Facts About Pregnancy: 15 Surprising Things You May Not Know!

Have you ever been interested in finding out more random facts about pregnancy rather different than those normal things that hear everyone talking? Have you been curious to know about strange facts, amazing facts, surprising facts or facts that go outside the ordinary?

Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the miracles of life. Inside your body grows a new life, a child! It`s incredible A pregnancy comes with major changes throughout the entire organism because the mother`s body put itself completely at the fetus`s disposal. In this wonderful period of time there are some discomforts for sure, extra kilos, swollen ankles, the necessity to visit the toilet often, but the result represents the most beautiful gift that you could ever receive.

As each woman is different, the evolution of each pregnancy is different as well. For some women, pregnancy is a general state of welfare, while for others it`s a period of time filled with smaller or larger troubles.

15 Surprising Facts about Pregnancy

The entire time of 40 weeks is simply amazing from so many points of view! Here are 15 surprising pregnancy facts that you may not know and might find interesting.

Your Heart Grows during Pregnancy

Yes, your heart grows in volume because it fills with love for your baby. But did you know that this organ increases its size during pregnancy? It beats in a much faster rhythm and processes more blood.

You should know that the blood volume from your body also increases with around 40% – 50%. This increase allows a proper irrigation of the uterus, placenta, kidney and entire abdominal area.

The clotting factors of blood also change during pregnancy significantly and, therefore, there`ll be regular blood tests that will be made during each trimester of pregnancy.

Your Uterus Increases its Size Considerably during the 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

The uterus is the body part of a pregnant woman that suffers the most obvious change. The woman`s body is truly extraordinary. Did you know that the uterus grows around 25 – 30 times during pregnancy? – Learn more info!

From a weight of around 50g – 60g, it can even reach 1lg – 1.5kg, but after birth it will gradually return to its initial parameters. Since the week 12 of pregnancy, the uterus will grow so much that will start to make the mother`s belly more and more obvious.

The uterus continues to grow in the following weeks with around 1cm per week. From the 38 week, the uterus will stop rising as the baby`s engagement for birth will start to occur, and so will tend to fall as birth approaches.

Your Show Size May Increase as Well

Yes, pregnancy increases the size of your feet. The show size can increase from half a number to almost 2 numbers. This phenomenon occurs for 2 reasons: relaxin, which loosens the joints of feet, and weight gain.

The increase of your shoe size may be due to water retention as well. However, your foot will recover its normal sizes a few months after birth. At some women this change can remain for the entire life and appears only at the first pregnancy.

The Sense of Smell Is Now More Developed

Did you recently went to the supermarket and felt like suddenly you are invaded by 1,000 odors? If this happens, you are most likely at your first pregnancy. This development of your sense of smell is the effect of the increased level of estrogen and hCG, this last hormone being secreted more during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Your Joints Loosen/Soften during Pregnancy

There is a hormone named relaxin that is secreted in your organism with the purpose of preparing your body for birth, and this hormone acts on the ligaments. This weakening of your joints is meant to facilitate the passage of your baby through the pelvis during labor. – Find out more!

Women can endure the extra weight accumulated during this period due to this hormone which is secreted during the entire pregnancy.

Your Hair May Seem Thicker while Pregnant

It`s said that hair becomes thicker during pregnancy, which isn`t entirely true. Actually, it won`t fall as much as before pregnancy. The increased levels of estrogen released into your body during pregnancy results in a slower rate of hair loss than usual.

That`s why you`ll feel your hair more thicker than you used to have it before pregnancy. After birth, however, you may notice this phenomenon reverse: your hair may start to fall more rapidly to adjust the fact that during pregnancy it didn`t fall as much. There`s no need for concern. All these are normal processes and it`s not required as after birth to start taking supplements against hair loss.

Cravings May Have Other Causes when Expecting

During pregnancy it`s possible to experience some of the strangest food cravings you can imagine. It`s quite possible to want to eat food that you didn`t even want to hear of before being pregnant.

Cravings for some foods, which some women may have them during pregnancy, can also signal a low level in the body for some nutrient (sometimes essential) which is contained by the respective foods for which women may crave for.

So, it`s important to also include in your diet these foods that you crave for, but in moderation. It`s important during pregnancy for your diet to be more varied.

Did You Know that your Baby Receives Nutrients before You?

During pregnancy, nutrients consumed by the mother are primarily directed towards the baby. Even if you skip one meal, your body will send to him the necessary substances extracted from your deposits.

This is just one of the reasons for which is so important to eat healthy and have regular meals.

Pregnancy Symptoms Are Also Sometimes Experienced by… Dads

People often joke about the fact that when men gain weight at the same time with their pregnant life partner, they make it as a gesture of solidarity, but this phenomenon was studied and scientifically proven as being true – being named Couvade syndrome (pregnant dads or sympathetic pregnancy).

Dads can experience signs like abdominal pains, indigestion, food cravings, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, dizziness, nausea, insomnia. In some cases, dads can gain even 10kg – 14kg.

After Birth You Might Miss your Belly

Although lots of pregnant women cannot wait to give birth, it might seem hard to believe but some of them start to miss their belly soon after birth. – Click here!

The Longest Pregnancy – 375 Days

Did you know that the longest pregnancy in history was of 375 days? This means 1 year, 1 week and 3 days. Even though he spent so much time in his mother`s belly, the baby was born with a weight of only 3.2kg. Normally, a pregnancy lasts for around 280 days.

Boys Can Have an Erection In their Mother`s Womb

In reality, both sexes “excite” inside the uterus, but only boys can be “caught” by ultrasound.

Your Fragrance May Affect your Partner during Pregnancy

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the woman`s organism secrete a compound known as pheromone. Its appearance during this period and its disappearance immediately after birth still represents a mystery for doctor. However, there are allegations according to which pheromones would appear because the baby needs to identify his mother more easily. The impact of pheromones also manifests on fathers, which of them feel closer to the baby and want to spend more time with him. – Check this out!

The Baby`s Cells Remain in the Mother`s Organism Forever

Along the pregnancy, cells strain trough the placenta and stop in the mother`s organism. These cells not just “visit the land” beyond the placenta, but remain there for life, settling on the heart, lungs, spleen, thyroid or blood vessels.

If You Dream your Baby Sex, It May Become a Reality

Surprisingly, pregnant women dream the baby`s sex or have a strong premonition linked to it and sometimes this really happens. It`s said that the feminine intuition gains more and more credibility in front of scientists, but there may also be a matter of chance.

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