How Should You Dress A Newborn For Bed?

You will definitely want to dress the little one in sleepwear which is comfortable and safe, and which helps him conserve a good temperature of the body. In order for babies to sleep well and in a safe manner, they don`t have to be too cold or too hot. Hot water bottles or electric blankets aren`t necessary, if you know how to dress your child!

How Should You Dress A Newborn For Bed

If might be surprised, but baby night clothing doesn`t need to be too resistant. Breathable, soft fabrics such as cotton are just fine to use; however, they have to be used in such a way that will fit your necessities. As of June 2000, by United States law, the sleepwear of children needs to be labeled as either flame resistant or snug-fitting.

How Should You Dress a Newborn for Bed?

Sleepover pajamas and clothing items in which infants sleep should make them feel comfortable and protected from excessive heat or cold. Due to the fact that the children`s clothing leave a mark on the quality of their sleep overnight, it`s essential for pajamas to be properly chosen, depending on the child`s age and season.

If a baby can sleep comfortably in a simple body with no sleeves during the summer, this option isn`t a good choice for an older child. Clothing types and models change from one age to another.

Moreover, during the winter, the baby needs to be dressed with more layers at night, because he may have the tendency of moving in his sleep and throw away his blanket overnight. There`s a risk for his sleeping to be disturbed and wake up at night due to heat or cold discomfort.

Each age of the child has his own rules in what means choosing the pajamas. They vary depending on quality, season, design or fabric.

You need to avoid ties, ribbons, or any other decorative products which may get wrapped around the little one and pose a risk of choking.

Regarding how much to dress a newborn, simply put – don`t overdo it! Sudden infant death syndrome is often caused by overheating.

Keep in mind the room`s temperature, the thickness of the bag in which you put your baby and the way you wrap him when choosing to dress your infant during sleep at night.

In those periods of summer when is really hot, you can give up using the body at all, in order to reduce the risk of overheating. You can easily notice if the baby is too hot or too cold by following a few simple body signs.

In case that the child has his hands or soles cold, he may be too cold. If they are hot or you notice he`s sweating, this means you may have overdressed him. The little one is dressed properly when he has a constant body temperature at night – he doesn`t shake, he doesn`t sweat and he doesn`t wake up frequently.

Baby Wrapping

Wrapping the baby aids him to settle for sleep, and remain in a safe position on the back during sleep.

If you may choose to wrap him, you should use muslin wraps or lightweight cotton. Be certain not to wrapping above his shoulders and not to cover his head, chin or ears. If you wrap him too tight, you might obstruct his breathing or cause him to overheat.

You should also check if there is sufficient room for him to stretch his little legs or that the wrap is not too tight around his hips and chest. If you wrap the chest or legs of your baby too tight, you may cause him breathing or hip issues.

Newborns can be wrapped immediately after birth until you notice signs that they are able to roll onto the tummy. This generally happens around 4 months.

There are a few tips to keep your infant comfortable and safe when he`s sleeping.

Avoid Over-bundling

If you use lots of covers and clothing items, you may cause your little one to overheat and, therefore, increased risks of sudden infant death syndrome. The safest option is to use a sleep sack which zips onto him, if you consider another light layer is required over his pajamas. However, if he`s sick, you should be extra careful. He may have fever, and if you add additional layers on him, you might increase his body temperature even more.

Room Together

The baby should sleep in close proximity to where you sleep in the first 6 months of his life. According to the AAP, this will definitely reduce his risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Lots of parents put the crib of their baby in their own bedroom during this period of time.

Keep Cribs Bare

Don`t add any soft bedding or other kinds of objects that may occupy from the little one`s sleep space for at least the first 12 months of his life. This will have to include pillows, stuffed animals, comforters, blankets and any other similar things. If you feel the need to use a blanket, at least use a lightweight one through which the baby can breathe and be certain you`ll tuck it under the mattress, not letting it to extend higher than the middle of the child`s chest. – Check out this link!

Use a Fan

Use a fan in the little one`s room to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by circulating the air and decreasing his risk of “re-breathing.” Don`t worry! This will not make the baby`s room colder, as fans don`t cool the room`s air, but rather just move it around. If the child isn`t perspiring, he won`t probably feel anything.

How Do You Keep a Baby Warm at Night without Blankets?

During his first year of life, it`s much safer to avoid using any kind of thick bedding in your child`s crib. That`s mainly because sometimes too much bedding might lead to overheating or accidental suffocation, which is generally believed to be a high risk factor of SIDS.

A skullcap as well as pajamas with feet represents great options. As a general idea, layered clothing items used for sleep are very practical, if you have to add or remove a layer. Sleep sacks or “wearable blankets” which will not get tangled might aid maintain the newborn cozy a well.

Contrary to what some believe, newborns don`t really require more bundling up than us. Generally speaking, the little one should be comfortable if he`ll use kind of the same amount of clothing items in which you would feel comfortable using the very same temperature in the room.

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