Educational & Fun Activities For Small Children!

You might sometimes find that the weather will keep both you and your child indoors or your little one has simply gotten bored of the toys he already has, so you need to keep him occupied somehow. What activities or fun games to use to keep his attention distracted in a useful manner?

Educational & Fun Activities for Small Children

No matter if they take place home or at kindergarten, educational activities will help little ones to develop their skills and creativity, which will be more than needed in school and, generally, in life. Help your child develop his abilities and intelligence by using various educational activities.

Needle Floating

  • Cut a piece of newspaper around 5 cm sq.
  • Fill the bowl with water and place the piece of newspaper on the surface of the water.
  • Place the needle in the newspaper`s center, and push his corners slowly into the water in a careful manner.
  • After the piece of newspaper gets wet and sinks, the need will remain floating on the water surface.
  • Now, bring a liquid detergent to the water at the bowl`s age.
  • Notice how the needle sinks rapidly!

Note: The surface`s tension has made possible for the needle to float. It was sustained by the water, and the detergent was the one causing the surface tension around the needle to break and then to sink. – Check this out!

Treasure Hunt

The game can be played with buttons, coins or other small items. Ideally, you should use the cleanest items, so we can use a hand full of buttons.

Hide the buttons in a room in the most “popular” places and invite your child to find them. Set a time for the game how much to last, give your child a plastic glass to put the buttons and give him a reward depending on how much he finds. The game can also be played when you have 2 children. You can make a competition between them and offer a prize to the winner.

Draw Together

For this activity, you`ll need pencils or markers and some paper sheets! Both the child and parent need to create a drawing (it doesn`t matter what it is) and then each one has to tell each other as much about the drawing as: what each drawing is, what colors are used, etc.

To encourage this particular activity, you could choose one of the best drawings each and every month, and place them on a billboard.

“Phone without a Wire”

This represents one of the most fun games for children of 5 years. The more children are playing, the more fun the game is.

Children stay in a row next to each other. The first one whispers a word to the ear of the child next to him (which he isn`t allow to repeat it). The second child whispers the same way the word he just learned to the next child (or what he understood), and so on. The last child should say aloud what word he understood. Sometimes, the last word isn`t similar at all with first word, and that`s why is so funny and the kids will have a lot of fun.

Playing with your Child with a Beach Ball

Big and light balls are the easiest to maneuver to the small hands of our children. The ball needs to be a little deflated, so your son or daughter can be able to catcher it better. Then, stay at a small distance from your child and pass the ball. Help your child sit with his legs spread, for the ball to pass through his legs. Then, try to get yourself a little away from your child, throwing the ball towards him. This activity requires reflexes and a sense of focus, so don`t expect yourself too much from child just yet. However, practice builds coordination between hands and eyes, social and motor skills, while your child will learn to play in a non-competitive way.

Painting with Sponges

Take a normal sponge for dishes and moisten it a bit! Then, let your child paint with substance that aren`t toxic and can be easily washed away. When he`s finished, ask him to pick up the sponge and press the colored part on a paper sheet. When he`ll lift the sponge, he`ll be able to see the colors and forms that he created. Explain to him what happens when certain colors are mixed together. If you do this on a robust paper towel, you can use it as a wrapping paper for later times.

Guess the Animal!

This is a fun game that your child will most certainly enjoy. The first player thinks at an animal, and the others have a number of pre-agreed questions (5, 10, 20 questions, depending on the children`s ages) to find out what animal is. There are only “Yes” or “No” answers. Examples of questions: “It lives in the water?”, “It has wings?” or “It has a long neck”?

Watching Cartoons Together

There are many Disney movies or cartoons that you can watch together with your child. Here are some of the children`s favorite: Madagascar, Cinderella, The Aristocratic Cats, 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Snow White, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty or Nemo. – Read this!

Name what Is Missing!

Choose 3 different objects! Show them to your child and ask him to name them. Note their colors and compare their sizes. It`s one bigger than the other? How are they similar and how are they different? Ask him how many objects are in that group. Then, ask your child to cover his eyes, while you cover one object. Tell him to take another look and say what object is missing. If he isn`t decided, offer him clues to help him. You can also change roles with him to allow him the pleasure of correcting you. This activity will help your child develop his memory and spatial abilities. – Click this link!

Soap Bubble Dish

All that you need for this fun activity is a small plate, a drinking straw, a dishwashing liquid and water. Pour 2 drops of dishwashing liquid into the plate, then some water (let the water flow over the dishwashing liquid until it forms a few foams). – More details!

Then place the plate on a solid and flat surface, like the kitchen table. If you want to create bubbles, blow gently into the dishwashing liquid combined with water, but not too fast. Once you show your little one how it works, let him try but be careful not to inspire the air instead of exhale it.

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