Hematometra (Hemometra): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Have you ever heard of the term hematometra? Any woman who is interested in conceiving a child at some point should have some basic knowledge about every aspect that could put her future pregnancy in jeopardy.


What Is Hematometra?

Hematometra, also known as hemometra or post abortion syndrome, is a medical term which describes an accumulation of blood clots in the uterus and affects the fertility of women.  It can be caused by a series of medical problems or diseases, and the treatment consists in detecting the source of blood.

What Is Hematometrocolpos?

Hematometrocolpos defines as blood accumulation within the uterus and vagina. If noticed in the newborn period, it often happens because of congenital obstruction. If seen later, the most often cause is imperforate hymen along with transverse vaginal septum.

What Is Hematocolpos?

Hematocolpos represents a medical condition in which the vaginal gets filled with blood. This often happens due to the combination of imperforate hymen with menstruation. On occasion, it`s also seen in Robinow syndrome.

What Is a Hematosalpinx?

Hematosalpinx, also known as hemosalpinx, represents a medical condition which involves blood within the fallopian tubes.


This medical condition can be the reaction of a procedure of abortion. In the first 15 minutes or even days after an abortion, there may be up to 1,500 ml of blood clots deposited in the uterine cavity which can lead to hematometra. This is also the reason for which is considered a post-abortion condition.

One of the main causes of this condition is hematosalpinx. This is another blood-related condition in which the bleeding occurs initially in the fallopian tubes. This can be the result of an ectopic pregnancy, infection, tumor or local trauma. In this case, you may experience abdominal cramps or severe pains which are most of the times isolated in one single location.

This disease also occurs in cases of vaginal septum. The defect appears in the initial development of the vagina, which has resulted in a double vaginal structure. This abnormality isn`t noticeable to a naked eye and you may not know that you have it until it`s detected after medical investigations.

Genital tract disorders are a real reason of concern, especially due to their impact on fertility.  An abnormal uterine bleeding which persists can appear in inflammatory diseases associated with the decrease of fertility. – Read more!


The early symptoms of hematometra are severe abdominal cramps and pains. They are usually located in one single location of the abdomen and create a strong sensation of discomfort.

Blood clots that are then accumulated can trigger a pressure in hypogastrium and the enlargement of the uterus. This increases and can be felt on palpation.


The treatment of this condition involves treating the cause which lead to the disease.

In case you suffer of hematosalpinx, the doctor will recommend during the first phase medication to treat the inflammation or infection. In case this isn`t effective, the doctor may then decide to surgically remove both fallopian tubes – a case in which you cannot give birth naturally.

A surgical procedure is involved when treating vaginal septum defects to stop the accumulation of blood clots in the uterus.

During hematometra, you`ll be advised to use daily absorbents to face bloody vaginal discharges. It isn`t recommended to use internal tampons if you don`t know the cause of your condition. If it was caused by a vaginal trauma, they will only worsen the situation.

In case you experience symptoms of fainting, severe dizziness, disorientation or cold and wet skin, it`s time to visit your doctor immediately because this may lead to a massive blood loss.


Sometimes, postoperative complications may involve:

  • Infection.
  • Pregnancy after endometrial ablation.
  • Failure in controlling menstrual blood.
  • Pain related to possible obstructed menstrual blood.
  • Risk related to previous medical conditions (C-section, endometrial neoplasia).
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