14 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn`t Know About Sperm!

Someone said once: “Information is power!” However, when talking about sperm, are you convinced that you really know everything? There are so many to find out about this small but important anatomic human part.

Facts About Sperm

The “Your Tango” publication has made a list with less known facts about sperm and spermatozoids that could make us understand better how the human body works, but without leaving the “extraordinary” factor aside.

Spermatozoids Were Discovered by a Dutch

Seminal cells were observed for the first time by Antony van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch microscope producer, in 1677. He analyzed his own sperm using a microscope and noticed their composition contained “animalcule.”

“Their body was round and swept over the top. They continued with an elongated tail,” he noted in his report. – Learn more!

For a While, the Role of Sperm Was Misunderstood

In the 17th century, scientists thought that man is born inside sperm or egg. More than that, the “experts” of that time claimed they were able to observe in the heads of spermatozoids people of very small sizes. Also, at that time it was widely thought that the woman was only an incubator for the man`s sperm. – Read this!

Not All Spermatozoids Are Equal

Now all spermatozoids were made equal. As much as we would love to think that all spermatozoids are of same size and abilities, the truth is that a lot of them are deformed. Some have 2 “heads” or 2 “tails,” unfinished tails or “heads” that are too small or too large.

Spermatozoids Have a Lot of Work

Most spermatozoids usually have a lot of work. Of course, not all of them, but for those that can “swim” straight towards the egg, only 1 of them is the lucky one (sometimes a few) to “dig” in the attempt of fertilizing it.

Sperm Contain More than Just Spermatozoids

Did you know that sperm doesn`t only contain spermatozoids? These are only a part of sperm. Seminal fluids contain proteolytic enzymes and fructose, elements which constitute the survival mode of sperm and offer a means by which they are able to “swim.”

Small Chance of Fertilization

There aren`t always big chances of fertilization, and yet it`s possible! An average ejaculation usually consists of 200.000.000 spermatozoids. So it`s only normal to be a lot of competition between them, right?

In Vitro Fertilization

When it comes to IVF, spermatozoids make no effort in order to fertilize the egg. When it comes to normal fertilization, spermatozoids need to “swim” and “dig” into the egg in order to fertilize it. However, when talking about “in vitro fertilization,” spermatozoids are injected straight into the egg, so their effort becomes minimal.

Spermatozoids Don`t Always Find their Way

Spermatozoids don`t always know the way to the egg. Only half in an ejaculation reach the egg. The rest of them spin around the tail. – Visit this link!

Spermatozoids Need Coolness

Did you know that spermatozoids need coolness? For a man to have a healthy sperm, the testicles need to be cooler than the rest of the body. Averagely, the testicles have 2° C or 3° C less than the rest of the body. This is also among the reasons for which doctors advise men to use “boxers,” especially when talking about conceiving babies.

The Sperm Production Process Is Different

The process of sperm production differs. Women are generally born with all the eggs they`ll need in a lifetime. But men consistently produce sperm. It takes around 2 months for a spermatozoid to fully develop.

Diet Influences Sperm

Did you know that diets influence sperm? A diet that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is very healthy for the sperm production, the spermatozoids being healthier. In other words, a diet that is rich in dairy products, red meat, garlic and coffee will offer a particular flavor to semen.

Spermatozoids Are Both Boys and Girls

Spermatozoids are both girls and boys. There are female spermatozoids (X) and male spermatozoids (Y). The male ones have a tendency of having a higher speed, but the females are a lot stronger, so there`s some sort of gender equality in their case.

How Sperm Looks Like for other Organisms

Even if human sperm have an appearance that is less pleasant, when it comes to other males in the animal kingdom, these specific cells are even more unusual. For instance, male bugs produce sperm which circulate in pairs or groups. The impressive sperm amount compared to the size of the insects is because the females have an active reproductive system throughout the entire life.

Macho Man Aren`t As Fertile As They Think

Women have a tendency of being attracted by men with a serious voice. However, scientists have proven that “macho” men don`t really have a better sperm than men with thin voices. More than that, the amount of sperm of macho men has been shown to be lower than the amount of men that aren`t thought to be so “macho.”

It`s possible that the serious voice of certain men might cause “thrills” in some women, as the notes produced are strongly related to high testosterone levels. However, there`re situations where the high levels of testosterone might limit sperm production.

Image courtesy of cbsnews.com

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