Top 10 Home Remedies For Fertility In Women!

There are a lot of cases when women cannot get pregnant with certain men, while with others the miracle happens very quickly.

Home Remedies For Fertility In Women

Often, chronic stress has effects of diminishing sexual potency and energy depletion of the kidneys. Sexual activity has always been seen with interest by most cultures of the world, because it brings satisfaction, relaxation, refreshment and people feel well-linked. And fertility keeps the sexual activity satisfying; otherwise, it becomes exhausting and frustrating.

An iron health and an organism with zero issues are 2 essential conditions to be able to conceive. If the reproductive organs don`t function normally and if the organism is weakened, then your chances of becoming a parent any time soon decrease. Sometimes you need just a little push to restart all your normal functions, and the mechanism of conception will work again.

Before making hormonal treatments and assisted reproduction procedures, you can throw an eye in the garden as well. A lot of times, plants have proven their miraculous effect when it comes to treating infertility.

If you know what rules you need to follow, then it only remains to find out which are best plants that can increase your fertility.

Agnus Castus

His power in healing female genital problems is known from ancient Greece. The fruits of this plant are used for treating hormonal imbalances that cause irregular menstruation and the disappearance of ovulation.

Studies have shown that its effect is of increasing the secretion of progesterone and regulating the menstrual cycle. Another study performed by researchers from the United Kingdom showed that 60% of women who received supplements based on Agnus Castus have experienced a decrease or even disappearance of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


This is a plant with a special importance in the Celtic tradition. It has white and sticky berries that were considered to be the semen of the cosmic bull, which fecundated the very fertile Main Goddess. So, in their conception the mistletoe was a plant of fertility.

Even in our days, the plant is considered a conceptual stimulant. Here`s a method of how to prepare mistletoe: boil 3 twigs of mistletoe for 3 minutes in a half a liter of sweet wine and drink this composition 8 days before menstruation, and according to the popular medicine, you`ll remain pregnant. Maria Treben, an Austrian author and herbalist who recognizes the benefits of this plant for female fertility, recommends the alternative to the mistletoe tincture.

Unicorn Root (Chamaelirium Luteum)

It`s one of the oldest remedies used for boosting fertility. It has been used for many centuries, so it`s no wonder that it`s an extinct plant. It acts directly on the ovaries, it repairs the lining of the uterus and it regulates ovulation.

Thousands of years ago, the American Indians advised women to chew the plant`s root to prevent a loss of pregnancy. This plant was also used for treating discomfort and digestive issues that were caused by pregnancy (morning sickness or vomiting).

Raspberry Extract and Dander

Raspberry extract and strawberry tea are recommended for women with micropolitan or polychic ovaries, who generally have low fertility issues, meaning they are a lot more likely to remain pregnant. If consumed 3 -4 times per day for 3 – 4 months, dandruff tea can make wonders. The plant isn`t washed but rather placed in water in the evening and in the morning, you pour boiling water over the squeezed plant. The raspberry extract helps regulate menstruation and if it`s taken for 3 months, it helps to get pregnant.

Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

You can easily recognize it in plains after the dark pink flowers. It seems it wears luck to women who want to remain pregnant due to its fertility-increasing properties. The leaves and inflorescences are rich in isoflavonoids (natural estrogen-containing herbs), but also countless vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium).

It helps in strengthening immunity, reducing stress, regulating cholesterol, developing the embryo, detoxifying blood, reducing premenstrual syndrome. Additionally, it`s also said to help in trying to quit smoking. In short, it can take you on the right journey in preparing your organism for a healthy pregnancy.

Angelic Syrup and Sweet Wood

The angelic root is the best blood tonic which the Chinese se for treating various diseases. This syrup nourishes the blood, tonifies the spleen and improves circulation. If combined with sweet wood, it`s quite a great treatment after chronic fatigue, trauma, surgery as well as infertility. Sweet wood can be found in a lot of treatments related to menstrual disorders because it aids in normalizing and regulating the levels of hormonesDioscorea Vilosa

For 2 centuries, this particular plant was considered a great remedy for its beneficial effects in terms of relieving menstrual pain. In the `40s and `50s, researchers found that the roots of this plant contain a phytoestrogen (natural hormone) which can be chemically transformed into progesterone. Actually, this particular kind of hormone was the basis for the first birth control pills in the `60s.

Although the extract of Dioscorea Vilosa is now used for tattooing menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, nausea and osteoporosis, there are no clinical trial whatsoever to show 100% efficiency. Today, it`s used to produce natural supplements and creams that can be used for treating gynecological issues.


Almost everyone know that propolis has great properties on the organism, but it`s also good for women who want to treat endomestriosis, one of the main causes of infertility.

A study on a group of women who were experiencing infertility due to endometriosis showed that 500 mg of propolis administered twice a day was enough for increasing the success rate of conception, according to the Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

Dong Quai

Growing up on the mountains in Japan, China and Korea, Dong Quai is renowned for traditional Asian medicine. It can also be found in our form as extracts from the root extract of this plant. It has a strong aroma and sweet taste. It`s often used for treating premenstrual syndrome, menopause and menstrual cramps. – More info!

Usually, it`s used in combination with other plants and has miraculous effects for treating menstruation, pelvic inflammation or menopause. It also prevents osteoporosis and has an effect on immunity. Still, don`t take a treatment based on Dong Quai without talking to your doctor first, especially if you are already pregnant.

Ginseng, Ginko, Royal Jelly

Ginseng stimulates the physical and mental ability of the body, being a stimulant tonic for cognitive activity. It`s also an excellent remedy for the aging phenomenon. It`s very good in detoxifying the organism of toxins, drugs and alcohol, and it`s used with success in treatments of fertility when women are concerned.

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