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Top 20 Female Demon Names!

Angels and demons represent the 2 ultimate opposite poles in almost any religion on the planet. Anyone loves angels and are scared of demons, but there`re lots of deceptive assumptions regarding their existence.Female Demon Names

Demons have always offered a sensation of bad nature as they are dark mystical characters, but send a message of strange and unexplainable stories. It`s definitely fun to see the meaning of some great female demon names if you are a person who have always been curious in knowing more about these supernatural creatures as well as someone who is interested in putting a unique name to his child.

Top 20 Female Demon Names

Check out the XX top female demon names along with a short description regarding their meaning in different cultures.

Ardat Lili

Ardat Lili represents a storm demon that always comes at night as well as the spirit of a young woman, which is often associated with pregnant women or children. Ardat Lili is part of a demon-triad along with Lilitu, the female, and Lilu, the male, Ardat Lili being the handmaid.


In the Philippinian culture, Aswang is the female vampire which appears during the day as a woman, while at night as a monster that flies and devours the people`s shadows in order to kills them and sucks the blood of those sleeping.


There`s a reason why this name is in the top list of all-time favorite dark girl names. Avalon is the name of the Lady of the Lake, also known under different names: Viviane, Morgaine, Nyneve, Evienne, Nimue, Elaine, Morgaine or Nivian, among many other names from the Arthurian legend.

Avalon`s role isn`t really evil as she was known to save and aid men around her. It`s just that the way she helps them isn`t always “by the book.” And of course, her beauty is unmatched.


The term “azazel” means the “scapegoat” in Hebrew. The Bible uses this work in a reference to the sacrificial goat, which aided atone for the sins of the people. Somehow recently, Azazel became more popular as the goat-demon or the “Angel of Death.”


Batibat represents the name of a female demon in the Philippines, which is often associated with trees and which kills people during sleep.


In the Arabian mythology, Buduh is a female demon of love. You can ask for the services of this demon from the group of Dschinns by simply writing down his name using only letters and numbers.


Bushyasta is a demon with long hair that hates all working people and those with industrial jobs.


Amazon myths state Curupira was a demon that used to eat men and was a master of disguise. He could have only been noticed by his feet which were facing the opposite direction of a normal foot. The creature blends lots of features of European and West African fairies; however, it was generally seen as a demonic figure.

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Empusa is a demonic female and shapeshifter, having one leg that of a brass and the other one of donkey. She pursues travelers, after which she eats them.


In Greek legends, Gorgons are female demon creatures which are the personification of creation of life, mystery and wisdom, but also of death.

The 3 Gorgons are Euryale, Sthenno and Medousa.


This demon is a female who destroys her enemies and burns men by fire, and knows all secrets of men. She usually brings harm to the foes of anyone. Haures is a very beautiful demoness, and although she floats on the air, she has no wings.


Hecate represents the Latin form for the Hekate Greek term, meaning “worker from far off.” Greek myths reveal us that Hecate is the name of the goddess of the Underworld, witchcraft, demons and graves. Hecate usually seduces men into marrying her to conceive a child on her own terms. The child appears to be human for everyone, but on the inside is a demon.


Jahi is a female “poisoner” devil who woke Angra Mainyu from sleeping. She was rewarded with a kiss that “gave” her the period along with a husband.


Jilaiya is a female demon from the Indian mythology that flies like a bat or bird at night and suck the blood of people. She only sleeps in dark regions during day, only to wake when the night falls. Jilaiya can only suck the blood of people whose have heard their name.


Jezabel is the Greek version of the Iyzebel Hebrew name, meaning “chaste and intact.” She was King Ahab`s wife, so she was a queen. As prophesied by Elijah, she was ripped to pieces by hunting dogs.


According to some legends, Lilith is the name of Adam`s first wife. She demanded equality with Adam. Lilith`s sex life have soon changed drastically, as she started erotic adventures with many fallen angels, which resulted in a large demon family known as the Lilim.

In Muslin myths, Lilith is believed to have indulged in sexual wanting with Satan.


According to Scandinavian folklore, Mara is the name of a maleficent female wraith. In Hebrew, her name means “bitter,” and she is the main cause of nightmare for children. Moreover, in Buddhism Mara is a female demon that personifies evil. – Check this out!


This fallen angel has similar functions as Lilith, as she takes the life of newborns. This female demon can cause stillbirth as well.


Almost anyone on the planet has heard of Pandora. She is among the most well known mythical creatures of all time. According to the Greek mythology, the Pandora term means “all gift.” And although there`s nothing sinister about this, Greek myths outline that Pandora become the first one to unleash evil in the world.


Also known as Temptress of the Night, Succubus is a well known female demon that has only one purpose: to seduce men and have sexual relations with them. These encounters only take place while they are sleeping. This demon usually takes the shape of women who are extremely beautiful.

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