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Herpes On The Buttocks: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention (Pictures)

Are you experiencing herpes on your buttocks? If yes, you should know that this medical condition shouldn`t be taken lightly. Get in touch with your doctor and take all the necessary precautions so things don`t get worse.

Herpes On The Buttocks

What Is Herpes on the Buttocks?

Herpes on the butt, medically known as genital herpes, represents a type of viral infection resulted from the herpes simplex virus. This type of infections is categorized depending on the body part infected. For instance, oral herpes will involve the mouth or face. It might lead to groups of small blisters frequently known as fever blister or cold sores, or might only lead to a sore throat.

Symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus

Genital herpes might show minimal signs or form small blisters which break open and lead to small ulcers. They normally go away in 2 weeks to 1 month. Shooting or tingling pains might appear before these blisters happen.

Herpes might cycle between periods of active illness that is followed by menstruations with no signs.

The first herpes episode is frequently more serious and might be associated with headaches, fever, swollen lymph nodes as well as pains in the muscles. In time, most episodes of active illness reduce in severity or frequency.

Who Is at Risk of Genital Herpes?

Herpes simplex occurs in persons of any gender, age or race. However, groups which are most frequently infected involve sexually active adolescents and adults, who get it from their own partners, and newborns, who get it from their mother during delivery. Up to one out of 5 U.S. citizens over 12 years old might be infected with this virus.

Keep in mind that just twenty percent of people who get infected with this type of virus in fact develop sores or blisters that are visible. This will mean that about 80% of the persons who are infected with genital herpes haven`t been put a diagnosis and aren`t practically aware of their medical condition. However, they can still infect other people.

What Causes Herpes on the Buttocks?


Fungal or viral infections might lead to blisters on the butt. This type of infections includes shingles, chicken pox or impetigo among other ones.


Particular drugs may lead to mild skin blisters on the buttocks. They might include nalidixic acid.

Skin Reactions

Reactions of the skin between the buttocks might be causes of mild blisters on the butt. These blisters could occur when the skin gets in direct contact with extreme heat, like sunburn.


Allergies might lead to blisters, like eczema. They are the product of allergic reaction to poison or chemical substances.


Friction represents a frequent cause of skin blisters on the butt. Normally, this occurs in persons who are quite active, whom may include sports-related individuals. They may be the result of tight clothing items which have a tendency of causing skin rubbing between the buttocks, genital organs or lower back.

Moist skin between the butt or around the groin might lead to blisters. They appear in conditions of warm, there intense skin rubbing happens.

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Can You Treat Herpes on the Butt?

At the moment, there`s no treatment for this specific infection, since it could reappear at any time if the body is stressed or weak. Still, there`s also good news! Mild herpes could be controlled a lot easier. All you need to do is stay away of any factors that may trigger an outburst, like excessive sun exposure, stress, smoking or lack of sleep.

Simply put, the infection isn`t as deadly as a lot of people around think. You could consider it similar to a mild medical condition of the skin that may bother you every once in a while. Physical exercises, enough rest along with a healthy nutrition can help keep away from recurrent breakouts.

People who are sexually active with mild herpes on the buttocks and have a non-positive partner shouldn`t choose to follow an antiviral suppressive therapy. It wouldn`t only suppress, but might diminish any risk of transmitting the infection to other people as well. – More info!

While many people out there choose drugs such as Acyclovir, there`re many others who choose alternative remedies to control the signs. You may also take into consideration to use Lysine in order to boost your immunity, which is an important amino acid that could aid to fortify your body against this virus.

Preventing Herpes on the Buttocks

Although there`s no treatment for genital herpes, you could always take some measures of precaution in order to avoid getting ill or to prevent the infection from being spread to other persons.

If you`re experiencing an outbreak of this infection, there`re a few preventive measures that you could take:

  • Trying to avoid any physical contact with other persons should be the very first thing you should do.
  • Washing your hands very thoroughly and applying drugs is only good to stop the infection`s burst from developing any further.
  • You shouldn`t share items which may pass this infection around, like towels, makeup products, lip balm, cups, silverware or clothing.
  • Do not take part in kissing, oral sex or other kids of sexual activity while an outbreak.

People with herpes on the buttocks have to avoid any kid of sexual activity with other persons while the infection`s eruption.

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Long Term Viewpoint of Herpes Simplex

Unfortunately, people infected with herpes on the buttocks will have this virus for their entire lives. Even if the virus doesn`t show any signs, it will continue to live in the nerve cells of the infection individual.

Some persons might have regular breakouts. Other ones will just have one single outburst after they`ve been contaminated and then the actual infection might become asleep. However, even if this virus is asleep, particular stimuli might lead to an outburst. These may include:

  • Periods.
  • Sunburn or exposure to the sun.
  • Stress.
  • Illness.
  • Fever.

It`s believed that outbursts might become less severe in time as the body begin creating antibodies. Usually, if a healthy person gets infected with this particular virus, there won`t be any medical complications developing.

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