Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Review

Finding good dollar store pregnancy tests is essential for any woman who tries to become pregnant. If you`re suspecting you might be pregnant or you are attempting to conceive, you might find yourself in the situation when you may wonder just what pregnancy test is suitable for you.

There`re a few aspects to take into account when buying a pregnancy test to use at home. For lots of women, the most important factor is the sensitivity of the test. You are eager to know if you are pregnant or not right away, and the sensitivity of the pregnancy test does matter indeed.

Another essential aspect for lots of women out there is the accuracy of the test. You`ll need tests that will give you accurate pregnancy results, which don`t leave you with questions whether or not you get false positive or negative results.

In the end, the aspect of the price is also an important matter. Most tests may cost somewhere between $1 and $20. Obviously, a pregnancy test that will cost $1 might make you question its quality. On the other hand, not everyone can afford to buy a couple of $20 pregnancy tests to make sure the results you get a double checked.

How Accurate Is a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Dollar Store tests have a price of only $1, but work just like any other tests which are somehow more expensive. If you think you expect a baby, you are able to use the absorbent of these particular pregnancy tests in order to checkout a sample of your urine.

Just as other standard pregnancy tests designed to be taken at home, pregnancy tests from Dollar Store also work by identifying the pregnancy hormone (hCG) from a sample of urine. When conceiving, the woman`s body begins producing this particular hormone. However, this doesn`t happen immediately. It will take a bit of time, so you`ll need to wait a couple of days after your ovulation occurs in order to take a pregnancy test.

While ovulating, the woman`s egg undergoes fertilization with the sperm of her partner. Once fertilization takes place, this egg (which now will be known as embryo) will spend some time traveling through the uterine tubes.

As soon as it`s out of these tubes, it will implant itself to the lining of the uterine. It usually takes 6 to 10 days between ovulation and implantation. Here`s when the woman`s body begins producing the pregnancy hormone. It`s also the reason a woman`s cannot find out if she`s pregnant or not until she misses her period.

How Reliable Are Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests?

So, a pregnancy test is just that – a test that shows whether or not you are pregnant. Tests designed by Dollar Store are just as useful as brand ones. Although they might take more HCG hormone for them to show proper results, they are considered just as reliable as Pine Sol, ClearBlue or U-Check pregnancy tests.

You`ll find lots of women claiming on those mom blogs that you find online that they worked just fine for their pregnancy. There`s practically no obvious difference between Dollars Store pregnancy tests and those that you can purchase from Target, Walgreens or CVS.

Also, it seems that surrogates use these tests pretty much all the time. When sitting around and waiting for a couple of weeks in order to find out whether you are expecting or not, there`s a need to pee on the stick that may even become overwhelming. Purchasing a test from Dollar Store will indeed satisfy that particular need and save you money.

Pros & Cons

The advantages of this type of tests are:

  • Very cheap.
  • Timely & accurate.
  • Quite easy to find.
  • Perfect for repeated pregnancy tests.

The disadvantages of Dollar Store tests are:

  • Small size (some women complain about this particular aspect).
  • Their sensitivity is generally good just after 1 single week of a missed period.
  • Their results can usually be trusted after passing about the 13th ovulation day.

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Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Description

Lots of women claim that Dollar Store pregnancy tests are affordable and give a 99% accurate pregnancy result. sometime change! In fact, once New Choice pregnancy tests were among the most popular tests from Dollar Store. Other particular brands being stocked over the online environment at the moment are Sure Aid One Step & Sure Aid pregnancy test, and U-Check pregnancy test.

The brands that are being sold by Dollar Store might

Although this may change at any moment, this will not make any difference because any test that will be in stock, it will most likely be discounted.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Contents

One of the issues of this type of tests is that it`s very small. Still, it`s a pregnancy cassette test, so it can easily be used.

  • Pregnancy Cassette Test – It`s a plastic body, which includes a hCG strip inside. It also has a result slot that you have to read when checking whether you are pregnant or not.
  • Sample Well – It represents an opening on the body of the cassette, a place where the urine sample is loaded.

What Do You Need while Taking this Test?

  • Dollar Store kit.
  • A cup that you can dispose of after.
  • Watch (timer).
  • Magnifying glass.

How to Read Pregnancy Tests from Dollar Store?

These tests are able to detect levels of hCG starting from 20 mIU/ml. There are guidelines on the packs that can clearly instruct you how to perform them.

  • Pee on the cup and use the pipette to drain an amount of urine from the disposable cup.
  • Use the pipette in order to siphon out the urine in the test`s slot and wait a bit for the urine sample to travel through the strip.
  • As soon as this is accomplished, the pregnancy test results will appear.

You`ll be able to get only possible results:

  • 2 lines that will show a positive test result.
  • 1 line that will mean a negative test result (you aren`t expecting a baby).
  • No appeared line will outline that the test result is invalid. This generally happens if the pregnancy test is expired or you didn`t followed the guidelines properly.
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