Essential Oils For Dry Skin

Even since antiquity, women have been in the search of natural ingredients to take care of their beauty. This way they learned about the precious benefits of essential oils for dry skin.

Essential Oils For Dry Skin

Today, because of the modern methods of extraction, it`s possible to get from plants even the active principles that aid in beauty treatments. Essential oils are most of the time crucial for the skin`s beauty.

Basics Regarding Essential Oils for Dry Skin

So, we are already established that essential oils can be used for all types of skin. However, you should expect for them to offer results overnight. These oils are generally obtained by cold pressing of the various medicinal or aromatic plants. For these essential oils to help your dry skin, it must be pure and obtained with no thermal processing.

No matter the type of complexion, you should only use special essential oil for your skin, as those specific oils used in aromatherapy generally have other types of ingredients which may prove to be harmful for your skin.

When it comes to dry skin, the purpose of these oils is to hydrate the skin deeply, as well as to attract and retain water at the level of the cells, so that the skin becomes elastic. You can use either pure or blended oils mixed with coconut, jojoba, virgin butter or avocado oil. Other choices are rosewood, patchouli, myrtle, sandalwood or cedar essential oils.

How Do Essential Oils Help Dry Skin?

Using these oils to aid dry skin offers a few benefits, and if you`ll take a more closer look, you`ll notice whey adding them to your regular regimen is worth your while.

  • The flavor of these oils aid to offer extra health benefits. These essential oils can aid promote weight loss, improve happiness and reduce anxiety. Not only you`ll offer yourself the chance of a healthier skin, but you`ll benefit of a well-being overall.
  • Use accordingly, these essential oils don`t leave that greasy sensation of residue behind which certain lotions or creams do.
  • They are cheaper than most lotions or creams on the market. One or 2 drops of these oil mixed with carrier oils is enough.

And all these benefits will be obtained with actual results. These oils work to fight dry skin by simply moisturizing it, and will aid your skin feel a lot better, while reducing the development of age spots, discolorations and wrinkles. In short, they are an ideal choice for any woman hoping to offer some healthy improvement to her skin.

Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Sweet Almond Essential Oil

Almonds are fruits rich in vitamin A, B and E. Almond seeds produce a variety of oil through cold pressing that has emollient properties. The effectiveness of this essential oil is guaranteed by the proper intake of active principles included in its properties as well as of the preservation of biological characteristics.

Apricot Seed Essential Oil

It`s quite similar to almond oil. This oil is suitable for women with sensitive skin and pronounced wrinkles. It`s also quite efficient for fatty skin. Essential oil from apricot seeds is very rich in fatty acids, such as Omega-6, linoleic acid, which maintain moisturized dry skin, but has revitalizing properties because of the minerals and vitamins. This oil can be combined with body lotion or facial cream.

Rosehip Essential Oil

Rosehip represents among the most common essential oils when it comes to dry skin because of its ability to remove dead cells and regenerate the skin. If you experience stretch marks, dry skin or wrinkles, it`s recommended to use this particular essential oil. You`ll soon notice improvements in your skin, which will become blemish free. Additionally, you may also use this oil to treat acne.

Jasmine Essential Oil

This oil is great for treating medical conditions like smallpox, acne or scars, being a very good healer. It helps reduce the expression of wrinkles, as well as reduce stretch marks occurring after a fast weight loss. This oil keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time, and offers it a firmness and glow that makes the skin beautiful. Mix a few drop of this oil with a facial cream! It can be used for all types of skin.

Rosa Mosqueta Essential Oil

Essential oil of wild rose has a rich content of Omega-3 and Omega-6, but also of vitamin A, preventing the occurrence of skin patches and wrinkles, and having a major in role in diminishing them.

Because of the rich content of unsaturated fats, this essential oil is especially for dry or irritated skin. It simulates the renewal of cells and the production of collagen, offering you a special shine and envy of your skin. The pure version of this oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of Chilean wild rose Rosa Mosqueta seeds. – Read this!

Argan Essential Oil

In time, it`s completely normal for your skin to go dry or become less smooth. The use this essential oil is perfect for moisturizing dry skin that also ages. Adding some Argan essential oil on the battered skin and massaging the area a bit will most definitely make it more smooth and elastic.

Coconut Essential Oil (Cold Pressed)

Used even from ancient times in the crops of the Polynesian islands, this essential oil has been used both to protect the skin against sunlight and hydrate the skin.

In the last few years, this essential oil has proven to be a real natural miracle, becoming even more popular all over the world.

Unlike cosmetic products which contain water and can leave your skin dry, coconut oil penetrates deep into your skin and absorbs slowly, the result being a supple skin.


  • Antifungal and antibacterial, this oil is great for atopic dermatitis. Because it`s very fat, this essential oil is a great cleanser. It dissolves even waterproof masks and it removes the dyes quite efficiently.
  • Intense hydration after shaving or epilation.
  • Anti-aging effect, as it contains lauric acid, a very strong antioxidant which delays and occurrence of wrinkles and repairs skin tissues.
  • Nourishing the hair structure. This essential oil efficiently prevents the loss of its proteins and penetrates the hair.
  • Moisturizing the skin deeply. It`s very efficient for the entire body, especially when it comes to knee and elbow areas or dry hands.

Essential Oil of Oranges

Essential oils represent the treasure of any warehouse of natural products. And if you enter into such a warehouse, the smell of oranges becomes noticeable in a variety of various flavors. It`s true that the air emanating from a canister of pure essential oil is difficult to withstand by the stomach. But in particular dilutions, essences of oranges do wonders. Firstly, relaxation is a great achievement without that much effort after bathing in a tub with a few drops of essential oil of oranges. – Visit this page!

Then, then the senses are spoiled and the skin becomes velvety if you don`t hesitate to innovate in body care. Anytime a simple body milk, such as the one used by our grandparents, can turn into a wonderful cosmetic product, if just a couple of drops of oil of orange flowers are added into the bottle. Massage the skin until it`s penetrated and smell the surrounding air. It`s possible as the subtle flavor to be enough to give up using others scents.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarose essential oil is a very important skincare product. When experiencing dermal dryness or start seeing some early symptoms of ageing, this essential oil will be the one that will rescue. Added to your normal moisturizer and see how this oil will fix your skin imperfections and offer some healing properties you never thought to take into consideration.

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