Is It OK To Chew Gum During Pregnancy?

Do you feel the need to chew a bit of gum to focus better? Do you feel yourself addicted by chewing gums free of sugar and you feel you can`t seem to give them up? Are you concerned that this habit, which seems pretty unhealthy, might prove to be harmful for the womb?

Is It OK To Chew Gum During Pregnancy

If you feel you could relate to any of the aspects above, you should scroll down in order to find out if gum chewing during pregnancy is safe or not.

Is It Ok to Chew Gum during Pregnancy?

When you`re expecting, it`s essential to take into account some measures of precaution related to anything you want to consume, either it`s food or drinks, and this will include chewing gums as well.

Many food items which you consume after you check the label that says that they are free of sugar are filed with sweeteners. While you might be cutting down on your sugar intake consciously during pregnancy, you might fall into a bit of a trap of consuming empty calories as artificial sweeteners without even knowing.

Before you eat anything during pregnancy, it`s essential to get your doctor`s approval. He`ll be the most suitable to guide you if it`s safe to chew gum or not during this special period of your life. He might even advise you which one is the best choice in terms of chewing gums and which you should avoid.

What Gums Are Safe to Chew while Pregnant?

Most gums that don`t contain sugar have artificial sweeteners which might have nutrients (including calories) and non-nutrients (calories not included). Gums with sugars that contain nutritive sweeteners, honey included, but also sucrose, fructose and dextrose, are seen as safe while pregnant, as they aren`t believed to lead to gaining weight. –  – Click here!

Still, women who experience gestational diabetes and insulin resistance require limiting their gum intake with nutritive sweeteners or get in touch with their doctor in advance.

Gums with non-nutritive as well as nutritive sweeteners are seen as safe when consumed in moderation, with no proof of harmful actions due to non-nutritive sweeteners on expecting mothers. Although more studies are required on this matter, here`re a few gums that are considered safe at this time:

Gums with Aspartame

This is an artificial non-nutritive sweetener that is approved by FDA and recommended for expecting mothers.

Still, women who experience phenylketonuria, an inherited disorder which raises the phenylalanine levels in the blood, should avoid gums that contain aspartame. In these particular cases, the body isn`t able to break down phenylalanine that exists in aspartame, which leads to a build-up that might affect the future baby in some way.

Gums with Nicotine

Future moms who make a conscious effort not to smoke anymore turn to nicotine gums. There`s a research that showed these gums to be quite beneficial, aiding to increase the baby`s gestational age and birth weight. Still, it should be avoided its usage in overdoses.

Gums with Xylitol

Companies, such as Trident, Orbit or Stride contain xylitol, an alcohol that doesn`t contain sugar that is mostly used as a sweetener, and which isn`t harmful if taken in appropriate amounts.

Gums with Sucralose

This represents a sweetener that doesn`t have any calories, it doesn`t have any side effects on the levels of blood sugar and is considered safe by FDA.

Benefits of Chewing Gum while Pregnant

It aids to avert nausea – Gums have Stevia traces, which have been discovered to prevent nausea, which is without a doubt one of the most common pregnancy side effects which each future mother goes through.

It aids to avoid food cravings – Chewing gums is a wonderful choice for women who try to maintain their weight. It aids them to alleviate food cravings which are frequently experienced when expecting a baby. – Read more!

It aids to offer relief from gastroesophageal reflux – Chewing gums after you finished your meal has been discovered to be very efficient in offering relief against heartburn sign which expecting mothers experience at some point during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the fact that chewing gums triggers saliva production, which has acid neutralizing bicarbonate traces, which in turn aids in neutralizing the content of acid from the tummy.

Nutritive Artificial Sweeteners in Chewing Gum

Most companies that design gums, which claim that are sugar free, contain some form of nutritive artificial sweeteners. These are packed with empty calories; thus, even this type of gums has lots of calories and very few minerals or vitamins.

It`s completely safe to consume them while pregnant, as long as it happens in moderate amounts. Still, it`s essential to ask for the doctor`s recommendation first.

Side Effects of Chewing Gum while Pregnant

  • As you may already know, most chewing gums contain sweetened flavors which may lead to dental issues that can prove to be troublesome while pregnant.
  • Sorbitol, which is present in some chewing gums, leads to bloating because it`s absorbed in the gut. This may hinder the normal fetal development.
  • Gums contain Sucralose traces, which have been discovered to lead to diabetic side effects.
  • It has been discovered that gum leads to a wearing down of the cartilages which have an important role as a shock absorber for the jaws. And if these turn to be damaged at some point, it might lead to uncomfortable pain and various discomforts while pregnant.
  • If you may turn to be a victim of PKU, gums with aspartame might prove to be rather harmful to your future baby.
  • Nicotine, which future mothers might chew as a way to get rid of smoking, might prove to be dangerous to the baby. There are addictive traces which are present in these chewing gums that can get into the blood of the baby and may lead to increased blood pressure levels and heart problems as they develop.

What Gums to Avoid?

Gums with Sorbitol

Due to its laxative properties, saccharine offers side effects as diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues, which in turn may lead to dehydration. It`s even believed to affect nutrient absorption. Thus, it`s probably best for this type of gums to be avoided while pregnant.

Gums with Saccharine

FDA says it`s safe, but there are lots of controversies related to its usage in beverages or foods. There`s some research that shown saccharine reaching the baby through the mother`s placenta, therefore proving to be rather harmful for him.

Is Dangerous to Swallow Gum during Pregnancy?

If it may happen for you to gulp down some gum by mistake, you shouldn`t worry that much. It will pass through the stool just like any other type of undigested food.

While pregnant, each nutritional change calls for the consultation of the doctor. It`s kind of the same thing as with chomping on your very favorite Orbit gum. Even more, you should try and maintain a check on the craving because chewing too much gum might bring a few negative consequences for both you and you future baby.

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