4 Things She & He Can Do to Stimulate Fertility!

If you want to simulate your fertility, it`s good to know that some lifestyle changes, such as quitting alcohol or smoking, can increase your chances in conceiving quite a lot, helping you to give birth to a healthy baby.

It`s not really hard to become a mother, there are a few steps that you can follow to stimulate your fertility.

Stimulate Fertility!

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How to Increase Fertility to Women

There is nothing in this world is more powerful than the desire to have a child and nothing more painful than not being able to become pregnant. So what there is to do in such a situation to stimulate fertility?

  • A Healthy Diet Can Make a Difference

Small nutritional changes in your diet as well as in your lifestyle can affect fertility quite a lot, if you don`t have other medical issues. You can even become pregnant in up to 6 months.

According to a recent study from the University of Surrey from the United Kingdom, couples with fertility problems that have made changes in their diet have shown a rate of success of 80%.

Even popular actresses such as Kate Winslet or Sophie Wessex consider that changes in your diet can help in conceiving a baby.

  • Emotional Stability & Stress Can Influence Fertility

Dr. Glenville from the University of Surrey strongly recommends to be fit before trying to conceive.

We always plan our vacations as carefully as possible, we study before we build our careers, but we expect to become pregnant easily. However, ideally every couple should allow themselves at least 3 months in which they should be sure they are in perfect health before trying to have a baby. This is the necessary time for an ovule to reach maturity and prepare for ovulation in the woman body, and on the other hand, to prepare new batches of sperm in the male body.

Michael Dooley, a popular obstetrician from the United Kingdom, strongly believes that the right nutrition, emotional stability, lifestyle and fertility`s tracking are key factors in maintaining a pregnancy without health problems.

  • Consuming Alcohol, Smoking or Coffee Isn`t Advised

Even small drops of alcohol can affect fertility. And the more you drink, the more you decrease your chances to become pregnant.

There`s a study showing that women who drink less than 5 glasses of wine per week can double their chances to conceive than women to drink more than that.

Smoking is also related to infertility because it can lead to menopause, an aspect which should be taken into consideration by older women who try to beat their biological clock. – Visit our page!

High doses of coffee can delay the process of conceiving because caffeine is a stimulating substance which can affect ovulation. Besides coffee, caffeine can be found in other aliments as chocolate, Coca-Cola or black tea.

A study shows that sperm issues or abnormalities have higher chances to occur with the number of cups of coffee consumed on a daily basis.

  • Start Consuming Vitamins

Vitamin supplements that contain zinc, selenium or vitamin C might be beneficial for women or men when trying to increase fertility. Always ask the doctor first before starting to consume them during the antenatal period.

How to Increase Fertility to Men

  • Choose to Shower Instead of Doing Baths

According to recent data, men are advised to avoid long and hot baths, and do mare showers if they want to increase their sperm number. In a published Brazilian study, it was proven that in the case of men who are used to make a bath for longer than 30 minutes and had given up to this habit, their sperm production have increased almost 5 times.

  • Don`t Wear Tight Clothes

Sperms require a cold environment for an optimal development. That`s why men how want to become fathers are advised to avoid wearing tight clothing or underwear which can lead to excessive heating.

  • No Alcohol or Coffee

According to most studies, the consumption of alcohol can reduce sperm, increase the number of abnormal sperm and can decrease sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move in a proper way though the female reproductive system.) – Also read this!

Other studies show that sperm issues increase with the number of cups of coffee consumed on a daily basis.

  • Watch Your Weight

Having too little weight can affect fertility as much as having too much weight. Be careful what and how much you eat, but also try to avoid strict diets which also can change the way your hormones normally function.

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