticed 1 day before the egg gets released. There is 30 times more mucus produced when ovulating than normal.

What Is the Cause of Watery Discharge?

  • Yeast Infection: This often results in a white thick discharge without any odor, accompanied by burning and itching. – More info!
  • Bacterial Vaginosis: The discharge that results from this infection is usually heavier than normal, thin and grayish or yellowish. It often has a fishy odor, often without any itching or burning, and with an irritation of the vagina or vulva.
  • Trichomoniasis: This often leads to a green-tinged vaginal discharge accompanied by a strong unpleasant odor. Other signs might include swelling of the vulva, itching and pain during urination.

Changes of Pattern Lead to Pathological Conditions

For every woman there`s a “pattern” of vaginal discharge along a menstrual cycle. And because it may not exist differences without abnormalities, it`s easier to follow the change (a change in the pattern) to establish a normality or abnormality. It`s easy to establish if a discharge is normal or better yet, how it shouldn`t be.

In case of a pathological condition (genital diseases), there`ll be changes in the usual aspect of a discharge, meaning quantity (it increases), consistency (watery or cheesy), color (becomes grey, greenish or yellow), odor (it become unpleasant). These changes can be associated with the appearance of other symptoms, such as itching, burning or spontaneous pains during sexual contact.

The vagina is “designed” in such a way that it can take care of itself on its own, and everything will be fine if we wouldn`t interfere or if we would be more careful. How does it take care of itself? Exactly through these discharges! In terms of hygiene, these secretions clean the vagina and maintain a good balance. Mechanically speaking, they maintain the resistance of the uterine lining – a wet mucosa much more resistant than a dry one. If you would think at your lips – when you moisten them, they don`t crack.

This basal discharge has an individual variation. During the arousal starting with the first 10 – 20 seconds, the vagina secretes a clear discharge which helps in lubricating and ease when the penis is inserted. The amount of natural liquid differs from one woman to another and from one period to another.

Also, there are changes occurring in the aspect of vaginal discharges along the menstrual cycle in terms of volume, consistency or color. There are characteristics for the fertile period which allow a good movement of sperm in the genital tract, but there are also characteristics for the rest of the period.

The Woman`s Organism Prepares for Pregnancy Each Month

The woman`s organism prepares itself in each menstrual cycle for a possible pregnancy. There are changes that occur in terms of volume and vaginal discharge`s viscosity along with the endometrium`s thickening (the uterine mucosa). Since the beginning of a new menstrual cycle, the volume of the discharges starts to grow and their viscosity decreases under the influence of estrogen. These phenomena continue until ovulation when the volume of the discharges reaches a peak and the viscosity is minimal, this way appearing a receptive environment for sperm. After ovulation, there`ll be a reverse process which will start under the influence of progesterone, meaning the discharges will start to decrease in volume and the viscosity to grow.

What Is Orgasm?

An orgasm is defined as a discharge of accumulated sexual tension and is characterized by an extreme pleasure and vibrations centered in the pelvic area, which then radiates throughout the body and represents the peak of a sexual contact. An orgasm is also the result of sexual arousal gained in foreplay and plateau phases. It has an emotional component as well as a physical one. The physical one (muscle contractions, change of blood pressure) may be accompanied by ejaculation. The ejaculated liquid is similar to the men sperm, but about this phenomenon there were many pro and contra arguments, so it isn`t really something clear yet.

Excessive toilet with harsh soaps, frequent vaginal washes, tight underwear made of synthetic materials, various infections or STDs, sexual contacts without enough lubrication or various irritations – all these may lead to abnormal vaginal discharges. As already mentioned, any changes of these discharges occurred in consistency, quantity, color or odor accompanied or not by itching, burning or vulvar pains should constitute a sign that something is wrong.

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