Is Epilation Safe During Pregnancy?

Perhaps you already heard about how thick and beautiful your hair will become during pregnancy. However, you won`t feel the same about the hair that is excessively growing on your chin, under your upper lip or cheeks. However, don`t alarm yourself! It`s perfectly normal for this to happen. What it`s important for you to keep in mind is that we are talking about a temporary situation.

Is It Epilation Safe During Pregnancy

The increased hair growth during pregnancy occurs frequently during the first trimester and is caused by the increased level of known sex hormones, known as androgenic hormones. Additionally, besides their facial hair, some women will notice an unusual growth of hair on their breasts, abdomen, arms, legs or back.

Epilation during pregnancy doesn’t really differ that much from other periods of life. You just have to keep in mind some additional info. Being beautiful is something mandatory, no matter your situation, function, activity or status. Being a beautiful expecting mother is that much more necessary.

Is It Epilation Safe during Pregnancy?

Razor Blade Epilation

The shaving blade seems to be the way that is 100% safe if wanting to remove unwanted hair while pregnant. However, because not all good things are perfect, the hair will grow quite fast after shaving, and will seem more often than ever before. So, you should consider a compromise, only for the next couple of months. You should only take care of your sensitive areas, like axillary or groin areas. After every shave, use an emollient cream that is based on vitamin E in order to offer protection to your skin from any unwanted irritation.

Epilation with Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams aren`t recommended as they might be absorb by the skin and may have unknown effects on the baby. Rather similar to other various cosmetic products, it`s recommended for these creams to try them on small areas first and notice how your skin reacts. The chemical substances from the depilatory creams will cause a distinct odor which might be really unpleasant to you once exposed to oxygen in the air, and may even lead to allergies in rare cases. So, make certain the ventilation of the room where you are epilating is good enough and don`t let your cream work more than being mentioned in the prospectus to avoid any skin burning.

Hot Wax Epilation

Waxing during pregnancy, especially when talking about the first trimester, might lead to skin irritation due to the increased sensitivity of the skin and circulatory issues. The pain when it comes to hot wax will be a lot higher than usual. You may experience contractions or you may notice a dilation of the blood vessels due to the heat which will then lead to varicose veins. Thus, doctors don`t really recommend hot waxing while pregnant. As an alternative, you can cold wax bands, as they are efficient and quite save for you and your baby.

Epilation with Electrical Devices

If this is an option that you used for a long time by now, then you are used to pain and you won`t be bothered to use such devices during pregnancy. If not, don`t start now! Due to your skin sensitivity, you might find it to be quite painful, especially when talking about areas that are very sensitive, like inguinal or axillary areas. As with waxing, intense pain can lead to contractions, so try to avoid using this type of electrical devices for your last pregnancy months.

Laser Epilation

Permanent solutions that involve hair removal, such as electrolysis or laser, are very useless and quite dangerous during pregnancy. When it comes to laser hair removal, the light coming from the laser will target the hair pigment, causing damages to the hair follicle to stopping it from any future growth. When talking about electrolysis, there`ll be a metal probe inserted into the shaft where the hair will grow, and there`ll be electric current passing through the skin in order to destroy the follicle (very risky for future mothers, as the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby conducts electricity).

Making things short, since there`s no evidence to outline that electrolysis and laser are safe to use during pregnancy, and also because any unwanted additional hair will most likely disappear in around 6 months from birth, it`s probably best to just leave these methods aside for now and concentrate on this beautiful period of your life. – Check this link!

Can Philips Lumea be used in pregnancy? No, Philips Lumea hasn`t been designed or ever tested to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding and, thus, shouldn`t be used in these particular situations. Philips worked with reputable dermatologists to develop Lumea, and these dermatologists have recommended to not use this product or any other methods that involve light-based hair removal, while pregnant or breastfeeding as a safety measure to avoid possible side effects.

Is It Safe to Get a Brazilian Was while Pregnant?

Except for any sensitive skin problems you may experience, usually it`s safe for expecting mothers to get waxed. Due to your pregnancy hormones, the hair may be growing much faster now, meaning this may bother you and may want to remove the extra hair more than ever before. While some women simply decided to shave, other ones find it more convenient to get waxed. But if your skin is a lot more sensitive now, you should consider using a soothing cream before and after epilation to reduce any extra swelling or redness. You`ll probably want to go to a reputable spa or salon.

Can You Get a Facial while Pregnant?

There`s good news! Yes, facials are completely safe during pregnancy. Actually, it will perhaps help with other skin problems you may experience for the moment, such as breakouts, puffiness or dryness, Heck, you might even experience that pregnancy glow everyone has told you about.

Facials are totally safe while pregnant if you manage to stick to a rather basic cleansing facial with no whistles or bells, like laser therapies, currents or chemical peels.

To stay on the safe side, talk to a dermatologist and no an aesthetician to guide you properly and keep you safe when treating your acne. Of course, let the person who`s doing the facial know that you are expecting a child.

You probably have super-sensitive skin right now, so you shouldn`t feel surprised if things feel uncomfortable. If this may be the case, talk to your aesthetician to go smoothly and maybe even offer you a gentle head massage.

Can I Remove my Pubic Hair during Pregnancy?

It`s completely safe to use hair removal creams, although you might discover that they sometimes irritate the skin.

As you already may know, hair growth tends to increase while pregnant. You may find it under your arms, on your legs and in your pubic area. This additional hair growth is usually triggered changes of hormones.

If you want to use hair removal lotions during pregnancy, you should just follow these simple steps:

  • Read the guidelines of the manufacturer before applying the product.
  • Do not use the cream on your face or on areas where your skin is broken.
  • Use products that are specifically designed for sensitive skin.
  • Do a patch test on a small skin area before using the product.
  • Keep your room ventilated. Hair removal products usually have strong odors which you might find rather unpleasant.
  • Do not keep the lotion on the skin more than it`s necessary.
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