How To Avoid Getting Pregnant?

There are a lot of methods that you can use to avoid becoming pregnant. As you are about to find out, these methods vary a lot and aren`t (with very small exceptions) 100% sure. Before choosing any of them, it`s required to consult a doctor as he`s the only one who can recommend you the most appropriate for your health and lifestyle.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

Of course, as most of us already know, the surest method to avoid remaining pregnant is using contraceptive methods. Besides these, there are other ways that you can use to avoid having a child.

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Adopt Abstinence

Abstinence (lack of sexual contacts) is a method that is 100% sure that you`ll avoid remaining pregnant, at the same time protecting yourself from STDs as well.

Before taking a decision in this regard, talk to your partner about the advantages and disadvantages offered by abstinence. Among the advantages, we remind: it`s the safest and cheapest way to avoid a pregnancy, it doesn`t have side effects like the administration of contraceptive drugs, and it will protect you from STDs. Of course, the biggest disadvantage is the one related to the lack of sexual intercourse and lack of consistent information regarding protected sex.

Last but not least, both you and your partner should know that abstinence is a temporary solution and that things can change in the future.

Avoid Vaginal Sex

Keeping sperm away from the vagina is a concrete way of avoiding a pregnancy. Therefore, instead of having sexual intercourse based on vaginal penetration, you can opt for any of the below options:

  • Limiting to hugs and kisses.
  • Masturbation.
  • Erotic fantasies.
  • Using sexual objects.
  • Oral sex.
  • Anal sex.

Avoid Having Sexual Contacts in Fertile Days

You should know from the start that this method isn`t too easy to apply and the possibility of avoiding a pregnancy isn`t 100% sure, but it can definitely help. Additionally, to apply it as you should and seeing its results, you need to have a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days.

Here`s a method through which you can know for sure which are your most fertile days and which aren`t:

  • If you want to know your most fertile days, think about your menstruations from the last 6 months (with the condition that all your menstrual cycles from this period to be regular). After that, you`ll subtract 18 days from the total number of days included in your shortest menstrual cycle. Once you obtained this number, you can start counting from your first day of your next menstrual cycle. Mark this date in your calendar.
  • Then get back to your longest menstrual cycle and subtract 11 days. The obtained number will be a mark to count again starting with the first day of your next menstrual cycle. Mark the date in your calendar again.
  • The days from the marked dates are the ones in which you are more likely to become pregnant. This means you get to have sexual contacts without also having high chances of conceiving a child in the days that aren`t included in that period. Still, remember this: once it gets into your body, sperm can survive up to 4 days, so mark another 4 days besides the ones already marked.

Let`s find out about the lacks of this method of preventing a pregnancy:

  • Keep in mind that even if you know that date when you had your ovulation, it`s hard to know for sure when it`s best and when it`s not to have sexual contacts without concerning yourself that you may become pregnant. This is determined on what it was already mentioned earlier: sperm may survive up to 4 days in your vagina.
  • Some women have a tendency of having ovulation faster, and this means that you are already at the end of your cycle. Of course, the phenomenon is more visible at persons who don`t have a regular menstruation.

In conclusion, experts tell us that we can use this method of avoiding a pregnancy, but the surest methods are the contraceptive ones.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant? Use All Kinds of Contraceptives!

Although birth control pills represent the safest known method of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, some women are afraid to take them because they heard that this type of drugs have side effects. It`s true that if using them for a long period of time, oral contraceptives may lead to water retention, gaining weight, overload of the liver or decreased libido. But it`s not a general rule! Moreover, there are now supplements that get rid of these side effects. And what`s more important, there are alternatives just as efficient and in handy.

Birth Control Pills

Don`t start taking birth control pills without talking to a doctor first. He`s the only one who is able to recommend you to most suitable ones for your lifestyle and health. Additionally, a doctor will also tell you the side effects that these drugs may have.

Keep in mind other important rules if you are using birth control pills so that you can avoid becoming pregnant as much as you can:

  • Contraceptive pills will need to be taken at the same hour on a daily basis.
  • Some drugs (e.g. antibiotics) may interact between them and may diminish their efficiency.
  • Birth control pills will need to be stored in optimal conditions (kept away from heat or light).
  • Always check their expiration date.

Last but not least, you can also use the “emergency pill.” This pill isn`t 100% safe either, but if it`s administered properly, it can reduce the odds of becoming pregnant with up to 75%.

So, you`ll be given 3 such pills that you should take immediately after you had sexual intercourse and other 3 pills that will be taken 12 hours later. If you cannot take them in the interval of 12 hours, it`s important to change the time when you take your first dose, so you can take the second one at the proper time.


There are 2 options for men and women. When they are applied properly, they offer protection of around 98%.

The most important thing is to be careful at the expiration date, check if the condom is cracked and to know how to put it properly.

Don`t forget! The condom is also important to keep STDs away.


It has an effect of 3 months, but you need to visit the doctor to do it. It contains a high dose of progesterone, which is injected intramuscular. You can experience irregular bleeding, but it can be performed to women who are breastfeeding or those who have a low level of estrogen.


Diaphragms are available in different sizes. Only a doctor can measure properly the size of the pelvis and choose the right diaphragm for you.

The diaphragm can be removed either at 6 hours after you had sexual intercourse, either even after 24 hours.

You should know that the diaphragm cannot protect you from all sexual transmitted diseases. It can protect you from Chlamydia or gonorrhea, but it cannot protect you of genital herpes or HIV.

Hormonal Patches

It`s the only method of weekly administration It contains hormones that are released through skin in the organism. It can be applied anywhere in the upper body, except breasts, on a dry and clean skin. There are 3 patches used every month, once per week, then a break of 1 week after every 3 weeks during which menstruation occurs.

Attention! If you know yourself to have high blood pressure, with risk of thrombosis, if you are over 35 years old and you smoke. Talk to your doctor before using it.


The hormonal device is also known as intrauterine system. This contains progesterone, it`s inserted directly inside the uterus by the doctor and leaves you without worries for 5 years. It`s recommended to women who already gave birth and those who are in stable relationships. It requires periodic examinations to check if it remained in the proper position and didn`t moved. – Visit this link!

Contraceptive Sponge

It has a donut-like shape, it contains spermicides and will be inserted into the vagina up to the cervix. If it`s inserted properly, it won`t cause any discomfort. Here are the rules that you need to follow to use the contraceptive sponge properly:

  • First of all, this will be washed with 30 ml of water for the spermicide to become active. The sponge will be squeezed well.
  • The sponge will be well pressed into the vagina until it will reach the cervix. Its concave part will need to be in front of the cervix.
  • The sponge will be left inside its body for 24 hours. It can also be removed after 6 hours from sexual intercourse.
  • You`ll extract it slowly from your vagina, making sure there isn`t any part of it left inside.

Contraceptive Ring

It protects you for an entire month. It contains hormones that are released locally, without affecting the digestive tube. It`s inserted into the vagina, where it acts for 3 months. Then it`s taken off, and after a break of 7 days, it`s inserted again. However, be aware! If you choose this contraceptive method, you need to follow the same precautions as in the case of the patch.


Even if the visit to the doctor is required, the implant protects for 3 months. It only contains progesterone and can be used by all women, except those with acute embolism, thrombosis and other serious liver illnesses. Once removed, you are able to conceive again. It consists of a fine and soft container made of plastic with a length of 4 cm and a diameter of 2 mm. The doctor will be the one inserting it in the lower part of the arm. It cannot be seen and can be removed at anytime.

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