How To Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy?

Postnatal bodies come in just about any sizes or shapes – that is in fact something we have seen over and over both in social media or person. Loose skin, which is a perfectly normal development after delivery, might last regardless of how good you looked before becoming pregnant or whether or not you have get back on track with your gym routine after giving birth.

How To Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy

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What Happens to your Skin after Birth?

We hear about fresh mothers with 6-pack abs and excess skin all the time; however, generally not both. Still, Jim Pivarnik, a professor at Michigan State University who have made extensive research on the effects of physical exercise during pregnancy, claims that this particular combo is perhaps much more common than you might think.

Lost postnatal belly skin occurs to almost all fresh moms. It is only a question of how much loose skin you have.

A few months after giving birth, you managed to find a new kind of normal. Things might be starting to settle down, and you have begun to sleep more, eat, exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.

But tightening loose skin can be a bitch after giving birth. You may see that extra skin on your backside, hips or belly. You may just notice it when you are taking on your favorite jeans or when taking a shower. Maybe you have already lost some weight and you just need a bit of help with tightening your remaining skin.

Loose skin can frustrate lots of women out there who are interested in having their bodies go back to the way they used to be before pregnancy. However, it`s essential to keep in mind that this kind of things take quite some time.

The body just went through a miracle when giving birth, so it may need to get some slack.

You could cut down a little of belly fat each day by simply eating small meals, more often.

How Soon Does Skin Return to its Original Shapes?

How fast does the skin really gets tightened generally depends very much on how active you used to be while pregnant. Also, there are a few other different factors which may be responsible, such as your bone structure or genes, or how much weight you managed to add.

It`s thought that those particular women who gained up to 30 pounds and practiced physical exercises regularly while pregnant end up regaining their original shapes much faster.

Efficient Tips for Belly Skin Tightening after Birth

Here`re a few useful tips which will help tightening skin after delivery.

Abs-Focused Physical Exercises

Physical exercises which work the abdominal muscles won`t aid you lose any additional skin in a direct manner; however, attempting to firm those particular muscles from underneath might aid tighten any overlying skin.

Abdominal compression workout routine and pelvic tilts could be practiced early after delivery. As soon as you are completely recovered, you could attempt a bit more intense physical exercises, like bicycle crunches, stability ball pikes, planks or side bridges.

Increasing your Intake of Water

There`re lots of great reasons for which you should increase your water intake. Water will both make your skin more elastic as well as hydrate it. It will also aid the body burn a lot more calories and in a more efficient way.

More than that, it will aid reduce the retention of water from the area of your tummy, which might make the occurrence of loose skin a bit more noticeable. If you haven`t increase your water intake by now, here`re a few reasons to start.

Lotion & Massage

Use a collagen-based lotion for your skin, but also one that includes vitamins A, E, C and K to aid firm up any potential loose skin. But don`t forget, when you apply your lotion, massage it into the skin. This way, you`ll improve any flow of blood to that particular area, which will help the skin to look firmer. Do this once or twice per day.

Lower your General Percentage of Body Fat

Loose skin is not really loose skin all the time, but rather simply additional body fat. In order to be certain, you could always test your body by just using a caliper.

Breastfeeding Is Important

Besides of being a healthy nutritional source for your little one, breastfeeding is essential for you as well.

  • When nursing, any possible calories are quickly transformed into milk, thereby aiding you lose any additional body fat.
  • A mother who is breastfeeding loses extra pounds much faster than one who isn`t nursing.

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Complete-Body Tightening

Working your entire body using strength-based and cardiovascular workout routines will surely build some muscles as well as burn some of the excessive fat you may have underneath your skin, leading to your tummy appearing much more firm.

Target at least half an hour of cardiovascular workout routine on most week days, but also strength training 3 times every week, attempting to concentrate on physical exercises which will target all major groups of muscles within your body. Try to do 2 – 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of every exercise.


If you are interested in building muscle, protein should be your first choice. It`s great for muscle development, but it contains essential nutrients which aid the skin, like collagen. It depends on the weight just how much protein you have to consume, but also on how much strength workout you perform or at least how much physical activity.

Boost the Skin`s Elasticity Naturally

Letting the fact that you have to consume a lot of water aside, you could also boost your skin stretchiness by playing a bit with your diet, vitamins or supplements. As we age, the human skin looses collagen – this is a scientific fact. It`s the most essential culprit to why aging occurs as well as to why wrinkles happen. – Read more!

Still, collagen loss can be rebuilt or at least we can slow it down in a natural way. A few mineral and vitamin supplements which you might want to consider for boosting the elasticity of your skin are Vitamin A, C, E and Biotin.

Exfoliate your Skin

Another great method of tightening the skin is to attempt using an exfoliating scrub when taking a shower.

  • It aids in increasing the circulation of your blood by simply increasing the blood flow in that particular region.
  • It creates new, more elastic and healthy skin.

Don`t Use Very Strict Diets

When you choose to use very strict nutrition, you may lose additional pounds faster at first. However, once you stop your diet, any additional weight will most certainly bounce back more rapidly than you think.

Maintain a Healthy Mind

We all know how frustrating it`s when you cannot lose those extra pounds. However, in such situations you need to maintain calm.

  • Try to be patient and remain relaxed as much as possible.
  • You should also try and practice deep breathing, enjoy any possible outdoor activities or listen to your favorite music.

Always Keep in Mind

  • Your body has brought a new life inside. Instead of only thinking of that loosing skin, try to enjoy these wonderful moments and feel proud.
  • Do not feel disappointed if it may take longer to tighten any loose skin. Offering yourself a bit of time isn`t that bad.
  • Enjoy this eating phase of eating what you like in a healthy manner and keep in mind that you are able to always get back in shape.
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