What Diseases & Conditions Can Be Cured During Pregnancy?

When you think about pregnancy, the things that come into your mind are rather negative:  you`ll be experiencing nausea or dizziness, you`ll get fat, you`ll have your legs swollen, you`ll suffer from insomnia or you`ll visit the toilet 10 times a night. But let`s also see the half-full part of the glass: a pregnancy can protect you from certain diseases from you may already suffer or you could suffer in the future.

Conditions Can Be Cured During Pregnancy

Pain may seem to disappear, distressing signs seem to disappear, mobility returns, and without painful injections or medication. What could be the reason? For some of the pregnant women out there, the experience of certain medical conditions that seem incurable, like multiple sclerosis or arthritis, simply seem to disappear.

Most some pregnant women, the period of 9 months until they conceive represents the best medicine on the planet – more efficient in any way than any pharmaceutical product.

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What Conditions & Diseases Can Be Cured during Pregnancy?

Multiple Sclerosis

Future mothers who experience multiple sclerosis have a tendency of getting better during pregnancy.. According to Patricia O`Looney, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society`s vice president, signs seem to improve on the most part (or even disappear at times), especially in the second or last trimester. O`Looney says “Particular hormones seem to have an effect of protection, so scientists are looking for answer in pregnancy`s hormones.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This medical condition seems to be no match when it comes to pregnancy. According to Beth Jonas, a rheumatologist from the Thurston Arthritis Research Center from the University of North Carolina, over 75% of patients show improvement of some sort, and some of them go as far as to have a complete clinical remission.

Here, hormones don`t really seem to have the same role as with multiple sclerosis or psoriasis. However, a fascinating theory points out to a certain phenomenon known as “immune mediation.” As Beth Jonas outlines, the immune system of the baby might in fact change the immune response of the mother.

Statistics say that women with ages between 20 and 50 years old are prone to experiencing rheumatic or inflammatory diseases. It was noticed that pregnancy women with arthritis are likely to show any symptoms through pregnancy. No pain or inflammation, and the reason isn`t related to any inexplicable miracle, but rather about the hormonal regulation which may combat rheumatic symptoms. Another explanation found by scientists may be related to the improvement of the immune system in the attempt of protecting the fetus which is already developing. This in fact leads to an improved protection against autoimmune diseases from which rheumatic arthritis is part of.


This is probably the most frequent healing during pregnancy. Endometriosis refers to the abnormal growth of endometrial cells, which detach from the uterine walls during menstruation, and which can be accompanied by pelvic pains. Due to the relaxation from during birth, when there`s a big quantity of receptors of prostaglandin eliminated (the same receptors which are responsible with the menstrual pain), endometriosis can disappear.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Recent studies show that pregnancy can be an important factor which can lower the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Moreover, the more pregnancies you had and the younger you`ve been when had these pregnancies (of course, we talk about the period after 18 years old), the greater the protective effect. Although it`s only a theory for now, experts think that a possible explanation can be related to ovulation during pregnancy. The less a woman ovulates during pregnancy, the risk of cancer decreases considerably.

Skin`s Appearance Improves during Pregnancy

A pregnancy can offer better moisturizing to a dry skin, and from the second trimester, you can also benefit of what is known as “pregnancy glow,” a special glow of the skin from which you can benefit during the entire pregnancy. The hair can also benefit from this glow, and is all due to your hormones. – Find out more!

Sexual Performance Is Improved

Intimate contacts don`t affect in any way the unborn child. The only exception is when the pregnant woman suffers from cervical insufficiency, and the doctor prescribed her complete bed rest and absence of any effort. Enjoy this period in which the libido is at its peak, which is due to testosterone and estrogen. Starting with the second trimester of pregnancy, the amount of blood pumped to the body increases, so in the pelvic area as well, which contributes to maintaining the libido.

Crohn`s Disease

Tara Filowithz Arrey shares in her blog`s article that when she was 18 years old, she was diagnosed with Crohn`s disease, a very common intestinal disorder. When she got pregnant, she claims that although the disease`s symptoms didn`t go away immediately, they seemed to disappear in around a month after hormones kicked in. She also claimed that since she was going through fatigue and nausea on a regular basis due the Crohn`s disease symptoms, she didn`t felt such discomforts at all. Actually, these pregnancy side effects disappeared, allowing her to consume food like any other normal person.

A Better Heart during Pregnancy

Not that it wasn`t the same case before being pregnant, but there is research according which, the more pregnancies a woman had, the better heart activity she has. It`s believed that the increased level of estrogen during pregnancy compensates the low amount during menopause (the lack of an optimal volume of estrogen in the organism leads to a malfunction of the heart and the installation of certain conditions).

Altogether, almost one third from women who gave birth have a better health, another third are just as healthy as before birth, and inexplicably, another third claim their health was improved since they expected a child.

Overall Conclusion

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not generally offer a permanent cure when it comes to these medical conditions. Signs normally return at some point after childbirth. On other hands, the idea is that pregnancy`s effect on these conditions might pave the way to discover better ways to treat them.

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