Craving Carbs During Pregnancy!

You don`t need to eat for 2 during pregnancy, but you need to choose twice as much the food when you eat. Especially when talking about carbohydrates.

Craving Carbs During Pregnancy

You may not know it, but the well known cravings during pregnancy often target carbohydrates. Whether we are talking about pastries, simple pretzels, sweets or pasta, most pregnant women take the path to carbohydrates by smell rather easily. Other expecting mothers take the other extreme road by choosing a strict diet by removing this food group from their menu. None of the 2 cases is advisable during pregnancy, carbs being helpful in maintaining a well balanced health for both the mother and baby.

Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet while pregnant, offering a source of vital nutrients for the developing baby inside your belly. They are quickly decomposed into glucose which feeds the body`s cells (hence the burst of energy you feel when eating lots of foods that include carbs) and passes the placenta towards your baby.

A careful choice of sources that include carbs may keep you from gaining too much weight while pregnant as well as protecting the baby from health issues later. – Visit this web page!

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Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates can be found in refined sugars from biscuits, cakes, fast food or sweet cereal, which will offer you lots of calories and rapidly increase your level of energy, but they aren`t recommended during pregnancy. A lot of empty calories won`t just make you gain too much weight, but will also consist a thread for the baby, putting him at an increased risk of obesity.

You`ll find simple carbs in healthy foods as well, such as fruits and milk, which contain valuable minerals, calcium or prenatal vitamins – it isn`t hard to figure out which ones are more suitable for you.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates (good carbs) are in amidine you get from grain-based products, such as: legumes, pasta, bread or rice. Use whole wheat, brown rice, whole pasta and cereals as often as possible – whole grains are decomposed much slower and offer you a more sustained energy, and also help you avoid the fast increase of sugar. You`ll benefit of additional nutrients and fibers as well!

Around 45% – 65% of calories every day must come from sources of carbs. Don`t cut off foods based on carbohydrates to maintain your weight, as the baby will need health fat, glucose and proteins. Just take it easy with donuts, pizza and white bread.

If you might be suffering of gestational diabetes, check your intake of carbohydrates, ask a nutritionist for advice. He`ll be able to recommend you what you should eat and how. – Click for more!

Tips for Adding Healthy Carbs to your Diet

  • Begin the day with outmeal and warm milk with a bit of honey. They are ideal to offer you the energy to you until noon.
  • For lunch, pick whole bread or snacks. The whole bread can be served with soup.
  • Choose to eat whole grains, pasta and rice.
  • Bananas are a wonderful source of good carbs. They can be used in smoothies as well.
  • Peas and beans provide you both complex carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Substitute potatoes with lentils.

Benefits of Carbohydrates during Pregnancy

  • Carbohydrates offer you energy during the tiring 9 months of pregnancy. They represent the fuel with the most rapid effect as they are quite easily discovered by the organism in glucose.
  • They come in “the same package” with fibers (fruits, cereals, bakery products), and the fibers set in motion the transit through the intestines, which becomes quite difficult during pregnancy. Also, fibers keep a balanced blood sugar level.
  • They come in “the same package” with minerals and vitamins, among which the most important are vitamin C (vegetables, fruits) calcium (dairy products), folic acid (beans, bread, oranges).
  • Carbs balance the consumption of other groups of food. A diet that is low in carbohydrates is generally high in fat (affecting the fetus by gaining extra kilos from his mother as well as by lack of essential minerals and vitamins) as well as in proteins (having side effects such as bad breath, increased risk of kidney stones and fatigue.
  • They prolong the sensation of satiety and limit the need for snacks between meals. That is if you choose the good carbs that offer a slow digestion: whole grains, whole pasta, whole bread, tars, etc.



And keep in mind the next time you want to give in to your lust of carbohydrates: this kind of food is the most decisive for the health of your baby as once it`s digested, all its components pass quite easily through the placenta to the baby. Simple carbohydrates, like white bread, pasta, sweets, processed sugars or soft drinks, will destabilize the level of your blood sugar and favor extra weight gain for both you and your baby.

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