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How To Know What Your Baby Will Look Like?

How to know what your baby will look? This is a question that most likely you have considered if you planned to start a family with your husband or life partner.

How To Know What Your Baby Will Look Like

Being a parent is one of the most amazing things in a man`s or a woman`s life. Nothing compares with the sensation of being a parent. However, besides all those sensations and strong emotions that will soon come, there are also a lot of responsibilities and major changes in the future parent`s life. We all imagine how will our future child look and want for him to inherit all our physical and moral qualities.

You probably already thought to those wonderful moments that you`ll get to spend together with your baby and you have used your imagination quite a lot in this regard. However, what if I would to tell you that you can get an idea of how your baby will look? With the help of science, there`s no longer a mystery how your babies will look, because everything is related to the probability and dominant genes.

How to Know What Your Baby Will Look?

What can be more fun than to stay in your loved one`s arms and imagine how your little ones will look? Take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a sketch, because we are about to present a guide that will tell you what genes will the baby take from each parent.

Modern science can predict what physical characteristics will the baby inherits from his parents, depending on the dominant (strong) or recessive (weak) genes. – Check this out!

The dominant genes are:

  • Dark skin color.
  • Dark eye color.
  • Dark and/or curly hair.
  • Big nose.
  • Thick lips.
  • Wide chin.

The recessive genes, which usually aren`t transmitted, are:

  • Red or light color hair.
  • Straight hair.
  • Blue/grey eye color.
  • White skin.


  • Brunette mother with curly hair and blue eyes + blonde father with straight hair and brown eyes = brunette baby with curly hair and brown eyes.
  • Red haired mother with light color eyes + father with brown hair and big nose = baby with dark color hair, brown eyes and big nose.
  • Brunette mother with green eyes and thick lips + father with dark skin color and brown eyes = baby with dark skin color, brown eyes and thick lips. – Find out more!

Of course, if both parents have recessive genes, the baby will inherit those genes. An exception to this rule is related to babies with red hair and freckles, who can also be made by parents who have this gene from their family, but it`s not active. Therefore, although none of the parents is naturally red haired, their babies can have this gene. There are also other genes that remain inactive in parents and can become active in their children, but these are rare cases. – Read more!

The baby`s eye color can also be anticipated quite accurately, in percentages even!

  • Brown eyes + brown eyes = 75% brown eyes, 18.75% green eyes, 6.25% blue eyes.
  • Green eyes + brown eyes = 50% brown eyes, 37.5% green eyes, 12.5% blue eyes.
  • Blue eyes + brown eyes = 50% brown eyes, 0% green eyes, 50% blue eyes.
  • Green eyes + green eyes = <1% brown eyes, 75% green eyes, 25% blue eyes.
  • Green eyes + blue eyes = 0% brown eyes, 50% green eyes, 50% blue eyes.
  • Green eyes + green eyes = 0% brown eyes, 1% green eyes, 99% blue eyes.

Have You Heard of MakeMeBabies?

For those of you who didn`t heard of MakeMeBabies, this is an online website that can help users predict the most basic features of their future baby. The site is using an advanced face detection software which can predict how your future child will look like. Users only need to upload their picture, their partner`s picture and they`ll get a pretty close idea of their future baby in a matter of seconds.

But why stop the fun there? Add a picture of your favorite celebrity and see how your baby will look like? Wouldn`t that be something! – Click here for more!

So, if you asked yourself how your baby will look, now you have an idea of what features he`ll inherit from you and his father. Anyway, your child will still be the most beautiful baby in the world – of that you can be sure!

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