How To Make Breastfeeding Easier?

The most important gift that you can offer to your baby is to breastfeed him. The emotions that you`ll experience during this period will be among the most beautiful as a mother. The milk produced by your body is the ideal food for the baby that you carried in your belly for 9 months.How To Make Breastfeeding Easier

Even if you may experience some unpleasantries at first, try to not deprive your baby of the benefits of breastfeeding too soon.

It`s believed that the time spend during breastfeeding is the foundation of a harmonious development between a mother and her baby. This closeness increases the baby`s confidence in life and strengthens the feeling of being loved.

What can be more beautiful besides comforting your baby at your chest, looking at his big and curious eyes which analyze every detail and receiving?

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How to Make Breastfeeding Easier?

Get Enough Sleep

Simply because you are the one with the breasts does not really mean you are the only one who can do the feeding. After you have developed a good nursing relationship with your little one (this generally happen after his first month of life), it`s fine to let your life partner be the one feeding the baby, especially if it passed some time since you god a good night`s sleep. You only need to make certain you pump an extra bottle of breast milk first before going to bed. If you want to maintain the milk supply of your body, it`s essential to have a pumping session each single time your little one has a bottle.

Planning Ahead Is a Must

Before giving birth, you need to have a discussion with your employer about the plans of continuing your breastfeeding session with being at work. You are protected by law to do this. Together, you should find a private spot where you can feed your little one, as well as brainstorm some ideas of how to fit some pumping breaks during a workday. It may seem rather difficult at times, but you aren`t the only one into this as lots of mothers continue breastfeeding their baby after going to work. If they can, why can`t you?

Prepare your Breasts from Even Birth

They pass through several changes during the 9 months while you are pregnant. Colostrum begins to produce since the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Apply on your breasts a nourishing lotion to protect your skin because their weight will increase with 450g to 500g. A cream that is powerful moisturized or one that includes the vitamin E can be applied on the nipples and areolas because they can become dry and then crack. Anise tea or fennel tea are known to simulate lactation and you can start consume them during your pregnancy. If your nipples aren`t prominent, you can rub them slowly and then pull them slightly. If you try and form your nipples from during the pregnancy, you`ll help your baby later to grab them more easily. – More info!

After birth

Start breastfeeding him as soon as possible to take advantage of his reflex to suck. If you are giving birth naturally, you can start to breastfeed him as soon as you are feeling ready, usually 4 to 6 hours from his birth. There are cases when mothers start breastfeeding earlier than 4 hours. If you are choosing a C-section, you`ll need a period of recovery of at least 24 hours, time during which the administrated medication will be eliminated, and your milk will be just as ready for the baby.

Take Advantage of the Time Spent in Hospital

While in the hospital, you should take advantage of the time spent there and ask as many questions as you need regarding breastfeeding. The breast is usually grabbed with the forefinger and middle finger from the edge of the areola, and by using your thumb you should compress your breast and push towards your baby.

Feed your Baby after his Needs

Your baby should be fed at demand and not after a schedule. At first, prepare yourself to breastfeed even at every 1 hour. With every day passing, the pauses between sessions will become larger. Most babies need to breastfeed every 2 hours.

Don`t Be Embarrassed to Breastfeed in Public

Your little doesn`t know anything else than the fact that is hungry and he doesn`t realize that it isn`t the best moment for this to happen. You may be in a restaurant, supermarket or park – it`s best to get used to the idea of breastfeeding with other people around you. Nowadays, no one is surprised anymore to see a woman breastfeeding on a bank on the street and is nothing disgusting about it. It represents the respect you give to your baby and his feeding hours.

Thirst Might Bother You Sometimes

Sometimes you may be thirsty more than usual when you breastfeed your baby. Increase the quantity of consumed liquids. Whenever your body says it`s thirsty, listen to it. You can even have a glass of water near you during breastfeeding.

Use Both your Breast during a Breastfeeding Session

Don`t let your infant suck only from one breast. Limit the breastfeeding session from a breast to up to 12 minutes. Then put your baby to your other breast. If he`ll suck for one single breast for too long, you may risk some issues: pains of your nipples, mastitis, breast engorgement or breast rhagades. Moreover, it`s best to empty both your breasts in a single breastfeeding session.

Use Any Tool that Can Help You

Breast pumps, special bras, pads for breasts, protections for nipples or moisturizing creams – these are all great tools that can be quite helpful at times.

Don`t Blame Yourself for the Difficulties during Breastfeeding

Mothers often tend to blame themselves by the difficulties that they encounter when they breastfeed their baby. When you see your little one that he`s crying, doesn`t want your breast or makes faces when trying to breastfeed him, you may think you is your fault for what is happening.

During the first 6 months of breastfeeding, mothers find themselves surrounded by several complications related to breastfeeding, which often has nothing to do with them. Breast rhagades, mastitis, breast engorgement or painful nipples are only a few of these problems. You don`t need to worry or blame yourself for all of this. These can be easily treated and then you`ll be able to breastfeed your baby more easily.

How Long Does It Take for your Milk Supply to Come In?

It takes around 3 to 4 days for your breast milk to come in, if you are the first time when being a mother. If this isn`t your first baby, this may happen earlier. The breasts might start to feel full a few days after birth, this being a symptom that the breast milk is coming in.

How Can I Get my Milk to Come in Faster?

Express your breast milk using a pump after each feeding session so you can totally empty each of your breasts. A breast pump might aid stimulate both your breasts to produce more milk as well. A massage of your breasts might also aid stimulate the breasts as well as increase the supply of breast milk. Pump the breasts every 2 – 4 hours if you know you`re going to be away from your little one. You can store the pumped milk and use it later to feed your baby.

How Does It Feel Like when your Milk Lets Down?

You may encounter the let-down reflex lots of times during a breastfeeding session. Usually, the first time is also the only time when you`ll notice it. When the breast milk starts to let down, you might feel needles and pins, pressure or gentle tingling, and it may become some sort of uncomfortable or even feel a bit of pain at times. There are woman who feel these sensations quite strongly, and there are other ones who don`t feel anything.

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