How To Fake A Pregnancy Test?

Do you looking to fool your life partner? Do you want to make a prank to someone? Then you are in the right place. However, in order to understand how to take a pregnancy test, you need to first understand how they work.

How To Fake A Pregnancy Test

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

Pregnancy tests detect hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), also known as the pregnancy hormone. When you are in fact pregnant, your body will release a specific hormone which this kind of tests are designed to detect.

Still, lots of these particular tests may offer results like “false positive” or “false negative” for a couple of different reasons.

How to Prepare a Fake Pregnancy Test?

Anything which isn`t really present, or real for that matter, needs to be implanted in the mind of a person on a subconscious level. So, you have to begin by planting a seed in that person`s mind for a few weeks ahead before the actual prank day.

If you may be faking a pregnancy test for a really serious reason, then you really have to put your mind into it and skillfully plan the entire thing. You can start by talking with a few close persons around that you may have missed your period and don`t really understand why.

In addition, you can always outline that you may be feeling some early pregnancy signs, like morning sickness, headaches and food aversions. All this need to be done in front of person to whom you know your life partner or person whom you want to do the prank will be around.

All this will amplify the impact of your fake pregnancy test and aid to distract the attention of those who you want to fool.

How to Fake a Positive Pregnancy Test?

It`s not that difficult to make a pregnancy test result positive. Actually, sometimes it`s easier than getting a real positive pregnancy test result.

Purchase a Fake Pregnancy Test Kit

There`s a pregnancy test kit that looks just like a real one, only it isn`t. The test result will always be positive, no matter if you are expecting or not. Lot of people out there use it as a prank, while other ones are using it to really think others around they`re in fact pregnant.

Just take a look at the description of this kit on Amazon:

“The right time prank pregnancy Test was designed to give positive results under any circumstance and is a great gag for you to play on your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or anyone else that you feel like joking. The tests could be used as a joke at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or any other shenanigans you may have in mind. Using urine on the Test is not necessary because it was manufactured to turn positive using any liquid that is not too acidic.”

This pregnancy test will offer a positive result even if you add plain water. These are really wonderful choices for gags to be used at bachelorette or showers parties, especially when the groom is present. Just imagine how will the groom`s face look like if the bride will show the stick with a positive result.

Expired Pregnancy Test

Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman, a medical practitioner from Kuwait, says that the second most frequent reason why his patients get false positive results is due to an expired pregnancy test.

When such a test is used after its date of expiration, the chemical substance which should detect the pregnancy hormone does not always work properly, or can get misread.

According to Dr. Ragman, chances to have a false positive result increase if the pregnancy test expires.

Pregnancy Test Sits for Too Long

If you take a regular test that has line indicators, usually it is essential to check its results in the time frame outlined on the guidelines.

For our purpose, you should let the test to sit a longer period of time until reading its results. The urine on the pregnancy test might evaporate and may look like there`s 2 lines instead of just one.

Dr. Rahman says that “often people may notice evaporation lines as urine begins to evaporate off the pregnancy test.

This may make the pregnancy test look like there`s a second faint line when there`s just one.”

Draw a Line on a Regular Pregnancy Test

Another way to make a pregnancy test result look positive is to purchase 2 regular ones, the second one being needed in case if make a mistake. You should try and get the cheapest tests possible, which you can find them at any local store around your area.

Once you got the test, check out the color of their test lines and find a marker that has the same color. Pee on the stick, let it dry, and then use something sharp and the marker to draw a line where the positive line should be.

Use Coca-Cola

Purchase some really cheap tests and any type of cola. You shouldn`t pee on the stick for this method to offer results, as you`ll want to begin with a dry stick that is clean.

Add some cola into a cup, dip the pregnancy stick into it, and keep it like this until the cola will come up on the pregnancy test strip. Leave it for a few minutes and you should have a positive test result in no time.

Fertility Drugs Increase hCG Levels

Sometimes, you don`t need to do anything more than taking fertility medications in order to get a false positive pregnancy result. If you`ll take pregnancy tests too soon after taking a fertility medication which contains the pregnancy hormone (hCG), like certain injections which are frequently part of IVF, you might receive a false positive result.

Zev Willims, an assistant professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and obstetrician/gynecologist tells us that “it may just be the actual result of fertility medications if you get a false positive. This is something that we always caution our patients about, so they won`t raise their hope when they see a positive test result.

Soap in Urine

Among the greatest complaints you may hear around is when some people receive a false positive pregnancy result from the contamination of a test. Guidelines of the pregnancy test always outline to use a container that is clean when collecting urine or to pee straight on the strip.

For instance, if you choose to use a container which has been washed with soap without being totally rinsed, your test may be altered.

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Try to pee on the cup and then put a drop of soap in the urine. Dip the pregnancy test`s stick and then wait for 5 minutes.

Heating the Pregnancy Test

If you heat a pregnancy test, it may offer you a false positive. The hCG antibodies from the test might undergo degradation and, therefore, may offer a faint line even in the absence of any hCG hormone. This way, you may get a false positive pregnancy result.

How to Fake a Negative Pregnancy Test?

You probably already took a DIY pregnancy test at home, and it gave you a negative result. For whatever reason you may need to repeat this process, you`ll probably be happy to know that it`s possible to make it happen by desire as well.

Use Water Instead of your Urine

Obviously, because a pregnancy test detects the hCG hormone in your urine, it will have nothing to detect if you`ll use water. The test stick will still look wet because of the water, but there`s no chance for you to get a positive pregnancy result.

Taking the Pregnancy Test Incorrectly

As silly as it sounds, by avoiding to follow the instructions on the box properly, you may just reach your goal. For instance, a sensitive pregnancy test will need to be taken early in the morning when the concentration of hCG is higher. If such a test would be taken later during the day, it may not offer true results.

Adding Antibiotics in the Urine Sample

It`s believed that antibiotics as well as other medications interfere with pregnancy tests. Therefore, you may get a false negative pregnancy result if you`ll add antibiotics in your urine sample.
Take a few antibiotics, powder them and then add them to your urine sample. Dip the pregnancy test into the new urine mixture and get a false negative result.

Expired Pregnancy Test

Expired pregnancy tests can also offer false negative pregnancy results, not only positive ones. Check the test`s box and see if the test is still valid. Unfortunately, you`ll need an expired one for your purpose and you may have to visit quite a few stores until you find one.

Using Less Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

It`s well known that some pregnancy tests are less sensitive than others in detecting a specific level of hCG in the urine. A pregnancy test that is less sensitive might not be able to detect low concentrations of hCG.

Simply choose one of the pregnancy tests available on the market that are known to be less sensitive, and you`ll increases your chance in getting a false negative pregnancy test. This method is actually more effective than you think.

Faulty Pregnancy Tests

Obviously, faulty pregnancy tests have rare chances of offering positive pregnancy results. So, use a faulty test to get a negative pregnancy test. Chemists reject them all the time as they do their tests for the manufacturer.

Refrigeration of Pregnancy Tests

Due to moisture, refrigeration of pregnancy tests might be an option as well. Condensed moisture will reach the kit and desensitize the particles that detect the hCG hormone. As you know, the hCG antibodies are the ones testing the urine for the pregnancy hormone, so if they don`t function properly, you`ll automatically get a fake pregnancy test.

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