Is It Good To Eat Guava During Pregnancy?

Is it good to eat guava during pregnancy? If this fruit was one of the common fruits in your diet, you may want to know if you can still consuming while expecting.

Guava During Pregnancy

The benefits that we get from eating guava are indisputable. This fruit has a positive influence on the normal function of the heart, and some studies show that in the case of persons who eat them constantly, the risk of cancer is much lower.

Have you ever tasted this exotic fruit? If you had, you probably remained a bit impressed of its sweet-sour and fragrant taste, easily comparable with pears or the passion fruit. This exotic fruit originating from Africa is cultivated mostly in South America.

It has the shape of a pear, greenish-yellowish bark and an orange-pinkish core. There are a lot of varieties of guava, but the diameter of a normal guava is of around 5 cm. Guava is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C that stimulates collagen synthesis.

According to experts from the United Kingdom, the juice of a single guava fruit is 5 times higher in vitamin C than the minimal recommended dose. However, the maximum of vitamin C is contained by the green fruits when they reach to full maturity. In addition, guavas have a rich content of phosphorus, soluble fibers and nicotinic acid. They also contain calcium, usually present in small amounts in most of the other fruits.

This fruit has a positive influence on the normal heart function, and some studies show that the risk of cancer is much lower around the persons that choose to constantly consume it. It`s recommended that these fruits are consumed especially fresh, because by conserving them, a large amount of vitamin C is lost. Instead, fibers are retained. – More info!

Try to consume guava juice because it acts as a tonic on your immunity. It also contributes in reducing the cholesterol and combating constipation. Because they also have a strong antibacterial effect, they also help in keeping an elastic and supple skin appearance.

100 g of guava contain:

  • 68 calories.
  • 6 proteins.
  • 1 lipid.
  • 3 carbohydrates.
  • 4 fibers.

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Is It Good to Eat Guava during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period of difficult cravings. If you are expecting a baby, you may yearn for various types of foods that have various tastes. From all of these, guavas have their special place. This is the type of fruit that a lot of women enjoy eating due to its great taste. However, different kinds of guava offer different tastes – some have lots of water, while others are sweeter or sourer.

Specialists suggest that consuming guava is quite beneficial while pregnant. Due to its high content of minerals, nutrients, folic acid, calcium and vitamins, guava proves to be a wonderful choice for all women during pregnancy. This fruit represents a natural remedy for morning sickness. However, it should be mentioned that you shouldn`t consume too much fibers during pregnancy, such as guava, because this may lead to diarrhea.

Also, boiled guava leaves can be a reliable solution for problems caused by vaginal discharges.

Guava Sustains Fertility

Regular consumption of guava promotes an increased fertility due to its high folate content. Certain studies have also shown that guava have benefits regarding male fertility, increasing the sperm production and motility.

Guava Is Effective Against Diarrhea

Guava gets rid of dysentery and diarrhea. It`s a fruit full of astringent substances (those compounds which can cause your gums to squeeze and flourish after chewing guava leaves or eating the fruit raw) that are wonderful on intestinal transit issues, like diarrhea, making the stools more solid. These astringent substances are alkaline by nature and have disinfectant and antibacterial properties, aiding in treating dysentery by inhibiting the development of microbes and removing the excess of mucus from the intestines. Moreover, other nutrients from guava, like vitamin C, potassium and carotenoids will strengthen and tone your digestive system, and will disinfect it. Due to the same characteristics, guava offers benefits on gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Guava Lowers Blood Pressure

The guava fruit reduces cholesterol in the blood and prevents blood clotting, maintaining its fluidity and reducing blood pressure. Studies have shown and strive to be heard that foods which lack of fiber content (like refined products), cause blood pressure issues due to rapid sugar conversion.

On the other hand, guava being extremely rich in fibers and hypoglycemic by nature, aids in lowering blood pressure.

Guava Fights Stomach Pains

This fruit is a great remedy for diminishing stomach pain, including those related to the menstrual cycle. Specialists recommend combining guava with honey and milk to relieve such pains Similarly, guava are beneficial in eliminating intestinal worms that can sometimes cause stomach pains and a series of other issues.

Guava Fights Constipation

Guava represents one of the most important sources of dietary fibers. Its seeds, if they are ingested or chewed, can represent excellent natural laxatives. These 2 properties of guava help in the formation of faeces, water retention and ideal cleansing of the intestines as well as the excretory system. Constipation isn`t only a disturbing condition, but it`s believed that can even trigger not less than 72 other affections. After all, most reactions related to our health are determined by proper digestion and more, by adequate excretion. Guava will provide both!

Prevent Diabetes

Guavas don`t only help in lowering the risk of diabetes, but these fruits are also beneficial for persons who already suffer from diabetes. Guava helps in lowering the absorption rate of the sugar in the organism, offering benefits for patients with diabetes.

Being a good source of fibers, guava decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Guava & Weight Loss

Guava is a very useful fruit for persons who will choose to lose weight without compromising the daily intake of proteins, fibers and vitamins. During pregnancy, it`s beneficial to maintain a healthy diet without requiring to add unnecessary pounds. Because guava is a food that is rather hard to digest and extremely rich in minerals and vitamins, but without cholesterol and with a low content of carbohydrates, it`s keeps your appetite under control. It`s also important the fact that guava, especially raw guava, has a low content of sugar, compared with apples, oranges or grapes.

Try to eat a medium-sized guava at noon and you`ll notice it will cut your hunger until dinner. Moreover, guava accelerates digestion and metabolism, 2 reactions of the organism that are beneficial when losing weight.

Guava Prevents Kidney Stones

Regular consumption of guava treats and prevents the formation of kidney stones. A high content of vitamin C helps in the absorption of calcium in excess, which may turn into the formation of kidney stones.

It Treats Hemorrhoids

Specialists consider that guava represents a natural remedy for hemorrhoids due to the high content of fibers, which will help in changing the consistency of the stool and accelerate the metabolism, which in turn will aid in treating and preventing hemorrhoids.

Guava Solves Issues Related to Gastric Acidity

This fruit represents a natural remedy of problems, like heartburn and acidity. Due to its high content of potassium, guava succeeds in neutralizing heartburn, strengthens the lower esophageal sphincter and relieves the symptoms. – Check this out!

Guava Relaxes You & Offers a Clear Mind

Because guava is a rich source of magnesium, its consumption acts like a relaxant for the nervous system. Magnesium helps in relaxing the muscles and nerves in the body. Therefore, after a demanding workout, a guava fruit will come in handy to relax your muscles and offer that energy that you lack in that moment.

If we have a healthy body due to the consumption of guava, then we`ll have a healthy mind as well. Guava helps in maintaining the brain`s function by controlling body movement and by “infusing” vitamin B3 and B6. The last one is pyridoxine, which is beneficial for nerves and for maintaining the nervous system relaxed.

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