How Much Does An Abortion Cost?

If you are interested in performing an abortion and are curious how much does an abortion cost, you need direct answers. Continue reading and learn about costs involved in this type of medical procedures or the cost of abortion pills.

How Much Does An Abortion Cost

How Much Does an Abortion Cost in the United States?

On a national level, the cost for an abortion at health centers might range anywhere from $0 to $950 during the first trimester, and may take even more in the second trimester.

Prices vary depending on a couple of various things regarding you or your personal situation, among which are the health centers you visit or how long you have been pregnant. Obviously, hospitals usually cost more. Other things involved are:

  • Health insurance – If you benefit of insurance, it might cover either some or the entire cost of the procedure. Get in touch with the insurance provider so you can find out more about what coverage you have.
  • Personal income – If you don`t benefit of insurance or simply aren`t able to use it because of personal reasons, the staff from the health center will let you know regarding any programs available in the area where you live which might aid you afford the procedure.
  • How long is your pregnancy – The longer is your pregnancy, the more expensive will the abortion be.
  • Where you live – The abortion cost, exactly like the general medical care cost, might differ depending on the area where you live.
  • Abortion type – An in-clinic abortion procedure might have a different price than an abortion pill.

Regardless of your personal situation, most health care centers do their best usually to help people in your situation. – Read more!

How Much Does the Abortion Pill Cost?

The prices of an abortion pill range around $300 to $800, depending on various factors:

  • Types of testing.
  • Laboratory work.
  • Region of the country.
  • Office visit.

If the pregnancy continues and your abortion pill fails, you`ll need to pay for a 2nd procedure.

Some plans involving government health insurance from particular states, such as Medicaid, cover an abortion procedure, while other ones don`t. And some of these plans cover abortion only in specific situations.

Your health center can offer you more info regarding coverage in the state where you live, or other specific funds which can aid you pay for this procedure. The professionals from these centers work to offer you the services you require. Lots of these centers charge less depending on what income you have.

How Much Does Aspiration Abortion Cost?

Such a procedure costs around $300 to $950. The cost for an aspiration abortion depends on lots of circumstances, which include where the woman lives, what insurance she has, Medicaid, how long is in her pregnancy as well as other funding.

Does Medicaid Cover Abortion Costs?

Medicaid, the Federal-State insurance program for people with a low income, will only cover abortion in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest. While all U.S. states need to accept Medicaid in these cases, not all health centers provide Medicaid.

Does Planned Parenthood Provide Free Abortions?

Due to the face that Planned Parenthood is a health clinic, there are fees associated with this kind of procedures. These are calculated scale that involves the personal income of patients. In any situation, Planned Parenthood will try and work with its patients to find the best possible solution.

Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Chief Medical Office a Planned Parenthood, says: “If you aren`t able to afford an abortion, there`re resources that come to your help. The staff from your local health center will be able to let you know what resources are available for your needs. Also, the National Network of Abortion Funds may be able to aid you fund your procedure – they`ve a funding network in almost every state.”

How Much Does an Abortion Cost in the United Kingdom?

The cost for abortions in the United Kingdom generally depends on how long you are pregnant, medical history, BMI and personal preference.

Abortion Treatment Type Medical Assessment Treatment Price Total Cost
Abortion Pills (up to 9 weeks + 3 days) £35 £390 £425
Surgical abortion (under 14 weeks) £35 £435 £470
Surgical abortion (14 to 17 weeks + 6 days) £35 £665 £700
Surgical abortion (18+ to 24 weeks (general anaesthetic included) £35 £1405 £1395
General Anaesthetic (optional until 18 or more weeks) NA NA € 20

Note: The exact period of pregnancy length is generally determined by the registered nurses on the appointment day by ultrasound scan.

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When Will I Have to Pay?

Every health clinic or hospital might have personal policies, but general speaking, you`ll probably have to follow a few general rules:

  • If you`ve reserved a medical pre-evaluation by phone, you`ll have to pay for the evaluation charge only after you`ll get a call back in order to manage the evaluation.
  • If your pre-evaluation and procedure will take place face to face, then the entire price will have to be paid when the treatment is over.
  • If your counseling appointment will take place at the same health care center, you may not have to pay a pre-evaluation fee.
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