How Often Should You Go To The Chiropractor?

Have ever asked yourself how often should you go to the chiropractor? Today you`ll get your answer!

How Often Should You Go To The Chiropractor

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What Is a Chiropractor for?

Chiropractic, known as chirotherapy well, is used to remedy the deficiencies and blockages associated with bone, nervous and muscle systems.

It aims at adjusting the vertebrae, fighting blockages and restoring physiological balance. Also, it helps in correcting biomechanical disorders which affect the body`s muscle tone, mobility, position and blood circulation, and also to reduce any pain that may have been caused by an inflammation caused by repeated movements.

Chiropractors aren`t medical doctors! However, due to insurance purposes, some states in the U.S. consider them healthcare providers, while other states don`t. All physicians are considered to be doctors – some physicians are considered primary care physicians, while other physicians are considered only specialists. – Read here!

The founder of chiropractics is David Palmer who in 1895 has managed to give a person a hearing by correcting the cervical vertebrae.

The name of the technique comes from the Greek word “chiros,” which means hand. The method represents the manipulation of joints and vertebrae with the help of hands so that they will be able to return to their joints. – Learn from this!

The success of the maneuver is announced by a specific noise called “crack,” which is made at that particular joint. Due to wrong positions that we may adopt during the day or night, at the office, behind the wheel, joints move from their place, there are muscle contractions that maintain these disturbances from normal and if they persist, after a while there are vicious posts that occur – they appear in almost everybody, but this doesn`t mean you are sick.

Due to daily activities, overloading to prolonged effort, excessive weight, the spine can tighten and needs elongations and rearrangement of the joints. The technique is also used in derivations and deformations of the spine.

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The first chiropractic exam includes a complete investigation of the spine and anamnesis (medical history) of the patient. The therapist will analyze the painful area by observing and palpating. Also in some cases, some analyzes will be performed for excluding an infectious cause or other health issues that may require another type of treatment.

Chiropractic differs from osteopathy by application, the movements being slower and the force minimal to not have a traumatic effect. The therapist directs his force almost the same as the muscle would do, looking for the optimal position to place the displaced bone back in place. Like mentioned above, the purpose is to unblock a certain vertebral segment, then to try and strengthen certain muscle groups by methods similar to Chinese physiology.

At First, It Aims to Relieve Pain

Treatment is usually split in 3 stages. The first sessions take place at short lengths of time and have the purpose of relieving pain immediately. During the second stage, the sessions have the purpose of continuing the healing process and preventing relapse. During the last stage, the sessions are performed with the purpose of maintaining the patient`s health. The number of sessions varies from one patient to another, depending on the personal situation. In case of chronic conditions, severe or which are caused by other health problems, the treatment will be on long term. – Click here!

It Heals a Series of Affections

This technique is very efficient in case of back pain, column deviations, neuralgia, neuritis, dislocation, joint pain, hernia or intervertebral disc sting (more info here). Also, chiropractic is used to alleviate arthritis, rheumatism gastritis, dizziness, migraines, chest pain, ringing in the ear or esophagitis. Moreover, dysmenorrheal, infertility and indigestion could be improved due to the result of improved energy flow after treatment. It`s unlikely for this method to be harmful, in case other methods fail to address these healthy issues. Still, in the case of certain diseases, such as infection or neurological diseases, cancer or fractures, chiropractic treatment isn`t recommended.

Severe Pain Needs Intensive Chiropractic Treatment

If you have any injury or medical condition that causes a severe pain, you`ll most definitely require intensive chiropractic treatment.

This may entail 2 or 3 back adjustments per week, gradually decreasing the number of visits every week that may last for an entire year or even more. It all depends on the medical condition, how serious the damage on the body is as well as the pain`s level, also combined with the fact whether or not you respond well to the treatment or not. – Read this!

If you don`t notice any improvements after a couple of weeks, perhaps the treatment is not working for you and you might need to take other options into consideration, like another chiropractor who may use another approach or even a medical examination by a doctor.

Different chiropractors use different methods, so you might want to visit a few chiropractors and find one that best suits your needs.

An essential thing when deciding on a chiropractor is to notice one who will adjust the treatment plan according to your progress. It is not really possible to know how many treatments you will require in from before starting the treatment.

A fair expectation is a 3- to 6-week treatment plan, then a re-evaluation as well as new treatment plan that should be based on the individual condition.

Are Chiropractic Safe?

According to American Chiropractic Association, neck manipulation is a wonderful safe method. Even the name is defining causation when that isn`t known, since a lot of people choose chiropractic when they experience neck pain which without manipulation might have turned a stroke. – More details!

Do Chiropractors Hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments don`t generally hurt. This type of adjustments to particular joints of the spine or other extremities might feel a bit uncomfortable, but as soon as the adjustment is don`t you shouldn`t feel any pain. Generally speaking, patients enjoy and even like the way the procedures feel, claiming the feelings are similar to the ones offered by massage.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Cause a Herniated Disc?

Chiropractic is a very good option for patients who want to avoid spine surgery. When these methods are performed by chiropractors who are qualified, there`s no evidence whatsoever which would suggest that spinal manipulation may cause a bulging spinal disc.

When Do You Need a Chiropractor?

When you are feeling wonderful but still looking to catch small misalignments before they may cause health issues, a visit to the chiropractor from once every couple of months to twice a year can be a good idea. Or, you may simply make an appointment when you feel some sort of pain or tension.

How Often Should You Go to the Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are able to often treat neck or back pain in only a few sessions, on occasion only in visits once per week. However, it may require visits more often or might take longer, depending on the personal condition, lengths of signs or underlying factors which stress the body. Any injuries you previously had might affect treatment length, along with rehabilitation for those specific injuries when they happened and any care you may have received. – See this!

By staying too much at your office desk or at your computer, you may find that modern life usually contributes to neck or back pain, and you often might find that a regular chiropractic adjustment every 2 or 3 weeks may prevent possible health issues.

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