11 Causes for Cramps, But No Period (Not Pregnant)

For lots of women, cramps and no periods head to head. Actually, it might prove to be rather hard to escape an ordinary dose of cramps at least a couple of times per year. Still, when women experience cramps but not period, they should take a pregnancy test for confirmation.

Cramps But No Period Not Pregnant

It might be difficult to tell if the pain is the result of a simple or more severe cause.

Why Do I Have Cramps, But No Periods (Not Pregnant)?


If menopause is still far away and still have the ovaries, you may experience cramps in the middle of the month, around 10 to 14 days prior your period. This occurs when the ovaries release the egg to prepare the organism for a potential pregnancy. The harmless pain that make you feel uncomfortable is known as “mittelschmerz,” in other words middle pain.

You may notice a mild pain on either sides of the lower abdomen. It may last from a couple minutes to a couple of hours. It might be sudden and sharp, or you may only experience a dull pain.  Depending on what ovary release the egg, the pain will be felt on that particular side. It might change sides each month or feel in the same location every time.

There aren`t any symptoms for cramps occurred due to ovulation.

Ovarian Cysts

These are sacs filled with fluid which grow on the woman`s ovaries. The 2 most frequent cysts are corpus luteum cysts and follicle cysts. These last ones develop when the sac will fail to break open so the egg can be released during the ovulation process, instead the sac keeps developing.

The United States Department of Health & Human Services states that these cyst types most frequently go away within 3 months.

On the other hand, corpus luteum cysts develop when the sac does not reabsorb into the organism after the woman`s egg is released. Fluid starts building up inside the sac. This type of cysts might develop up to 4” and might bleed, leading to pain.

This type of cysts frequently goes away within a couple of weeks and almost never lead to cancer. Fertility medications might increase the corpus luteum cyst risk.

Ovarian Cancer

This type of cancer might lead to pelvic or abdominal cramps associated with lower back or leg pains. It may be moderate when it starts, but then it has the tendency to intensify in time, mimicking gas and constipation.

In certain situations, there may also be moderate spotting, and it may occur at just about any time during a month. There`s constant pressure in the lower abdomen that does not calm down. Accompanying signs might include constipation, frequent urination, belly swelling, and feeling full even when eating small meals.

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Losing unborn child before the week 20 of pregnancy is known as miscarriage. Cramping and abdominal pain consist one of the symptoms.

These cramps might start as like mild pain similar to the one during periods, with some sort of a heaviness in the lower abdomen or thighs, and grow into bleeding and serious cramps. While vaginal bleeding is a symptom of miscarriage, if that particular bleeding isn`t a heavy one, it becomes rather easy to misinterpret this as the usual spotting from early pregnancy.

It`s essential to be aware that mild pain that is similar to the one during periods is completely normal during pregnancy. However, if the pain stays constant or gets serious, let the doctor know.

Interstitial Cystitis

This particular medical condition which generally affect the woman`s bladder is referred to as bladder syndrome. Interstitial cystitis might also lead to pains in the lower abdomen and are similar to cramps associated with periods.

The pain might also be associated with tenderness. It may also increase when the bladder is full or during the menstrual period of time.


Menopause represents the ceasing of menstruation in the life of a woman, which indicates that her fertility phase ends. It generally sets in around 40 to 51 years old.

In the perimenopause phase, the last period that leads up to menopause, lots of women have irregular periods and occasionally even no periods at all for a few months. In these months, some of them continue experiencing cramps when their periods should happen.

Lack of sleep, weight gain, loss of libido or lack of sleep is commonly associated with cramps. – More info!

Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn`s Disease

You experience irritation and swelling in various parts of the digestive tube. It appears when isn`t right with your immunity. It`s not really the same as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Crohn`s disease might affect just about any part of the digestive tube, which include the mouth. On the other hand, ulcerative colitis will involve just the large intestine.

It will depend on the type of the condition how is felt. When it comes to Crohn`s disease, you will probably feel pain and cramps in your right lower abdomen, which can be mild or more serious. If you experience ulcerative colitis, you`ll feel your cramps on your lower left side abdomen.

Autoimmune Oophoritis

This is an inflammation of the woman`s ovaries that results because the body`s cells are attacked by the body itself. This particular condition emerges in the withering, hardening and destruction of the ovaries, which leads to a loss of fertility as well as a decrease of the production of hormones.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, autoimmune oophoritis is the reason for around 10% of POF (premature ovarian failure). – Click here!

This medical condition might lead to fever, vaginal discharge, lack of menstruation, pain in the lower abdomen, fatigue and fever.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, as of 2010, there`s no immunosuppressive medication that prove to be efficient and safe during various studies.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease represents a bacterial infection which is generally transmitted sexually. This medical condition affects the uterine lining and might even make things difficult for you to remain pregnant or be able to carry a pregnancy.

These particular bacteria may also affect the uterine tubes, ovaries, vagina or cervix. The condition`s cramps are usually felt on the lower part of the abdomen on both sides of the woman`s ovaries, and is commonly associated with back pain. The pain may occur on any day during a month.


According to Alyssa Dweck, the author of “The Complete A to Z for your V,” this occurs when the tissue of the uterine lining, which normally responds to the fluctuations of hormones during a month and because of this is also bleeds, is implanted in a different part of the pelvis.

This may lead to lots of pain, which may even include cramps but no period. According to an article published a while back in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, some women in fact use the words “really serious and quite unbearable at times” when describing the pain caused by endometriosis.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, although it isn`t really known of endometriosis occurs, the medical condition generally affects around 10% of women with ages between 15 and 49 years.

Alyssa Dweck says that “a well known treatment represents the birth control pill, which is able to aid control hormones, while other ones include injections to repress hormones, pain drugs or surgery.”

Nutritional Imbalance

Too much alcohol, junk food or caffeine might often do a lot more than simple make you feel sluggish. It may also inflict destruction when it comes to your reproductive system.

If you have period signs without in fact experiencing a period might occur when the body`s hormones aren`t balanced because of poor diet, heavy drinking or the consumption of caffeine.

Losing or gaining weight might be associated to a lack of proper diet, and it may affect the menstrual cycle as well. To be certain you are offering your body the nutrition he required to function the proper way, make certain you are eating enough vegans, whole carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Other Possible Causes

The progesterone and estrogen hormones manage the woman`s menstrual cycle. A series of factors might influence the production of these particular hormones for your body, which include lifestyle factors.  This might lead to missed periods.

Adolescent girls who are just starting their menstruation might not have a regular menstrual cycle immediately.

Certain drugs might also upset the hormonal balance of the body, which may result into months with no period and/or bloating.

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Medical conditions which might lead to missed periods at the very same time involve:

  • Disorders involving pituitary or thyroid gland.
  • Stress.
  • A structural blockage or tumor which affects the release of the egg from the uterine tubes.
  • Drugs like antidepressants, birth control pills, and chemotherapy.

When to Look for Medical Assistance?

A missed period might occur for lots of reasons which aren`t really a cause to worry. However, if the missed periods may continue, get in touch with a doctor and ask for help in determining what`s causing your problem. If your period has missed 3 times in a row, you should contact your doctor right away!

If you may experience any of the following signs in association with bloating or abdominal cramps, seek for help immediately:

  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Serious abdominal cramps.
  • Serious heartburn.
  • Dark or bloody stools which might seem tarry in consistency.
  • Vomiting that you cannot control.
  • Diarrhea which doesn`t go away in 24 hours.
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