Is Bleach Harmful During Pregnancy?

A healthy lifestyle while expecting a baby shouldn`t only involve a well balanced diet, regular medical visits to your doctor and moderate physical exercises, but also your care for the environment where you live, and your lifestyle habits to be as less harmful as possible.

Is Bleach Harmful During Pregnancy

Chemicals are everywhere around us, and some of them are a potential danger for the baby in your belly. Do you know that bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is harmful during pregnancy?

Is Bleach Harmful during Pregnancy?

You may be surprised, but most cleaning items are safe while pregnant, if they are used properly. For example, cleaning should be done in areas that are aired well with doors and windows open, wearing gloves, and never combining products like bleach or ammonia, as their odor can make you feel sick.

However, there are also chemical substances which might lead to birth defects – these are known as teratogens. Most expecting mothers know about them – alcohol, prescription medications, illegal drugs, and cigarettes. Still, what they might not know is that common products that usually can be found around the house, which include bleach, lye, over cleaners, cat boxes, paint or pain removers, can be really harmful for the fetus.

So, bleach and other over cleaners can be dangerous for an unborn baby. It would be advisable to limit the use of chemical substances and take whatever measures of precaution you feel are necessary when using them.

You may want to ask someone to help you cleaning the house until the little one is born, so you can avoid any possible toxic substances associated with house cleaning. Therefore, you`ll reduce the chances of harming your unborn baby.

What Studies Say?

Scientists from the University of Bristol manifested an alarming signal regarding future mothers. Using inappropriate cleaning items that contain bleach during pregnancy can have severe side effects on the fetal development, leading to severe respiratory issues at birth.

The study performed by researchers on 14.000 kids from more than 7.000 families outlined a close connection between respiratory issues and prenatal exposure. Therefore, kids undergoing distinct chemical substances, including bleach, are 2 times more prone to experience respiratory issues which may lead to asthma.

Previous studies advocated a high risk of asthma involving people who work with cleaning items and kids exposed to household products. Around 20.000 kids under 6 years old experience diseases and poisoning as a result of inhalation of chlorine vapors at home, according to a report from the centers for dangerous substance control from the United States.

Use of Sodium Hypochlorite during Pregnancy

Household bleach is known to generally contain less than 10% sodium hypochlorite. Other types of bleach that are used as disinfectant or bleaching agent in the paper, chemical, textile or dairy industries contain more than 10% sodium hypochlorite.

There wasn’t found any published studies on the possible side effects of any type of bleach on pregnancy or human reproductive function. Environmental exposure to water chlorination by-items was associated with low fetal growth and preterm delivery; still, this data isn`t conclusive and their relevance to household bleach exposure isn`t certain.

Like with all chemical substances, any exposure that isn`t really necessary needs to be avoided. Where exposure cannot be avoided, measures of precaution need to be taken to be sure that the specific area is ventilated properly and that no signs suggestive of toxicity happen.

Regular use of bleach at any pregnancy stage wouldn`t generally be seen as medical reasons for additional fetal monitoring or pregnancy termination. Still, other risk factors might exist in individual situations which might increase the risk of side effects independently. Clinicians need to be reminded of the significance of consideration of these factors when doing risk assessments on particular cases.

Is It Safe to Bleach Face during Pregnancy?

If you may feel concerned about using bleaching products on your face or other parts of your body, you`ll have more peace of mind if you avoid using them in early pregnancy. You could always remove any extra hair, by waxing or shaving, or by simply using a cream, and you could go back on bleaching after you give birth.

Still, if you choose to use facial bleaching while pregnant, follow a few precautions first:

  • Bleach is a chemical substance. It you want to use it, do so in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, but only after getting the doctor`s approval.
  • Read the instructions of the product`s label before using the bleach.
  • Avoid using the bleach on skin areas that are broken or swollen.
  • Do a patch test on a small skin area before choosing to use the product, even if you have been using it before pregnancy. Now that you are pregnant, you can be sure that your skin is a lot more sensitive.
  • Be certain the rook is well ventilated. Bleach can have very strong odors, which might cause real discomfort, especially when feeling nauseous.
  • It`s always better if you are to use the services of a professional when applying bleach on your skin.
  • If you are to use bleach, stick with the branded options rather than the less expensive ones.
  • Avoid keeping the bleach on the skin more than is required. Leave it on only for the required time recommended by the product`s guidelines.

Risks of Bleach Face while Pregnant

Since bleach is a chemical, there`re always risks involved during pregnancy. Here`s why:

  • You`re in the most important period in early pregnancy. It`s better to postpone any bleaching treatments to your second trimester.
  • Babies are at higher risk in early pregnancy. This is the organogenesis time for the little one.
  • You might feel the need the vomit with the smells of such chemical substances.
  • It`s best to avoid applying any types of chemical substances which will enter your skin`s pores.
  • Tweezing, waxing or shaving is a better choice for you to try.

Safe & “Green” Substitutes for Bleach

You can male products which aren`t toxic rather easily by simply using basic ingredients that you may have around your house.

  • Baking soda may help eliminate smells, remove stains, and it`s a great scouring powder.
  • Olive oil is wonderful furniture polisher, while club soda represents a wonderful stain remover and polisher.
  • Borax is a great option to bleach and aids to get rid of deodorizes, dirt, disinfects and odor.
  • White vinegar is quite helpful a cleaning product for different purposes. Being able to kill bacteria and germs comes as a bonus.
  • Hydrogen peroxide might come in handy as a stain remover, as it`s not toxic or infectant.

How to Avoid Bleaching-Related Products?

  • Expecting mothers and those who already gave birth and have small children to take care of should be careful around the ingredients of the items they use, bleach included. Opt for hygienic products that don`t contain hypochlorite in order to prevent the risk of allergic reactions or irritation.
  • Notice the guidelines of the manufacturer printed on the product`s label (it might be required washing yourself after using product that contain bleach or avoid mixing it with other chemical substances).
  • Don`t use several cleaning items, odorants or sprays at the very same time. They may be irritating for both you and your children.
  • Pregnant women as well as mothers with babies should do everything that is necessary in order to avoid exposure of their babies to irritating and strong odors from the cleaning items they use.
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