8 Signs Showing Your Due Date Is Around The Corner!

In the last weeks of pregnancy, there is no bigger emotion than the near due date. Although the impatience grows from one day to another, unfortunately no one can predict an exact date of birth. So, each woman needs to follow the signs that her body is showing just before the moment of delivery. While some of these symptoms can appear a few days or weeks before birth, others ones manifest just a few hours in advance.

Due Date Is Around The Corner

8 Signs that Tells You the Due Date Is Near

Are you eagerly waiting the moment when you`ll bring a new soul into this world? You surely already thought at all the signs that will tell you the moment is near.

It`s time to be a mother, so pay attention to the following signs and discover when it`s time to go to the hospital.

Baby Descends into the Pelvic Area

If you are at your first pregnancy experience, you should know 2 weeks before birth your baby will change his position and turn with his head down, descending to the pelvic area.

You`ll be able to find it easier to breath during this period, but you`ll have a constant sensation of urinating due to the pressure in the pelvis. It`s possible to experience swelling in your legs, and your mobility will also be reduced during these days.

Nesting Instinct

You already found out what`s happening with your body during the period before birth. After your gelatinous plug is removed and you`ll experience some thick vaginal discharges of white opaque color, your cervix starts to soften and dilate.

You`ll experience false uterine contractions during this period, which will prepare your uterus for birth. They appear at intervals of 1 or several hours, but if they occur more often, meaning in intervals of a few minutes, you`ll need to get in touch with your doctor to check if you didn`t went into labor.

With little while before birth, the membranes of your amniotic sac will break, and the amniotic liquid will start to flow. Now it`s the moment when you`ll know for sure that in the next few hours you`ll be a mother.

However, before this moment you`ll experience some behavior changes that will surely be noticed even by the ones around you.

If regarding birds or animals, the nesting instinct manifest by setting up shelters for bringing up their babies, for humans is manifested by a very sharp need of preparing the home, sanitizing everything around, to put every details into order.

It`s very important during this period to remember that you need rest and that you need to conserve your energy for the date of birth that is very near. So you should rely more on your family members or specialized help to do things for you.

This is perhaps the best sign that your baby can show that he becomes impatient and wants to know you. When the amniotic sac full of liquid breaks, all fluid will flow into the vagina. Sometimes, the flow can be stronger, other times not; however, this is the sign that you immediately need to see a doctor.

You Feel Pressure into your Pelvis

A few weeks before your due date, it`s possible for you to feel “lighter” than usual and no longer feel that pressure that you got used to for the last few months. Your baby starts to descend slowly, moving the weight into your pelvis and releasing the pressure from the chest, allowing you to breath more easily.

Contractions are more Frequent & at Regular Intervals

The contractions are normal during a healthy pregnancy, but when the due date is near, they become more frequent, regular and harder to bear.

You Experience Back Pain

Back pains are common during pregnancy, but if you experience them right before you know you are preparing to give birth and they are more persistent and followed by cramps, it`s best maybe to prepare yourself for the moment that you waited for the last 9 months.


Your body prepares itself for birth, so the uterine muscles start to relax, as do other muscles in your body. So, it may be possible to confront yourself with diarrhea as well, but if this signs comes without other signs, there`s no reason to rush yourself to the hospital. Hydrate yourself and be patient, because there`s little time until the “big” moment.

Blood Spots

While you approach the end of your pregnancy, the cervix starts to become thinner, and in the moment you are ready to deliver, the gelatinous plug, which until now blocked the uterus, is removed. This may happen 1 or 2 weeks before due date or even when you deliver. A side effect that may appear immediately after having your plug removed is to experience a few small blood spots.

The Cervix Is Thinner & more Dilated

When the cervix becomes softer, it means that it`s preparing to dilate for the moment of birth.

How Do You Know It`s Time to Go to the Hospital?

Because there`s the possibility of experiencing false contractions, which may mislead you, it`s best to time your contractions. The time is calculated by considering the beginning of the contraction and its ending, needing to carefully monitor the period in between.

The contractions, which tell the due date is near and indicate that it`s time to go to the hospital, are the ones that last 45 – 60 seconds and appear at 3 – 4 minutes from one another.

What to Do to Relieve the Pain?

Along with these symptoms, pains are increasing in frequency more and more. It`s best to know that there are few tricks to calm them down:

  • Try to distract your attention from these pains (walk around, talk to someone, watch a movie, etc).
  • Do a shower (but talk to your doctor in advance if you are allowed to do this if your water breaks).
  • Try to sleep a little – therefore, you`ll conserve energy for the moment when you`ll need it the most.
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