Grapes During Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Negative Aspects!

Is it safe to eat grapes during pregnancy? When you are about to become a mother, you are a lot more careful at what you eat, or at least that`s what it would suppose to be. Even if you are an amateur at certain foods, you must know that during pregnancy some foods should be consumed in moderation – grapes are among these foods. On one hand, it`s necessary to know that they can be beneficial for you and the baby.

Grapes During Pregnancy

On the other hand, they may have some negative effects on you and your pregnancy. This is why you should understand that prudence is what keeps you away from this kind of problems and help you enjoy the benefits that these fruits can bring you. Inform yourself as best you can on this subject, be careful what you eat and set yourself a varied diet.

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Nutrients in Grapes

Grapes contain around 65% – 85% water, 10% – 33% sugar (glucose and fructose), phlobaphene, gallic acid, silicic acid, quercetin, anin, glucozide, delfinidina, fruit acid, phosphoric acid, salicylic acid, lemon acid, formic acid, oxalic acid, pectin, tannin compound, kali salt, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C, P, PP, K, folic acid and enzyme. The skin of grapes contains tannin and oil. Seeds from grapes also contain tannin compound, lecithin, vanilla and fat oil.

Green Grapes during Pregnancy – 10 Benefits to Consider!

The positive effects that grapes can bring on pregnant women were taken into consideration since ancient times. For example, there were discovered paintings from ancient Egypt where grapes are highlighted as fruits that will bring lots of benefits for those who will consume them.

In our days, it was found that if you are careful to consume grapes in moderation, they`ll help you improve your physical and mental health during pregnancy.

Green Grapes (Pregnancy) Prevent and Treat Anemia

Because grapes store high amounts of iron, they stimulate production of the hemoglobin and combat anemia during pregnancy.

They Stimulate Metabolism

Recent studies discovered that grapes can stimulate metabolism.

They Contain Vitamin E

These fruits contain vitamin E, which is known to ease labor. Additionally, vitamin E is useful for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin, being fully known that during pregnancy this suffers a lot of changes.

They Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The antioxidants present in these fruits strengthen immunity, and their anti-inflammatory effects prevent the emergence of possible infections.

Grapes Reduce Cholesterol

Resveratrol in red/black grapes can control the production of cholesterol and can help us maintain in normal limits.

They Contribute to the Health of the Heart

During pregnancy, the heart “suffers” a bigger effort than usually. Therefore, the magnesium and potassium present in these fruits can contribute successfully to a better functioning of the heart.

Grapes Can Prevent Some Diseases Related to Blood Circulation

Grapes can treat chronic venous disorders, a poor circulation of the blood, and can prevent edema and hemorrhoids.

They Prevent Some Emotional Disorders

During pregnancy, there are some emotional disorders which can appear. For instance, stress can lead to depression.

Experts advise towards the consumption of grapes in moderate quantities for a better general health which is so important during pregnancy. Ideally, they should be consumed fresh or under the form of juices to reduce nervous exhaustion or deep fatigue.

Grapes Provide Oral Health

Organic acids can neutralize bacteria in the mouth. At the same time, grapes help in forming and maintaining reserves of calcium in the teeth, reducing the risk of caries.

Are Grapes Good for Constipation? YES!!!

Experts have concluded that women who eat grapes in moderate quantities during pregnancy are less prone to constipation. If you confront with such a problem, you are advised to consume grapes due to their content of fibers and water.

6 Negative Effects of Grapes during Pregnancy

Despite the positive effects mentioned above, experts consider that grapes can also have negative effects during pregnancy. However, they claim that if they are consumed in moderation, the risk of confronting with them is significantly decreased.

Grapes Are Toxic

If you aren`t careful at what grapes you eat and you mostly prefer the red/black ones, you should know that you may put your pregnancy in danger. They contain resveratrol, which is said that it negatively affects the hormonal balance and which is already strongly fluctuating during pregnancy. More than that, it`s said that grapes contain lots of pesticides, which are toxic for both the mother and fetus.

They May Cause Nausea and Headache

Likewise, we again talk about red/black grapes. About them it`s said they have thicker “skin,” which is harder to digest, they have a high acidity and therefore can cause nausea and vomiting.

Resveratrol, contained by grapes, can lead to stomach burning and headache.

They Can Stimulate the Blood Sugar Levels

The sugar contained by grapes can increase blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.

Negative Effects on the Fetus and Birth

It was discovered that it`s not a good idea to consume grapes, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, when the rhythm of development of the fetus is more rapid. From this point of view, there are voices that claim that the fetus can gain too much weight which may lead to a more difficult birth.

The Emergence of Digestive Disorders

For pregnant women who consume too many grapes, especially red/black ones, there`s the possibility for them to confront with lots of unpleasant symptoms, such as diarrhea, regurgitation, heartburn or abdominal pains. They appear due to the skin of the grapes, which aren`t always easy to digest, and because of the content of acids.

Weight Gaining

Grapes are fruits with a high intake of calories. This is the reason for which the consumption of large quantities can stimulate the accumulation of unwanted kilograms, which can have negative consequences for both during pregnancy and birth. It`s known that a mother with overweight is more prone to diabetes as well as her baby.

Of course, these negative effects related to the consumption of grapes during pregnancy are worthy to be considered, but that doesn`t mean they are to be avoided completely. It`s up to you to consume them in moderation, only fresh obtained in the proper season, avoiding those with pesticides or any other chemicals.

It`s best to consume them fresh, dried or as juices. Juices are best to be consumed in the morning, not more than 1 glass.

There are also pregnant women who must avoid them completely. Among them are those who:

  • Suffer or are suspect of diabetes.
  • Are basically allergic.
  • Those who are overweight or obese.
  • Suffer of various digestive disorders.

Eating too Many Grapes

In case pregnant women eat more grapes (but still, in moderation), it`s “believed” that the eyes of newborn babies will be brighter because grapes contain a lot of vitamin A and flavonoid, which are useful for vision development.

Again, if pregnant women consume more grapes (moderate quantities), their babies will receive more nutrients because grapes contain lots of vitamin B, which can control the metabolic rate at pregnant women. The consumption of grapes will also help pregnant women to improve the fetal genes due to the fact that phosphorus is part of nucleic acid.

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