Health Benefits Of Cherries During Pregnancy!

Cherries remind us of childhood, because they represent the first fruits of summer that appear on the market and because they are so great to eat during hot days. It`s that delicious “something” that fleshy cherries make you feel when you taste them.

Cherries During Pregnancy

Besides the nutritional benefits these fruits offer, they also help you improve or prevent a large range of medical condition, and give you that boost of energy you sometimes need during those exhausting days of pregnancy.

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About Cherries

These fruits are consumed for centuries, even since the time of ancient Rome and Greece. They are a part of the same families as plums, peaches and apricots, and have a short period of time when they need to be picked. They also have a high susceptibility of alteration and a reduced shelf-life. Surprisingly, while the cherry tree starts producing fruits after 5 years of age, it lasts 10 to 15 years for the plant to reach maturity, while the tree can produce over 45 kg of fruits during a season.

Cherries are quite rich in anthocyanins, which is a natural compound that offers them that ruby color that make them so distinct as well as that sweet-sour taste. This phytonutrient represents in fact the basis of the properties they have. Also, these particular fruits contain very little saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol, making them a great source of dietary vitamins and fibers. On one single serving of 100 g doesn`t provide too much nutritional content, vitamin C and fibers being the most essential to mention. The rest of the minerals and vitamins provide up to 10% of DZR per portion. Bitter cherries offer a higher vitamin A (8% of DZR) and vitamin C content (12% of DZR) per 100g. A less positive aspect of these fruits comes from the fact that most of the calories come from the sugar content; sweet cherries have a low GI (glycemic index) of 22, representing a great source of snack if they are to be compared with other fruits, especially for people who suffer from diabetes.

Health Benefits of Cherries during Pregnancy

This tasty red little fruit will boost your health while expecting a baby as they are full of nutrients like vitamins, protein, calcium, minerals, iron as well as many others. Thus, cherries can be a healthy option for a snack when being pregnant. Here are a few others ways how cherries will benefit you.

Source of Vitamin C & Minerals

This vitamin is one of those vitamins that play a crucial role in promoting the health of the human body. As a consequence, it`s almost common knowledge that our fruits have a high vitamin C content. As expecting mothers consume them, then they`ll benefit of great nutrients to promote their own health as well as the one of their babies. Vitamin C offers protection to the body from risks of illnesses, bacterias and environmental damages.

Cherries contain other vitamins as well, among which we remind vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and B6, but also a few important minerals, such as sodium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium and proteins.

Boost the Immune System`s Levels

With a consistent content of vitamin C, cherries have antioxidant properties. These fruits have a crucial role in the removal of free radicals, which may often lead to illnesses and infections. More than that, the levels of the immune system stay low while pregnant, so cherries are great because will boost your levels of immunity.

Low Number of Calories

It`s a good news for those expecting mothers who want to stay fit as much as possible during pregnancy. Though it`s already known that in lots of situations, pregnant women have a tendency to add more fats, consuming the right kind of foods will definitely help. As a result, these small fruits consist one of the best choices when trying to manage body weight due to their low calorie content. Indeed, this is quite valuable not only because you`ll stay close to your original shapes as much possible, but you`ll offer your body the right nutrients while doing it.

Promote Baby`s Brain Health

Anthocyanins found in these fruits promote baby`s brain health and protect neural cells. Balaton cherries, which are a new variety, can aid in preventing forgetfulness while pregnant.

Relieve Headache

Among the best benefits of cherries while pregnant is the fact that they represent a cure for migraine headaches. This is associated with the presence of bioflavonoids and anthocyanins. This is actually great as expecting mothers frequently experience headache during pregnancy because of the fluctuations of estrogen hormone.

Prevent Gestational Diabetes

These wonderful fruits aid in helping the blood sugar levels stay under control and, therefore, help in preventing one of the most common medical conditions during pregnancy, gestational diabetes.

Help with Kidney Problems

These fruits are recommended for kidney issues due to the fact that their juice is a great diuretic. Cherries can put the liver in normal function after a long period of drug treatment, disease or intoxication. In time, these small red fruits strengthen the digestive system and aid the liver in returning to normal size.

Control the Levels of Blood Pressure

Because of the presence of potassium, these fruits are quite helpful when it comes to controlling the level of blood pressure. This advantage is great because, if you expect a child, you are able to manage your blood pressure and prevent any possible heart conditions, like stroke or heart attack. Also, as expecting mothers experience higher risks of stress, controlling their levels of blood pressure represents a great way of prevention.

Other Health Benefits

Cherries are recommended mainly to people who:

  • Show a low level of minerals.
  • Suffer of anemia.
  • Confront with excessive fatigue.
  • Suffer of liver illnesses.

Cherries are recommended do children with a developmental deficiency and anemia. Diabetics can consume them due to the fact that fructose is well absorbed by the organism.

At the very same time, these fruits represent a natural remedy of skin issues and flu. It aids to maintain mucus membranes, healthy tissue and improve visual activity.

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