Do Skin Tags During Pregnancy Go Away?

That gorgeous baby might not be the only thing that appeared along with this pregnancy. If you are like lots of other women, you might have a few undesirable skin tags. These aren`t dangerous while expecting, and they tend to disappear after giving birth. However, the ones that are bigger need to be removed through surgery.

Do Skin Tags During Pregnancy Go Away

Here is what you have to know about this unaesthetic and harmless medical condition.

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What Are Skin Tags during Pregnancy?

Skin tags represent tiny growths of skin which occur on the surface of the skin. They`re small and generally measured in millimeters.

A skin tag has most of the time the color of the skin or is somehow darker, and might be unsightly if it appears in obvious locations, such as the neck or face. Even though they are quite annoying at times, skin tags are not harmful.

The most common places where skin tags could occur are on the neck and face, especially on the sides, the upper part of the chest, the underarms, around the groin and between or beneath the breasts.

Although the numbers are not really known, skin tags seem to be more prone in expecting mothers, but also in women who either had or did not have skin tags before expecting. Putting it in a different way, they could occur in women just because they are pregnant, although women who already have them might notice they increase their number while pregnant.

They could also increase in size as well. Most of this occurs in the 2nd part of pregnancy.

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Where Do Skin Tags Develop?

They appear in the body regions that are most exposed to moisture and heat, or those particular skin parts frequently involved in friction.

  • Under or between the breasts.
  • Necks folds.
  • Anus opening.
  • Around the eyes.
  • Genital organs.

What Causes Skin Tags?

They`re mainly the result of hyperactive growth of particular cells in the skin`s outer layer.

Weight gain – If you`ve gained lots of weight and become somehow obese while expecting, then you might likely experience skin tags as there`s more chances for your skin to come in kind of friction with itself, therefore leading to this sort of eruptions.

Hormone-related fluctuations – The changes of hormonal levels while pregnant might be among the factors that result in this kind of disturbances regarding the skin cells.

Skin Tags Are Frequently Encountered during Pregnancy

Skin tags generally make their occurrence in:

  • Individuals with excessive weight.
  • Expecting mothers.
  • People of over 50 years old.

As you already know, you could experience skin tags while pregnant for the very first time, but you could have them before becoming pregnant as well, especially if you suffer of PCOS, diabetes or are overweight.

Diabetes and overweight are often related to metabolic syndrome, a medical condition that is characterized by insulin resistance, increased levels of triglycerides, insulin, blood sugar, and low HDL levels (“good” cholesterol). So, most of the times skin tags are also related to metabolic syndrome.

Some of them could be caused by human papillomavirus infection as well

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Do Skin Tags Have to Be Removed?

If skin tags do not cause you any uncomfortable sensations (rubbing against jewelry or clothing), and they don`t annoy you esthetically, you have no reason to get rid of them. They will not generally fall down by themselves in time, unless they might become deprived of blood with oxygen or twisted.

So, if you do not follow treatment options into consideration, in typical cases you could have that specific skin tag pretty much forever.

However, skin tags while pregnant are most of the times somehow different. In particular situations, these skin tags will remove on their own after birth. This may be because of another hormonal flux, or maybe something completely different.

If you have a skin tag or a few which disappear after birth, you do not really have to concern yourself too much about treatment. They might occur around the same location, but the very same one does not regenerate over again.

If they don`t disappear after giving birth, and you really want them removed, there`re a few efficient ways to take into consideration.

Is It Safe to Remove Them?

Most experts advise for you to wait until given birth before choosing to use a removal solution for skin tag. While most treatments aren`t dangerous, this is only a measure of precaution. There are options that shouldn`t be used by during pregnancy. These options include the “surgical” interventions which could be applied in order to remove skin tags.

This type of interventions includes:

  • Cauterization: This involves burning skin tags off using a surgical tool.
  • Laser treatment: This intervention will make use of laser in order to remove them.
  • Cryogenics: This procedure will involve freezing them off.
  • Scalpel removal: A doctor will cut skin tags off through surgery.

While all of these are seen as outpatient surgeries, it is probably a better idea to avoid them while expecting a baby. There aren`t also any oral prescription drugs which could be taken to get rid of them. You should pay attention at using any sorts of creams or ointments. They might contain various ingredients which are dangerous to the mother`s body during pregnancy.

Still, certain solutions are seen as safe to use while pregnant. You should contact the doctor who supervises the evolution of your pregnancy before using any kind of treatments, even natural remedies. They should be able to give you the peace of mind you need regarding the safety of any treatment.

Using Over-the-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products after Birth

Removal products for skin tags, such as gels or creams, need to definitely be avoided until after birth. While most of these products are unlikely to be dangerous, it is always best to take some measures of precaution. If you noticed their occurrence while pregnant, and you are interested in getting rid of them, there`re a few products available out there that could be used safely. – More info!

What Solutions Must Be Avoided?

Skin removers based on chemical or herbal substances are off limits while pregnant. Although a few of this kind of products might be natural, there may be potential issues when external substances could penetrate the skin.

Will My Baby Be Affected?

The great news is that even through skin tags bother us most of the time, they have no effect on the little one.

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