Falling During Pregnancy: Symptoms & Things to Consider!

There are lots of myths regarding the period of pregnancy, among which a popular one is about the falls that may cause losing the pregnancy. From what you may have experienced or heard from other mommies, most of the time lights falls don`t affect the fetus in any way. However, there are some risks that shouldn`t be ignored.

Falling During Pregnancy

Obviously, there are a lot of women that happen to fall while pregnant and don`t really get hurt, and their baby is born a healthy as he should. However, you should be careful when it comes to falling. If you manage to control your movements during falling, first you should try to protect your belly.

Things to Consider When Falling During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are more likely to fall than any other person, one of the main reasons being changing the center of gravity. The increased weight and the size of the baby in front of your body will change the gravity center of your body and may weaken the back muscles, pelvis muscles and joints. That`s why, while the fetus grows, the mother will become more unstable, she may lose her balance more easily, thus occurring the risk of falling.

Pregnant women need to also pay attention to the fact that along the pregnancy, they may experience dizziness or fainting, which may lead to severe falls. Low blood sugars or low blood pressure, as well as suddenly lifting from a chair or bed may often cause dizziness. Don`t forget to have a well balanced diet and try to get up slowly to allow blood circulation and avoid losing balance.

What`s important is the moment when the falling happens. If this should happen during the first stage of pregnancy, you shouldn`t worry too much. The uterus is well protected by pelvic bones, and the fetus is unlikely to suffer from this. The big concern may appear when the mother may fall directly on her tummy. However, usually mothers tend to fall on their knees or buttocks. – Click here!

The baby, who is surrounded by amniotic liquid, will feel these traumas as a bump on the road. The doctor may be more concerned for you not to injury yourself, scrape an ankle or break one of the members. Still, the big concern comes in the last months of pregnancy, because the bigger the baby gets, the more risks there are for you to fall on your belly when falling.

During the last few months of pregnancy, any falling you may experience can prove to be very dangerous. Even if the little one is protected by the amniotic liquid, the uterine walls are very thin, and the placenta may detach from the uterus.

What you could do is to concentrate on the movements you make, and when you are walking on the street, go down the stairs, be very careful where to put your foot so you don`t lose balance.

Another thing that you should take into account is that during the winter season (although it`s common knowledge these days), you could fall rather easily due to the slippery ice, especially if you are in the last trimester of pregnancy and you often lose your balance due to the excessive weight. The experts recommend to avoid wearing heels while pregnant from both the issues with losing balance, but also because the position isn`t favorable to the baby.

Symptoms Due to Falling While Pregnant

Generally, if you fall in your home, office or any other closed space, it`s best to lie down in bed or sofa, and check to see if your baby is still moving in your belly. Some possible signs that should make you concern are:

  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Contacts of your abdomen;
  • Acute pain in the inferior abdomen;
  • Unusual movements;
  • No movement coming from the baby.

If you experience these symptoms, it`s best if you`ll visit the nearest medical clinic along with an ultrasound. If you don`t experience any signs, but you may still think something is wrong, you can still visit a clinic just for your own peace of mind. – Click this page!

What`s the Worst Thing that Could Happen?

Maybe the worst thing that may happen when falling during pregnancy is placenta abroptio. This usually happens when the placenta breaks from the uterine wall, being immediately followed by pains and bleeding. Breaking the placenta is a very serious issue and may often be fatal to the fetus if there are no measures taken as soon as possible. – Read this!

To Remember!

The most beautiful thing that you could acknowledge is to realize that your body has changed. Don`t imagine that you could function the way you used to before becoming pregnant. That`s why, any movement should be made slowly. When you climb the stairs, put one foot in front of the other one, ensure that you placed the whole foot on the ground and help yourself on the balustrade.

Be very careful when you get out of the shower or bath. The floor may be slippery, and that`s why you should always have a towel next to you, so you don`t have to stretch after it. And also what`s very important is to avoid portions of ice when you go out in the winter. There`s always a way to go around it if you are very careful.

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