Is Chamomile Tea Safe For Babies?

Among the most ancient medicinal plants, chamomile has been recognized in both traditional and folk medicine for its therapeutic properties since long ago.

Is Chamomile Tea Safe For Babies

When it comes to children, chamomile tea has lots of benefits. Not only that is quite rich in minerals and vitamins, but this herb is a store house of calcium and lots of antibacterial values. Chamomile helps babies with a series of different ailments, which include gas, colic, sleep disorders as well as lots of other ones.

Due to the fact that chamomile is a medicinal plant, both its new and dried flowers are used to prepare tea. This particular tea has been used since long ago for its therapeutic values.

Is Chamomile Tea Safe For Babies?

If your newborn experiences diagnosed pain, this might be pretty difficult for you. Still, if this specific pain isn`t diagnosed, the stress is even greater.

You need answers to the questions that concern yourself, but besides everything you need to alleviate your baby`s pain. If the little one is in distress, there are big chances for him to not be able to sleep and do lots of crying because of this, which in turn is rather hard for you.

Yes, chamomile tea is both safe and beneficial for a baby. Still, it should not be used until he is 6 months old, and keep in mind to talk to a doctor first.

And as anything else when it comes to your little one, pay lots of attention to the dosage. By the age of 6 months, lots of OTC remedies are available for the baby, which include manufactured drugs for sleep, colic or pain relief.

If you are against giving the little one synthetic products for their tummies, then the chamomile tea`s value could be worth trying.

Still, it`s quite possible for the baby to experience side effects, although they aren`t really something to worry about. For instance, some of the babies out there may experience sore tummy from this tea instead of helping them with their pain. Other babies might experience a rash.

If any of these problems occur, don`t give the tea to your baby and talk to your doctor about it. Also, if your life partner may have allergic reactions to chamomile, it may be a better idea not to give to your baby.

Some mothers have been noticed to “claim” on various online message boards that they`ve experienced using this tea in newborns of 6 weeks old, so it would be best to be careful when following such recommendations.

As you might know already, the online environment is great for doing research on pretty much everything. However, you should never act until talking to a physician first.

Nutritional Value

There are lots of vitamins that this tea provided, including vitamin A, folate, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, it also provides anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic values, and can strengthen immunity.

Although minerals and vitamins aren`t found in large amounts, most moms offer their little one this tea to aid on a series of ailments. It can offer significant improvement on gas, sleeping issues, colic as well as other baby-related problems.

Chamomile Tea for Baby Dosage

Babies shouldn`t be overfed with chamomile tea, although it brings lots of benefits. Getting the dosage just right is vital, so 1 or 2 ounces of diluted tea within a period of 24 hours is enough. – Click here!

What Are the Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Babies?

It Helps in Teething Pain

Another benefit of this tea is to aid the little ones who are presently teething. Lots of discomfort and pain is forced upon them when they begin to teeth, so you have to do everything you can to get rid of this particular discomfort of your baby.

Chamomile is cheaper as well as safer than any other teething techniques, and it is quite easy to apply. You just need to soak a washcloth or flannel that is sterilized in the tea and let the little one bite or suck on it. It will offer them the relief they require and you`ll also notice that they`ll look a lot happier almost instantly.

Another great tip is to purchase a Sassy baby teether. This product is designed from washcloth material, and it allows you to add a few ice cubes in it. Then dip the teether in your tea and leave it in your fridge to cool down. It will work great for soothing teething pain.

It Helps to Soothe Colic

Among the most important things this tea is used for when it comes to babies is soothing tummy aches, gas and colic. Health experts have always claimed that fennel in this tea relieves the intestines of the baby, which is what aids to remove the conditions outlined above.

Gas issues with babies can be rather painful for them and pretty stressful for you, so doing whatever is necessary to remove them is essential and this tea is a great remedy which proves to be popular on a global level.

It Helps the Baby to Sleep Better

Additionally to remove colic, this particular tea can aid your baby sleep much better, which is obviously good news for both him and you. There`re lots of natural ingredients in this tea which make it an ideal natural sleep helper. Babies require enough sleep, and this tea is perfect for making them feel comfortable and drift off into a peaceful “environment.”

If the little one becomes inconsolable and will not manage to sleep at all, offering them about an ounce of diluted tea can make a real difference. A baby who is resting sufficiently will be a happy baby, and this in turn will make you happy.

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How to Prepare Chamomile Tea for Babies?

Preparing chamomile tea for little ones properly is crucial, because it decides the effectiveness and quality of this tea. If this is the first you try to prepare it, there`re 2 essential steps to keep in mind.

Prepare the Tea`s Ingredients

As you already know, chamomile tea is a well known ingredient for lots of illnesses and medical conditions.

They are designed in a large variety of packages and brands, so while they offer lots of benefits, it might become a difficult task to find a product that fits your baby`s necessities because most of them are designed for adults.

In addition, you can try this tea for your use as well. Although it may take a lot more time, chamomile flowers dried at home maintain more of its natural values and don`t contain any of the chemical substances that generally can be found in commercial products. They might be quite harmful for your baby.

If you are interesting in the 2nd option and don`t have much experience in growing such herbs, here`s a great guide that you can use.

Brewing the Tea

The very first thing that you need to do when preparing this particular tea is to boil water, most of the time with a kettle. As soon as you have a large cup of boiled water, there`re usually 2 methods you could continue with the brewing process:

  • The dried flowers need to be placed into a tea holder. Then, they should be put into the cup, and wait for about 8 – 12 minutes for the mixture to rest. – Check this out!
  • Submerge the dried flowers all the way into the glass. Then wait about 8 – 12 minutes and strain the tea in another glass.

While both these ways have the very same result, the first way contain less debris and is easier.

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